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Fast Money slot

Fast Money slotFast Money slot continues the series of EGT slots, which have 15 free spins with additional multiplier x3 as a bonus feature. The slot has 10 fixed pay lines and a huge maximum payout of 360,000,000 coins. Read further, for additional information about the bonus features and payments. We also recommend you to study the feedback of our experienced experts who tested the slot. A demo version of Fast Money slot is available on our website.

Reviews and recommendations from the testing team

  • The slot has 10 pay lines, as well as relatively low prizes for payment combinations. During the usual spins, most winnings are small and ranging from less than the nominal bet size to several bets. Fast Monet is able to make a series of spins without any wins.
  • During testing of the usual spins, the average payments were 20x-50x bets. Even when wild symbols triggered multiplier x2, the winnings were identical. The potential to get a combination of 5 wild symbols, which will give you 1000x total bets, is practically zero.
  • Three or more scatter symbols will trigger the free spins. This feature will give you a bigger payouts.
  • As a rule, the free spins are triggered within a distance of 60-80 spins. However, the slot can launch series (up to 5) of free spins almost in a row. During testing of the free spins, the average payments were between 30x-40x bets. Less often, the smaller payments for 15 total bets were given. The maximum payout that we managed to get was 78x.
  • The slot was able to re trigger the free spins, which awarded us with bigger winnings. Most of the time, the bonus features re triggered +30 free spins (45 total spins). Less often, the total number of spins was 60. During testing with re triggered free spins, the average payments were 100x-150x bets. It was not possible to get a payout of more than 300x total bets. In my opinion, this comes from the low popularity of the slot, which leads to the fact that Fast Money is often cold.

The gameplay is not able to keep a good balance, that is why we could not recommend it to play with active bonus wagering. Usually, this slot will give you only small and medium payments for a total payout of no more than 200x-250x bets. And this is when you get lucky. Therefore, I would not recommend long gambling sessions on this slot. Progressive betting strategies are not suitable.


If you play at a bet of 600 coins per spin, you can get the following payments.

  • 9 symbol will give you 120, 300, 1500 or 6000 coins.
  • 10, J and Q will offer payments for 300, 1500 or 6000 coins.
  • K and A symbols will pay 600, 3000 or 7500 coins.
  • Car and Yacht symbols will bring you 900, 4,500 or 15,000 coins.
  • Private Jet is worth 1,200, 6,000, or 24,000 coins.
  • Man with a Cigar and Beautiful Woman symbols will give you 120, 1,500, 7,500 or 45,000 coins.
  • Case with Money (scatter) symbol offers payments for 1200, 3000, 12 000 or 300 000 coins.
  • Mansion (wild) symbol will pay 600, 15,000, 150,000 or 600,000 coins.

Bonus features

  • Wild symbols will trigger multiplier x2 when they take part in a payment combination.
  • Free spins. Three or more scatters will trigger 15 free spins. During the free spins, additional multiplier x3 is awarded for all payments. The bonus feature can be re triggered.
  • Risk game. This feature can be launched after every win. In it, you can double your payout, by guessing the color of the card. 
  • Progressive Jackpots feature. This feature is randomly triggered. You have the chance to win one out of four jackpots.

Technical characteristics

  • Developer - EGT.
  • Pay lines - 10 (always active).
  • Volatility – from average to high.
  • The betting range is from 1 to 600 coins.
  • The playing field is 5x3.
  • The maximum winning is 360,000,000 coins (Mansion symbol).
  • Bonus features – Free Spins with additional multiplier x3, the risk game and Progressive Jackpots feature.
  • Return to player percentage (RTP) - unknown.

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