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Safari Madness slot

Do you want to go on an exciting journey and experience the wild excitement and lots of thrills? Then trigger the demo version of Safari Madness slot, developed by the NetEnt team. You are in hot Africa at a real safari. The trip to a distant and yet poorly known country is not a cheap thing, especially when you have to purchase hunting ammunition.

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Personal testers opinion about Safari Madness slot

I recommend forcibly stopping the reels by pressing the Spin button. It has shown excellent results while playing with a total bet of €16. Safari Madness slot machine has become a genuinely original development of NetEnt, in which the classical basis is successfully intertwined with features such as the extraordinary location of the pay lines and a variety of the payouts. Netent from 2015 does not support this machine (same as our demo block).

The hidden parameters and settings of Safari Madness slot (data from testing)

  • Cycle length is average.
  • RTP of 96.8% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.
  • Variance (volatility) of the slot machine is average.

Description of Safari Madness slot machine

By playing at Safari Madness slot in NetEnt casino, you may avoid the unnecessary costs and get a bunch of positive emotions and the big winning. On this page, you may play the demo of this slot for free and without registration. The percentage of return at this slot machine (RTP) is 96.8%. It is the best choice of gamblers who like to force the stop of the reels. 


The bright colours of the slot machine and the shimmering inscription Safari Madness – this is how your journey begins, in which dangerous symbols, in reality, are presented in a funny design. You do not even have to go on foot or study the map in search of the most successful route – a professional guide and convenient transportation have already been at your service, and all you have to do is just to click on Start, take a stroll through Africa and get your winnings back from a virtual trip. Please pay attention that this machine is designed for amateurs to stop the reels themselves forcibly. During testing, it showed much more successful sequences, when the user stopped the reels of the slot himself.

Technical specifications

Safari Madness slot
But before you meet the representatives of the local fauna, you should learn the hunting rules from your guide. 

  • You have three reels and 8 pay-lines, which number may be selected by pushing the Single Line button.
  • Clear bets will help you reset the made stakes to change the hunting strategy.
  • To select the coins per line, you have to click the coins numbered 10 or 20 on the bottom right side of the playing field.
  • The maximum winning at Safari Madness slot per single spin is 400 total coins.
  • You have pay lines in three directions: horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

Special symbols

The slots often call the player for an exciting hunt, promising to meet new symbols. Here at this time on the reels you are being waited for several funny animals:

  • Orange Giraffe can reach the juiciest tops of the trees, a pink-cheeked Hippo, Crocodile with its snapping teeth anticipating the hearty dinner, proud Lion, the king of surroundings. By seeing these symbols and depending on their number, you get from 2 to 20 coins.
  • BAR symbols, Car and Guide, bring a bit of diversity. They are the crucial needs in such a journey. With their help, you may get 14 – 400 coins.
  • Pay attention to the right side of the payout table – the dropping of all the animal symbols will pay you even greater rewards. We recommend playing several free demo rounds at Safari Madness slot before switching on the game for real money.

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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