How to win at Devils Delight online slot

How to win at Devils DelightThe existence of Heaven and Hell you can argue endlessly, but the fact that Satan still exist probably agree everyone. We will help you to attract the evil spirits as a talisman to our side. We will give you some information about hidden data, which will help you to understand how to win at Devils Delight slot. Moreover, no matter how much the devil isn’t intrigued he cannot violate the mathematical laws that govern all the gains and losses in the slot. Check out the hidden parameters of the machine and try to use it during real money gambling sessions.

Tester's opinion

This is a classic slot machine with a long cycle and very high variance (dispersion) of winnings. The essence is the set of souls in the bonus games. When player has collected all of them (fill the line at the bottom), super bonus free spins are triggered, where player can hit very big winning (the major part funds that the slot accumulated). Only few players will be able to "survive" until it, which attracts the additional funds in the hand. I don’t recommend having less than 2000 total bets on the balance, if you plan to trigger the super free spins feature. Low popularity of this slot in recent years overshadows the position and influence a lot on the prize pool. So, test it in the free mode and via minimum stakes before gambling. 

Statistics of winnings and bonuses at Devils Delight video slot (data from testing)


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