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Taboo slot

Lovers of hard sex will be delighted from Taboo slot, which was created by the developers of the Endorphina company. Indeed, this slot is very frank and vulgar. Despite his sexual theme, it has profitable settings. As a result, if you play on 25 pay lines and get a combination of 5 symbols, you can win 10 000 coins.

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the bonus game is available here, consisting of several levels. You will move to the red room from the «Wheel of Fortune» game during the game. Here you are being waited for all kinds of items for the dirty sex. By the way, the provider has established the theoretical RTP (return to player percentage) at the level of 96%.

Review and recommendations from the testers team

In Taboo slot machine, Endorphina made a rather bold BDSM theme. Personally, I really liked the quality of the "picture", but at the same time, I was disappointed with the sound.

  • In the main game, the slot rarely makes a long series of spins without winning combinations. The average win during the main game is 0.5–4 bets; less often the slot gives out combinations of less than 0.5 bets, and due to the wild symbol expansion feature, it periodically gives out more expensive combinations worth 10-100 bets. The issuance of combinations worth more than 100 bets is not excluded. So, for example, when issuing a top symbol on the middle cells of the first and fifth reels + 3 wild symbols on the central reels, the win can be more than 2,800 bets, due to the fact that the slot counts as a combination worth 400 bets on 7 lines, and the slot rarely but still release a similar potential.
  • The issuance of bonus games rarely happens in series and, usually, the slot issues them individually, once in 40-160 spins. The gameplay and bonus potential of the game personally disappointed me, since the potential wins in it are not great, but still let's not forget that Taboo is a low-volatility slot. So, we are offered a wheel with winnings from 10 to 25 bets and a transition to an additional bonus game, as well as 3 attempts to spin the wheel. I cannot say that the slot often gives a transition to an additional game, but during testing, there were sessions in which for 8 triggered game bonus (3 spins each), we never managed to get a transition to the additional bonus game, but also there were also sessions in which at the first bonus game was triggered, the arrow already indicated the transition we wanted, and the wheel did not even have to be spun.
  • In an extra bonus game, the gameplay comes down to choosing one of several thematic items, in several stages. At the first stage, it is possible to receive a guaranteed prize from 10 to 14 bets, at the second from 15 to 23, at the third from 25 to 35, at the fourth, you are offered to choose from the values of 0/40/50 and at the fifth 0/235, i.e. the maximum possible win is 357, and the guaranteed minimum win is 50 bets. It is also pleased that the player gets the opportunity to open the fifth level, regardless of the result of the fourth, since in many slots after selecting an option that leads to a loss, further selection is no longer possible. Given the frequency of bonus games issuance, the frequency of switching to an additional game and the potential for obtaining the maximum winnings, I still think that the developer could have put the max win higher, or, what would be even better, to replace values from 10 to 25 bets in the wheel with the number of free spins, while leaving an extra bonus game. With this option, the slot would have much more fans.
  • The risk game in this slot is a card (classic) game.

Taboo slot machine is still not a bad option for games with bonus money, and it is often possible to play long sessions and fulfil the wagering requirements, but still, it is worth paying attention to the return of the slot in the main game and the issuance of the switch to an additional bonus game, because the slot is sometimes really cold. When playing with real money, I still recommend short game sessions until receiving 1-3 bonus games, and if the slot did not show a transition to an additional bonus game, close it, since the potential to get the max win is not high, and waiting for a transition can be very long and expensive.

Symbols and rewards

You can trigger up to 25 pay lines in every spin. You also have the opportunity to put up to 10 coins per line. 3 or more identical symbols on the active line will bring you a winning. It is important to note that multipliers for the combinations of the symbols are indicated in the paytable. We also offer you to get acquainted with them.

  • BDSM inscription will return 5, 10 or 100 coins.
  • The leather Whip symbol will bring you from 10 to 100 coins.
  • Knout will offer the reward of 20, 100 and 500 coins.
  • Handcuffs can reward you with 20, 100, and 750 coins.
  • Hands in the leather handcuffs will deposit your account by 20, 100 and 1000 coins.
  • Girl in a leather corset with a collar will give you 2. 25, 200 and 10 000 coins.
  • Girl's legs in high-heeled shoes are the scatter symbol that will pay out 2, 10, and 50 total coins.
  • The wild inscription will fall out on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. This symbol will go by stacks and will complete all the pay lines with other symbols, except for the bonus symbols.
  • The symbol that looks like a Yin-Yang is the Bonus symbol. It will trigger the bonus game.

The bonus features

  • Triskele Wheel Game is available when 3 bonus symbols appear on the playing field. You will see Wheel of Fortune on the special screen. 4 bonus symbols and the multipliers for a stake from x10 to x25 are depicted in its sectors. You will receive 3 spins in which you will win the guaranteed rewards. If you get to the bonus symbol, then the second game will be triggered.
  • You will enter the red room in Red Room Bonus feature. A lot of items for BDSM sex are here. You need to choose any 5 of them. By the way, the additional rewards or the "Stop" inscription are hidden behind them. As soon as you get to this inscription, the game will be ended, and the winning will be counted.

Standard settings

  • RTP (return to player percentage) - equal to 96%.
  • The pay lines are up to 25.
  • Stakes - from 0.01 to 10 coins per line.
  • The maximum stake is 250 coins.
  • The most massive multiplier is x10 000.
  • Bonuses - the bonus game with several levels.
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