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Crusade of Fortune slot

Crusade of Fortune is a 20-line machine with bonus games and free spins. It belongs to the category of slots. The minimum bet on all lines is €4, the maximum - €80. The developers claim that the maximum payout is 300 000 coins! The theoretical percentage of return for the gambler at this online slot is equal to 95.9%. Here you will be able to play for free at Crusade of Fortune slot for free without registration.

Personal testers opinion about Crusade of Fortune slot

I appreciate Crusade of Fortune slot machine at all, the design is excellent, in my opinion, it is suitable for the theme of the game. I liked the bonus, I wondered what I needed to attack and defend, and the slot gave to win gold and lose the battle. I did not manage to win many times; sometimes it was in a small plus, then in a small minus. But I managed to see scatter symbols and the bonus game quite quickly. It is a pity that the slot is removed from the line of Netent and did not work anymore.

The hidden parameters and settings 

Description of Crusade of Fortune slot machine

It is a fire-breathing slot! Everything is on fire, during the spins of the reels you may get flame pillars or Wild symbols, which when falling out light the fire in the hands! All graphics are bright, energetic, and dominated by red colour. There are good sound effects that warn of the dangers lurking on the road.

Bonus game

Three or more bonus symbols on the line of Crusade of Fortune trigger the bonus game. In this game, the gambler plays the role of a warrior-hero, who are ready to battle with the brutal Orc. The player wins the number of bonus coins by how much damage Warrior inflicts on the Orc, and also gets the bonus amounts for successfully blocking Orc`s attacks. In the bonus game, the player has three rounds to kill Orc and get the most significant winning – the precious treasure for the murder of Orc. Each round is played in two stages:

  • Stage 1 of the bonus at Crusade of Fortune slot – Orc attack. The gambler clicks the sword to select the attack: strong, moderate or weak. Warrior attacks Orc by using the selected strokes and Orc blocks the attack by using one of the selected defensive actions - strong, medium or weak.
The result Description of the activity at Crusade of Fortune Winning coins
Critical stroke Warrior causes a critical stroke, and the Orc loses 2/3 of his life. Yes
Success Warrior hits Orc and Orc loses 1/3 of his life. Yes
Fail Orc blocks Warrior attack No
  • Stage 2 of the bonus feature at Crusade of Fortune slot is self-defence. The gambler clicks on the shield to choose the defence. There are upper, middle and lower positions. Orc attacks Warrior who blocks the attack with the help of the selected defensive action.
The result Description of the activity at Crusade of Fortune Winning coins
Critical stroke Orc causes a critical stroke, and Warrior loses 2/3 of his life. No
Success Orc hits the warrior, and Warrior loses 1/3 of his life No
Block Warrior blocks Orc attack Yes

An important point: If the player kills Orc, he will get the treasure Orc bears, and that will give additional bonus coins. The bonus battle at Crusade of Fortune slot ends after three rounds or if either Orc or Warrior dies. The bonus is added to any won amount during the battle, and then the player returns to the usual spins.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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