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South Park slot machine was temporary removed from the Netent line. Date of the returning is unknown.

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South Park video slot

This story with a specific black and sarcastic humor has a lot of fans around the world. I think that the popularity of its characters inspired designers to create these NetEnt video slots. The game is filled with a built-in functions and games. In the South Park video slot you can taste the four bonus games and three built-in mini-features. On this page you can play the demo of this slot for free without registration. You will also find a personal review of the tester, and a detailed description of all the bonus features. Slot`s RTP is 96.7%, and the maximum possible win per single spin is an astronomical 1 250 000 coins. Note that in 2016 NetEnt launched the second part of this slot named South Park 2 Reel of Chaos.

Tester`s review:

This is truly amazing slot machine. The huge variance in rates and plenty of bonus features make the return to the South Park video slot again and again.Mini features help to maintain a balance in the level and bonus games give the opportunity to win thousands of general bets and mega jackpots without luck. I recommend to bet €1, €10, €125. These figures gave me the most memorable results. I recommended this slot for real money game. For unknown reason South Park was removed from Netent slots line and unavaliable right now (same as out demo free play module).

Probabilities and payouts:

  • South Park video slotThe total percentage of the return in the slot machine is 96.7%. This value consists of: 64.8% in the main game, 7.8% in the bonuses of Cartman and Keila, 9.7% in the Wall bonus and 6.6% in the Kenny bonus.
  • Probability of getting any bonus - 0.93%.
  • Probability of getting Cartman bonus - 0.31%. Maximum winnings in this bonus - 1 250 000 coins.
  • The probability of getting Kyle bonus is 0.23%. Maximum winnings in this bonus - 75,000 coins.
  • Probability of getting a bonus Wall - 0,29%. The maximum winnings in this bonus are 7500 coins.
  • The probability of getting Kenny bonus is 0.11%. The maximum winnings in this bonus are 139,000 coins.
  • The maximum winning is 1 250 000 coins (in Cartman bonus).

How to win

Description of South Park slot machine:

The first thing that we see is a cruel sarcastic video about Cartman. He pulls the handle of a slot machine that falls on him, kills, and begins to pour out of the slot coin. Other gamblers play at the hall begin to pay attention only to the coin, as it were, without noticing Cartman crushed under the iron slot. This is the South Park guys! The cruelty and sarcasm will haunt you throughout the game play. By creating a South Park video slot, marketers from NetEnt certainly did a big bet on it. Perhaps it still has its loyal fans, but there are a lot of games that are much more popular. Perhaps, this explains the fact that this slot machine is rarely a hot state. Perhaps, not everyone understood the humor of the series, and perhaps the model return rates forced players to choose other games to satisfy their need for adrenaline.

Technical characteristics:

Graphic design of the machine fully conveys the atmosphere of the South Park series. There is the same angular motion and traditional animation characters in spurts.

  • On the playing field of the slot there are 25 paylines - five reels and three horizontal rows.
  • All bonus characters rendered in the last three reels and do not interfere with the beginning of the convergence of winning sequences.
  • Rates can vary from 1 cent per line (25 cents for a total rate) to 10 Euros on the line (EUR 250 in total). Accordingly, the value of the coin can be set from 1 cent to 1 Euro.
  • RTP is 96.7%.
  • Implemented just three bonus games and a couple of mini-games.

Bonus features:

Cartman bonus:

Cartman bonusIf you happen to catch a bonus third icon depicting the fire extinguisher, then you are welcome in Cartman bonus feature.

  • A feature of the bonus is its restriction on the maximum payout, which is set at around 5000 total rate. In other words, if you play rates for €10, as if you had brilliant luck during this bonus game, you have no possibility to win more than €50,000.
  • Cartman Bonus occurs in one step. You will have two attempts. By opening the symbol of the police for the first time it brings you to a warning and the second time you are arrested and bonus is completed. We see Cartman standing with a fire extinguisher.
  • Cartman featureGuess what will he do? Of course, the hippies smoked out of the bushes. And for each of them, we will issue the coins. If we are lucky, hippies choose a couple of lovers, all won by the coin will be doubled. By choosing a hippie with a tape recorder all the bushes again mixed and bonus starts over. Coins, won in the previous round, of course, remain in the gambler.
  • During the Cartman bonus game we are not limited in the number of elections bushes. We afraid we have only the character of the police, who can arrest us and the bonus game, will be finished.

Bonus Wall (remaining Wild symbols):

If the third symbol in the main game in the machine falls South park wall, it will run bonus game (see right).

