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Scudamore's Super Stakes slot

Scudamores slot
The original Scudamore's Super Stakes video slot from NetEnt company will appeal to a lot of fans of excitement. In the usual spins, the playing field has a size of 5x3, and in the bonus - 5x4. Here you will find pay lines of 20 and 32, respectively. The maximum stake reaches 50 coins, and a win is x5000.

This online slot has bonus features. From 2 to 5 Horseshoe symbols appear in each spin. This symbol turns into a wild one. Also, this machine has a bonus game and the “Bet Slip” feature. The theoretical RTP (return to player percentage) is 96,99% at this video slot.

Review and recommendations by our testing team

  • Despite the standard pictures and sound, Scudamores slot can be called a breakthrough for NetEnt developers! In this slot, they used not only an interesting theme of the Hippodrome and the potential of winning more than 5 000x total bets but also an element of the “bookmaker” to the slot through the “Bet Slip” feature, in which you can bet on the main game with a potential odds of up to 1241!
  • The usual spins do not disappoint, since due to the symbols which can cover the whole reel, the slot is quite capable of issuing full-screen combinations, costing up to 800x bets. Despite this, most of the spins still bring winnings, which range from less than the nominal bet to 20x. At the same time, the slot makes a series of empty spins and periodically gives larger winnings in the range of 40x – 100x.
  • Additionally, the “Random Wild” feature is bringing small and medium wins. Triggering of this feature gives out 2 to 5 wild symbols to gaming reels. It is rarely possible to get larger winnings in this feature, due to the small number of wild symbols.
  • The “Bet Slip” feature is a kind of “bookmaker's office” offering to the player to make a bet (you can do it yourself at any time). In this feature, the player is invited to choose the symbol, the number of spins and the size of the bet. Depending on the number of spins and the symbol, the slot shows the number of these symbols that you need to get on the reels in the usual spins before the chosen spins are finished. The maximum coefficient offered by the slot is 1241 to 1. Personally, I liked this feature, and if you choose an “adequate” bet, you can use this feature often.
  • When three scatter symbols appear on the reels, the Peter`s Classic Cup feature is triggered, which is free spins. The number of free spins is not fixed and they continue until the end of the race. While triggering the feature, the player is offered a bet on the horse with a potential payout of 50/100/500/5000x total bets, while 2 symbols are assigned to each horse. The race continues until one of the horses moves into 4 stages. Promotion occurs when the payment combination is formed on the reels of the symbols of the corresponding horse, and the game reels themselves expand to 4 * 5 (initially classic 3 * 5). Wins during the spins, as a rule, are insignificant and despite the expanded reels, often they are the same as in the usual spins. Accordingly, if the bet on the horse turns out to be losing, then you should not count on a high win. At the same time, we can safely say that a horse of minimum value (50x bets) does not always win, and it is not good to use the “only on it” betting tactic, especially since the winnings in 50x most likely do not compensate for losses from the usual spins. The potential of winning a horse worth 5000x bets, of course, is not high, but the developer has already recorded such winnings! Personally, I would prefer to bet on 5000x in combination with periodic bets on 500x, but if you still stick to the statistics, the recommended bets are 100x and 500x (despite the frequent wins of 50x, the rejection of which I have already explained above).

Despite the fact that Scudamores slot from NetEnt, whose slots have proven to be suitable for playing for bonus money and fulfilling the wagering requirements, this machine will not work for these purposes. While playing with real money, you can have long gaming sessions with minimum odds and bets on the minimum cost horse, in an attempt to get a series of small and medium winnings, and short ones, in an attempt to get top 5000x winnings in the bonus game or a big win in the game “ Bet Slip.

Alternative feedback of testers

NetEnt company will delight us with their new products. There are many quality slots in her portfolio. Scudamores super stakes slot machine has a lot of bonus features, such as the unexpected additional wild symbols, the thematic bonus game, and the new “Bet Slip” bonus feature. Unfortunately, the presence of the given number of bonus features does not give us a guarantee for the big win. In the “Bet Slip” feature, I bought about 20 coupons. At the same time, only 1 coupon was played here. Fortunately, his win covered all my expenses for their purchase.

I was not lucky at the races in the bonus game. 4 Horses with certain symbols are involved here. The horse symbol will win, which will play the fastest 4 times. So, the more expensive the symbol is the less it will fall, but the rewards will be bigger. The maximum win is x5000. I managed to guess Horse 1 time out of 11 bonus features. In this case, I received the reward of x100. These Horses have interesting names such as Tin Foil Hat, Gonzo’s Quest, Berry Max and Divine Fortune. I am sure you know a lot of these names. It is possible to enjoy Scudamores super stakes slot, like any other machine from this developer. You can always leave your feedback or comment on this online slot at the bottom of this page.


  • Playing field - 5x3, during the bonus game 5x4;
  • The pay lines are 20, during the bonus game 32;
  • Volatility - high;
  • The RTP (return to player percentage) is 96.99%;
  • The maximum win is x5000.

Symbols and winning

If you set the stake of 1 coin per line, the slot machine will issue the following rewards.

  • Jockey - the winner is the wild symbol. It will give you 100, 300 or 1 000 coins.
  • Jockey in red on the white horse will deposit your account by 25, 75 or 250 coins.
  • Jockey in violet will pay out 20, 60 or 200 coins.
  • Jockey in green will give out 15, 45, or 150 coins.
  • Jockey in blue can carry from 10 to 100 coins.
  • A card symbol will bring you 5, 15 or 60 coins.
  • K symbol will add to your account by 5, 10 or 40 coins.
  • Q and J playing cards will increase your account by 5-30 and 5-20 coins, respectively.

Bonus features

  • Random Wilds. During the game in the usual spins, from 2 to 5 Horseshoes in random order can appear on the reels, and will be turned into wild symbols.
  • Peter`s classic cup bonus game. It is triggered when the scatter symbol falls out on 1, 3 and 5 reels. At the same time, the thematic bonus game will begin. You need to choose 1 of 4 Horses: Tin Foil Hat with win x50, Gonzo’s Quest x100, Berry Max x500 or Divine Fortune x5000. Each Horse has its own symbol. The horse will win if its symbols are faster than the others fall out on the reels and create the pay combination 4 times. The bonus game will take place by 32 pay lines and on the playing field of 5x4.
  • Bet Slip. "Coupon" is to the right of the screen. Each coupon contains a task, namely: how many times you have to collect the selected symbol for a certain number of spins. The greater the number of symbols is and the more expensive it is, the greater will be the coefficient for the win. The maximum reward will be x1242 if you collect 92 wild symbols in 80 spins.

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Written by Yana Sliusar
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