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Neon Staxx slot

In June 2016 Neon Staxx slot was launched by NetEnt. Stacked symbols on all reels, the free spins feature with added random symbol and RTP (return to the player percentage) on 96.9%. You can play for free Neon Staxx slot in the demo on the top of this page.

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Below you will find the hidden data of the slot (volatility, wagering rating, the probability of triggering the free spins feature and testers opinions). Please note, that this slot is not popular among players. That fact badly influences the creation of the prize pool for the big winning.

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Personal tester's opinion

Neon Staxx has massive winning potential if the wild symbol will fall as stacked during the free spins feature. Also, you can hit a big winning with a top stacked symbol during usual spins or the free spins feature. This slot is an old machine and not popular among the players nowadays. My maximum winning during testing was 400x.

The probability of a hit in any spin is equal to 28.12%. If we talk about the bonus feature, it triggers every 147th spin (0.68%). I will not recommend this slot to fulfil the wagering requirements (bonus hunters) as the wagering rating is 4.91 of 10. 

Review and recommendations from the testing team

Neon Staxx slot is not pleasing to the eye, in spite of its rather exciting design and idea.

  • In theory, the slot has good potential and is capable of triggering full-screen symbols, including top ones. The slot often shows the passing lines of one symbol and even puts them in the first 2-3 reels. It creates a feeling that a big win is very close, but in practice, the slot does not give them in the remaining reels. During testing, it was possible to get a full screen of only minimally paid symbols (Q, A), and the slot can't repeat this with the most expensive symbols.
  • Neon Staxx is quite bad at keeping the balance, either by taking a lot from it or by increasing it, thanks to several full screens. Payouts for other combinations do not help to keep the balance very good.
  • Free spins feature is triggered in very high frequency, in a series of 2-3 and within short intervals. The intervals between the series can be more than 200 spins.
  • A bonus symbol is triggered in the free spins feature, and according to the idea that the provider intended to put in the slot, should appear more frequently. In practice, during testing, a good combination was never triggered for more than 10 free spins features with the triggering of various bonus symbols, and the average winnings that were triggered were from 20x to 60x bets, which did not compensate for the loss in balance in the main game. Of course, the slot gives good combinations during the bonus feature, but unlike other slots, where the main win takes place in the bonus feature, this slot can give a good combination during the main game as well.
  • Please note, that the triggering of the bonus does not guarantee a big win.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

  • The frequency of triggering the free spins bonus feature is statistically every 147th spin (0,68%). This number is in the middle of Netent's slots line.
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 28,12%.
  • The distribution of the winnings is 76% in the usual spins and 24% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 400x. This number is average for an online slot with 6,24 volatility.
  • The average winning from the bonus feature was 33x.
  • Volatility is 6,24 out of 20 (from low to average).
  • Cycle length is average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 4,91 out of 10.
  • RTP of 96.9% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.
  • Learn how to win at Neon Staxx slot

Description of the slot machine

The unusual design of the slot strikes immediately. And it is not just colour, but also the playing field is tilted to a certain degree. To such spinning, it is necessary to get used to, because from time to time it begins to seem that the symbols spin in the opposite direction. The musical accompaniment is also quite remarkable and perfectly fits into the whole neon panorama.


  • The developer of the slot - NetEnt company
  • Number of reels - 5
  • Number of pay-lines - 40 (always active)
  • The cost of a coin - from 0.01 to 0.50
  • Number of coins per line - 1-10
  • Rates of the bet size - from 20 to 200 coins
  • The maximum winning is x200 (5 Wild symbols)
  • Wild symbol - yes (Golden Discs)
  • Scatter - yes (Triangle with an inscription)
  • Free spins - yes (up to 20 free spins with an additional wild symbol)
  • Additional feature - yes (SuperStaxx function, it is launched randomly)
  • Volatility is from low to average.
  • The expected percentage (RTP) of payments at Neon Staxx slot – 96.90%

SuperStaxx feature

SuperStaxx is triggered randomly, and it turns into identical symbols one or even several reels at once. Just imagine what kind of size your winnings can hit with its help.

How to win at Neon Staxx slot machine? (conclusion)

Our main recommendation on how to win when playing online slots is to try the demo mode before depositing money. We generally do not recommend this slot machine for real money play. If you decide to play it, however, and the luck is not with you, better try changing the bet and the denomination.

This is not a very popular machine, so it is important to choose a big and famous online casino where a larger prize pool can be collected easier. The potential of winning splits between usual spins and the free spins feature. During usual spins, the player can get the full screen of wild symbols. During the free spins feature, there is a possibility to catch the wild symbol as a "staked" symbol. Also, we do not advise the bonus "hunters" to try to fulfil the bonus requirements.

User rating5 / 5
Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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