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Dracula slot

Our developers bring to your attention the mutual work of NetEnt and Universal Studio - Dracula slot. At this time, the basis for the bloody plot is taken from the famous film of the last century about Count Dracula.

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The RTP (return to player percentage is 96.58%), and has the potential of the big winning with the Bat feature. Below we will consider this slot and its functions in more detail.

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Personal testers opinion

While I was playing for real money, I managed to win about €7000 via a small bet for a few spins (the symbol of Dracula dropped out 2/3 reels). During testing, approximately 25-26 spins out of 100 brought the winning (any hit). The slot is paying out 79% during the usual spins, and the rest is saved for the bonus free spins feature which is triggering following the statistic, every 161st spin (0.62%).

It keeps a balance well, so you can complete the bonus requirements (rating is 6.08 from 10). Usually, this machine clearly shows its mood from the beginning. Try to focus on the frequency of the Bat feature. The more times it is activated during the usual spins (with the positive result) - the warmer the slot machine is.

Review and the recommendations from the testers team

This is an exciting slot with good graphics (at the time of release) and gameplay, but it is too clumsy, as most of the slots of this provider. In most cases, when Dracula gives a good combination, starting from the second reel, it puts completely different symbols on the first one; this creates quite negative feelings. Also, there are some sessions where the slot gives a full screen of Wild symbols

  • The triggering of bonus games (free spins feature) is not impressive; it is quite rare and portioned, which is extremely disappointing when it comes to the small payouts.
  • In my opinion, like the slot Invisible Man, this one was created more for giving entertaining pleasure than giving a huge win. During a successful game session, it was not possible to increase the balance by more than 200x total bets, and this happened only once in many game sessions; in most sessions, it was either not possible at all to increase, or it was of a small amount (40x - 80x of total bet).

The slot is good for playing with bonus money. The recommended bet balance is from 150 bets, and the strategy, to try 50-80 bets and to end the session if no bonus was triggered. If a bonus is triggered, continue the game. If you catch that the slot is in the mood for bonuses, you can expect a bonus feature after another 20-40 spins.

The probabilities that are declared by Netent

  • The total percentage of the return (RTP) in Dracula online slot is 96.58%. During the usual spins 65.3% is paid, and during the free spins is 31.3%.
  • The probability of catching full images of Count Dracula and his bride on reels and triggering the free spins feature is (statistically) every 141st spin (0.71%). This characteristic is above the Netent middle line.
  • The probability of getting any winning: in the usual spins is 25.04% (at the time of free spins is 64.24%).
  • The maximum possible winning is 80,000 coins.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus free spins feature is statistically every 161st spin (0.62%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 25,80%.
  • The distribution of the winnings is 79% during usual spins and 21% in the bonus free spins and Bat features (mixed).
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 204x.
  • The average winnings from all features (free spins and Bat) were 50x.
  • Volatility is 5,3 out of 20 (from low to average).
  • Cycle length is average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 6,08 out of 10.


  • The NetEnt company developed Dracula online slot.
  • It is played on five reels.
  • The number of pay lines is 40 (always active).
  • Number of coins per active line - from 1 to 10.
  • The minimum/ maximum cost of a coin - from €0.01 to €1.
  • The maximum winning in one spin is 80,000 coins.
  • Wild symbol - yes.
  • Volatility – from low to average.
  • Free spins feature - yes.
  • Extra feature (Bat) - yes.
  • RTP of 96.58% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.

The free spins feature

Now we will stop in this section on the most interesting - the bonus features of Dracula slot.

  • Free Spins. This feature is triggered when, at the same time, you have the Dracula symbol placed on the second reel, and the fourth is the same symbol of his lady. After that, you get at your disposal 10 free spins. Also, you can get two extra spins if you put a sticky image of the embracing main symbols on the 3rd reel (gives +2 spins). The highest chance of the top winning is provided by the Bats feature, which triggers during each free spin.
  • Bat feature. It is such a cool and original solution from the developers. From time to time this feature will launch randomly during the usual spins. Dracula turns into a flock of bats and descends from the cave to the reels of the slot to any place. They can turn into ordinary identical images and become wild symbols. Thanks to this innovative solution, bats will be able to bring you the winning from which your blood will boil, it is a joke, but you will have the adrenalin.


Dracula machine is slightly different from other slots which are released by NetEnt. As we expected, we cannot have any claims and pretension to the graphic, animation and musical accompaniment. Everything is just great, and a lot of gamblers are satisfied with it. Most of the significant winnings come during free spins in conjunction with the Bat feature.

User rating5 / 5
Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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