  • SteinAfter watching the video, as the wall is torn on the girl, we come to the fun - free games with the remaining two rotation wild symbols.
  • The essence of the bonus game is the following: In the first spin of the wild symbol is in the centre of the reel. It stayed there for two spin. If during this time on the playing field in any place will be more wild symbols, they will be detained for two rotations. The counter for each such symbol is displayed at the top left.
  • It is important that rotation will continue for as long as the field has at least one wild symbol plus one respin without wild symbols. If this rotation also will be no new wild symbols, the bonus game is completed and will be made count wins.
  • In the South Park slot, wild symbols can appear on any reels, including the first and the fifth. If you`re lucky, in theory, 12 of the 15 cells can be filled with "wild" symbols. Moreover, the rotation will be performed twice. Accordingly, the big win, you get two.
  • The bonus game has very good perspective for big wins, but can be finished in four spins. During testing, this bonus has shown the maximum winnings in coins (22,000 Euros at a rate of 125 Euros).

Bonus Kenny (walking on the road):

Kenny featureDuring this feature you will spend Kenny motorway full of dangers. Racing cars, huge birds, which strive to steal the baby, and even falling aircraft lie in wait for him on the positions of the symbol of the skull. But the rewards are great. If you go through all the way, you'll be rewarded with an additional 25,000 coins.

  • After watching the video of the bloody death of Kenny from moving his motorcycle, the bonus game begins.
  • In our view, the bonus game is the most interesting from all South park features. You will spend a little Kenny on a busy motorway. And the kid is going against traffic. The argument in its favour is just a great hat, which keeps it from two frontal collisions with a car or choke-suffering Kenny makes two huge birds. Unfortunately, it does not protect against a direct hit nose Boeing flying nearby. Therefore, it will be the third.
  • Kenny bonus runsThe pleasure of safe steps and the joy of issue positions make gamblers rejoice. Chances dodge obstacles always on your side and are related as 2 to 3. The danger is always in one position of choice.
  • Every free step gives us from 50 up to 1000 coins. These steps for Kenny are no danger, the only important how many coins we win.
  • The question mark will give us the multiplication of several subsequent steps. That is all the coins, which we choose after the issue (or dodging cars) will be increased by a factor that we choose a question mark. The minimum factor of two. The maximum is ten.
  • The maximum amount that can be won in the Kenny feature is 139,000 coins.

Bonus Kyle:

Kail bonusIf the third symbol on the last reel you see the Kyle, it will be launched this bonus game (see right).

  • One of the most brutal of bonuses in the game. It will kick Kyle baby, which will fall on the winning position and bring us additional winnings.
  • The Kyle bonus gives us 10 free spins. During the free spins you can win additional Free Spins. "Ike" wild symbol appears only on the fifth reel. After the "Ike" symbol has appeared, Kyle baby kicks and he lands at random to one of the winning sectors. They can be won:
  • 3 additional free games;
  • Multiplying gain in this rotation is from 2 to 10. It can be activated only if there is a gain in a specific back;
  • Additional winning coins.
  • The bonus ends when free spins are finished.

Additional mini functions:

  • Terrans and Philips mini featuresIn addition to the four bonus games, there are three mini-functions at South Park video slot which are activated at random and provide additional wild symbols in the rotation, when the function has been activated.
  • All the built-in mini features operate on the same principle, giving wild symbols, appearing randomly. The exception is a small feature Cartman that can activate nine wild symbols - that is to close 2, 3 and 4 reels vertically entirely.
  • Terrance Phillips and function activates three to five additional wild symbols. Wild arranged vertically. They can be activated by only 2.3 and 4 reel. Usually these three symbols, but in exceptional cases may be activated five.
  • Mr. Hankey function operates on a similar principle to the above function. The exception is that the worm creates a fun wild on reels 1, 3 and 5.
  • Function Cartman really the most promising of all. It starts with the rotation of the reel unit Cartman. After stopping the reel you can see how many characters got on board. 9 may be closed and all wild symbols on the reels 2, 3 and 4.
  • With luck, with the help of mini-features you can win a large sum.

Table payouts:

PaytableThe pay table is important to understand that, despite the seeming simplicity, the winnings will be obtained in the process of bonus games and activation of small features that give us on the field three to five additional wild symbols. If we are lucky to catch a mini-bonus Cartman and the whole center of the playing field in the video slot South Park (3*3), fill the wild symbols, the biggest win we secured for any initial symbols.

The pay table is composed as follows:

  • Five characters of Cartman pay us 750 coins per line.
  • For five Kenny we will be credited with 400 coins. Table payouts
  • Over the five characters in the green cap rates we get 300 on the line.
  • And (as I understand) for the five characters of Kyle, we pay 200 coins on the play-line.
  • Five aces symbols pay us 125 coins.
  • For kings, we get 100 coins per line.
  • Ladies bring us 75 coins.
  • Jacks, being the youngest character in South Park, will bring us 50 coins on the pay-line.

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