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Minotaurus slot

Myths and legends of ancient Greece were written many centuries ago, but interest in them does not disappear in the modern world since these literary works rightfully belong to the cultural heritage of humanity.

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These little stories open for us the fairytale world of heroes and gods, terrible monsters and animals. The heroes of the ancient Greek myths continue living not only on pages of books and frames of movies but also on our reels of the slots. You are being waited for the famous ancient Greek myth on 5 reels of Minotaurus slot from Endorphina company.

The main attention in these myths is given to relationships between the gods and people. Their content became known from the works of ancient Greek poets and playwrights. Theseus will fight with Minotaur and will bring each up to 100 000 coins.

This slot has 10 pay lines and offers you a small range of stakes - up to 100 coins per spin. In addition, a mode of re-spin, which has an additional multiplier for the winning, is available here. If your winning is small, then you can risk and trigger the game for the odds. The developer has set the expected RTP (return to player percentage) at a level of 96%.

Tester's feedback

In my opinion, Minotaurus slot machine is one of the best developments of this provider. The slot has an interesting plot, high-quality design, sound accompaniment
and at the same time the non-standard functionality of a bonus game. These factors output this machine to the top rating of the slot from Endorphina company.

  • Minotaurus slot has a very high dispersion. It practically does not keep your balance in the usual spins. At the same time, the slot machine makes a long series of spins without any winning. In addition, it gives out rare winnings, which are small and vary in the range from 0.1x to 10x total bets. Moreover, the machine rarely gives rewards, which are 15 - 20 stakes. I have to admit that winning more than 20x is almost impossible in the usual spins since the slot gives out the top combinations more often in the re-spin feature.
  • The re-spin feature will be triggered if the Minotaur symbol appears on the screen. By the way, waiting for it can exceed several hundred spins. Although during my testing, I managed to get this symbol at the very beginning of the game session several times, while winning more than 1000x total bets. It is important to note that Minotaur (re-spin feature) is triggered, as a rule, by series, 2-3 times almost in a row. In my opinion, this re-spin feature is interesting, since each spin without combination increases a multiplier. Therefore, it is beneficial for the player so that the slot does not give out the pay line as long as possible. This re-spin feature causes a lot of adrenaline and emotions in many players. At the same time, it keeps in suspense during the entire bonus, which is sometimes long in time. In this case, Minotaur symbol acts as a wild symbol, and, accordingly, its location influences the potential for triggering the winning and an increase of the multiplier. This symbol may appear on 2, 3 and 4 reels.
  • Minotaur on 2 reel - here the potential of long-missing of a combination is low and such bonus games usually bring the minimum winning.
  • Minotaur on 3 reel - an opportunity of the long-missing of a combination is higher and the multiplier is higher. As a rule, the reward is minimal, or it varies between 100x - 150x total bets here.
  • Minotaur on 4 ree - the potential of the long-missing of a combination is high, but not guaranteed. In addition, the slot gives out the pay combination almost immediately in some bonus features. During my testing, I repeatedly managed to get the multiplier over 30x and the winning more than 1000x total bets.
  • The risk game is quite strange and is not recommended at this online slot.

I consider that in no case you should not use this slot machine to complete the bonus requirements in an attempt to fulfil the wager requirements. It is important to remember that a recommended reserve of bet balance should be at least 300 bets. This reserve will be enough for the long game session while playing for your real money. Since I often managed to “squeeze” this slot and get the big winning at the 4-5 payment of Minotaur. In addition, you can consider the short game session in order to obtain Minotaur at the beginning of the game process.

Stakes, symbols and winning

You should trigger 10 pay lines and put up to 100 coins per spin to break a big jackpot. In this case, you need to collect at least 3 symbols on one line. Next, we will talk about rewards that you can get if you play at the highest stake.

  • Theseus will return you 1000, 5000 and 10000 coins.
  • Ariadne will bring to the account 1000, 4000 and 8000 coins.
  • Ball of yarn of Ariadne and Labyrinth will fill your account with 500, 2000 and 5000 coins.
  • Helmet and Shield can give no more than 1500 coins.
  • The symbols of playing cards will payout from 100 to 1000 coins.

The bonus features

  • Minotaur replaces all these symbols at the slot machine. If it fills completely any of the reels, then the mode of re-spin will be triggered. The multiplier for the winning will be increased with each new re-spin. By the way, the additional spins are available only when wilds appear on the reels. You should note that the wild symbol appears on all these reels except the first one.
  • You will have to make a bet on 1 of your opponents - Minotaur or Theseus in the game for the odds. If your chosen hero turns out to be a winner, then you will double your last winning. Otherwise, you will stay without your payment.


  • The pay lines are from 1 to 10.
  • Reels - 5.
  • The bets are from 0.10 to 100 coins per spin.
  • The maximum winning is 10 000 coins for a combination of the symbols.
  • The biggest reward is 100 000 coins per spin.
  • Bonus features - re-spins from the Minotaur symbol and the risk game.
  • The RTP (return to player percentage) is equal to 96% at this slot.
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