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Pyramid: Quest for Immortality slot

The ancient Egypt theme is inexhaustible and is unlikely to ever come from the reels of the machines. Where such confidence? It is simply a new slot from NetEnt, again devoted to ancient Egyptian deities and artefacts, pharaohs and pyramids. But do not rush to leave this slot without playing - because everything that comes from NetEnt developers cannot be boring!

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Pyramid: Quest for Immortality slot, perhaps is the most original in Netent's line. The maximum winning per single spin is very high and equals 3,600,000 coins.

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Personal testers opinion

This machine has massive potential for winning. Here you will be losing or winning in a row. The volatility is from medium to high - 8,14 from 20. I do not recommend playing for a wagering bonus, as it is only 3,78 out of 10. You should play it only with small bets (from 500 total bets on balance) in large and famous online casinos, where the slot has the opportunity to collect enough funds in the prize pool for the payment.

The maximum payout during the tests was 184x my bet. The hitting frequency in any spin is 23.85%. Wild symbols are generated on 2,3 and 4th reels when symbols on top of them are winning. The total multiplier is increasing every 3 winnings in a row. Please note, that 1000x+ winnings were seen only with micro stakes (below €1). The Pyramid slot by Netent collects a low of money from losing players, then give a super mega winning to one player and collects money again. Players should gamble here only if they are okay to take such a risk.

Review and recommendations from the testing team

  • It has old graphics, sound and gameplay. In contrast with the Fruit Spin (NetEnt) slot for example, which was negatively rated for the bad design despite its colourfulness, the Pyramid slot gameplay keeps the balance better with giving small winnings, but from the winnings point of view, it can give a lot bigger winnings. They are just too small, and it is simply not possible to get a big win here.

This slot cannot be recommended for bonus money since it doesn’t keep the balance very good and the potential to hit a mega winning is extremely low (possible only with micro stakes). Accordingly, it will not help to fulfil wagering requirements.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot machine (data from testing)

  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 23,85%. The situation is when the player sees a lot of winnings in a row and a lot of wild symbols (they are generated if top symbols on the 2,3,4 reels are winning.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 184x. This is an extremely low number. We have seen that one of the players hits 23402x winning via €0,4 bet.
  • Volatility is 8,14 from 20 (from low to average). Pyramid slot has the massive potential of winning because of the increasing multiplier and absence of the bonus feature. If the player is in a situation when 2 or 3 wild symbols are on the top of central reels - he can get a lot of winnings in a row, as new wilds will be generated after every winning (with the increasing of the multiplier).
  • Cycle length is average (stretching from average to very long).
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 3,78 out of 10. It is a bad idea to complete bonus wagering requirements here.
  • RTP of 96.48% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.
  • Learn how to win at Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot.

Description of the slot machine

Egypt reigned overnight, but inside the pyramid, there is an eternal day, because gold, which lined the walls of the great hall, does not tarnish. God Anubis, a protector and a guardian of the underworld is seated on his throne. It does not matter that he was from a single piece of gold - the desire to perform it quite regularly, most importantly, as the saying goes, the right approach, the size of bets and the right strategy. In this machine, there are no usual lines. The slot is made in pyramid form: 1st and 5th reels comprise three characters, the second and fourth - four, and on the 3rd reel 5.

So, on the playing field at the same time, fall 19 elements and the payments are carried out directly on the 720th lines. But that`s not all - here you will not find the usual spins of the reels. The "falling" system is implemented in the symbols, and the gamblers love this since the inception of Gonzo's Quest slot. The symbols are falling, and new items appear in their places.

Bonus game

There are no thematic bonus games in Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot. But there are unusual bonus features, which should be considered in detail:

  • Avalanche Feature. All symbols which form the payment combination will explode. In their place, new symbols will appear, which will form the next combination. If the winnings are formed one by one, you get the multiplier that will increase from x1 to x10.
  • Wild Generation. Wild symbols are formed after a successful combination at the very top of the pyramid and remain on the playing field during the Avalanche Feature.


  • Provider – NetEnt.
  • Number of reels - 5
  • Paymaster combination numbers - 720
  • Number of coins per spin - 1-10
  • The cost of the same coin - from 0.01 to 2
  • The range of the size of bets - from 0.10 to 200
  • The maximum winning is 3 600 000 coins
  • Wild symbol - yes (Golden Ankh)
  • Additional feature — yes (new wild symbols are generated on the reels 2, 3 and 4 if highest symbols are winning and disappear. Progressive multiplier up to x10 is applied for every 3rd winning in a row).
  • Volatility is from low to average.
  • The expected payout percentage (RTP) - 96.48%

How to win at Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Slot? (conclusion)

Some of you may find it unnecessary to use our first recommendation, but there will be always someone who will help - always test the slot machine in demo mode before you start playing real money. For very few machines we would say this, but here recommended bets should not exceed €1.

Your betting balance must be quite large - about 500 bets. We recommend playing this slot machine only in large and famous casinos, where many players will make a larger prize pool. The game is more about people who like to risk and follow the "All Or Nothing" principle. The rating for completing bonus requirements is 3.78 out of 10, which is not good news for the bonus hunters.

User rating5 / 5
Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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