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Kashmir Gold slot

Kashmir gold slot
India is a country of contrasts. Here you will find mountains with snowy peaks and hot deserts. Grand palaces are located next to the miserable slums. The noise and chaos in the streets are replaced by the silence of Hindu temples. The developers from EGT company have released Kashmir gold slot. It will introduce you to the ancient inhabitants of India, their traditions, and life. The main symbols of the game will be Taj Mahal, Indian, Indian girl, tiger, cow, sun sign, God Shiva, peacock, elephant statue, book, decanter. In India, all animals are sacred, but cows take the main place.

Tiger is the national animal of India. Tiger symbolizes power, grace, vivacity, intellect, and endurance of the Indian nation. Since ancient times, the Tigers were royal animals. Taj Mahal is a huge mausoleum built from white marble by order of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife. This online slot has 5 reels and 20 fixed pay lines. You can change the activity of the pay lines here. The maximum stake reaches 400 coins at this machine. In this case, you will receive a reward of up to 100 000 coins for a combination of 5 symbols of Golden sign of Sun or Taj Mahal. You can get 1 of 4 jackpots in the bonus feature or trigger free spins with special features. Also, you can launch the risk game and double your wins. We recommend you to learn the rules before triggering this slot to get the maximum rewards.

Review and recommendations from the testing team

  • Kashmir Gold slot can be called a classic, with 15 free spins and the multiplier x3. During this feature (free spins), the extra wild symbol will be guaranteed, which gives the slot quite a high potential to trigger bigger payments. But the prizes of these combinations are disappointing. The payments of top symbols (not wild) were only 50x bets, and the combination of 5 wild symbols - was 250x total bets. However, Kashmir Gold still has quite a good potential of awarding big payouts.
  • During the usual spins, most winnings are small and only sometimes the bigger payments up to 20x-30x bets. Kashmir Gold is also able to make a series of spins without any payouts, which keeps a bad balance. The potential to get winnings of more than 50x total bets is minimal.
  • The Free spins are triggered at a quite standard distance of spins 60-120. It is also possible to retrigger 15 free spins, but during testing, more than 15 spins were not given. The average winnings were between 40x-60x bets, less often the minimum payouts of 15x-30x total bets were awarded. It was not possible to get payment of more than 100x bets without retriggered feature. However, while retriggers were launched the average winnings were already 150x-200x, which is quite possible to be the real maximum and the chance of getting the bigger win is minimal.

Kashmir Gold may well be recommended playing with active bonus wagering, but the developer has better solutions for this. While playing for real money, I would not recommend long playing sessions, as the potential of triggering the bigger payments is not high. The average distances of spins would be until 1-3 bonus features are launched, in which the slot is capable of realizing a 100+ bet. Уsing progressive betting strategies is also not recommended.

Symbols and winning

This slot machine has a wide range of the stakes that varies from 1 to 400 coins. You will play on 20 pay lines, the activity of which you can change. If you choose the maximum stake, then you will receive the following wins:

  • Golden sign of Sun will replace all symbols except Taj Mahal. This symbol will give out 500, 2 500, 20 000 and 100 000 coins.
  • Taj Mahal is the scatter symbol. It will pay out 200, 10 000 and 100 000 coins. This symbol will trigger the bonus feature.
  • The Indian and Indian girl is capable of issuing 200, 1 000, 5 000 and 20 000 coins.
  • God Shiva will deposit your account by 100, 500, 2 500 and 10 000 coins.
  • Tiger, Cow and Peacock will give out 200, 1 000 and 5 000 coins.
  • Golden Elephant, Book and Decanter will add to your account from 100 to 2 500 coins.

Bonus features

  • 3 or more scatter symbols trigger 15 free spins. Every win will be automatically tripled in them. Also, the Indian symbol will become an additional wild symbol. It will replace all symbols except the main wild and scatter. You will be able to get 15 free spins if 3-5 Taj Mahal symbols are dropped.

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Written by Yana Sliusar
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