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Space Wars slot

Space Wars slot
Space Wars slot is using a re-spin feature with additional winning symbols instead of bonus features. This fact adds to the winning potential and increases the volatility of the machine. Below you will find the complete overview and hidden data of Space Wars slot (volatility, wagering rating, testers review and the probability of re-spin feature).

Note, that if you're losing a lot - there is a sense to reduce stakes and continue playing until the mega win.

Personal tester's opinion

Despite the age, Space Wars slot is still very popular. It can create a massive prize pool in popular casinos. The indirect sign of the slot "mood" is how it is putting the symbols during the re-spin feature. If you see that several times slot puts winning symbols in bad positions - it is a reason to think about changing it in the current session.

The chances of hitting any win and activating the re-spin feature are 15.98% (every 6th spin).  The volatility of the machine is 7,4 out of 20. About the bonus hunters, I don't recommend bonus wagering in this slot machine (rating is 3,54 out of 10). Space wars slot is usually working like a loose-loose-loose-win scheme. If you are already losing a lot - you should try to continue playing until the big win and then close it. I do not like such kinds of machines, but a lot of players are still involved in them.

The review and recommendations from the testing team

Space Wars slot is included in the top popular games of this provider.

  • The simplicity, the lack of free spins and bonus games did not prevent this slot from taking top positions among the most used by players of all levels and nationalities.
  • This slot is certainly not capable of giving combinations with a win of 1000x total bets or more. Its potential on average is 100x - 250x total bets, but at the same time, the slot can issue these combinations from the first spins and almost in a row or with minimum intervals. Probably, this was the reason for such popularity among the players.
  • Moreover, the slot often gives winning combinations, but with a minimum payout, due to which the player has the illusion that the slot keeps well the balance, while it doesn’t.
  • An example of this was several gaming sessions at once, in several casinos, at various intervals. The following was observed: with a winning combination and a re-spin, always (both on the re-spin with top and minimal symbols) in the third or fourth reel completely different symbols were issued.
  • Many will say that this is a normal situation for some slots, but not in 50 re-spins out of 50, and certainly not in many gaming sessions.
  • Also, for example, it was observed that if you got a good combination from one top symbol, then you should not expect it from another top symbol. The slot will repeat the winning with the same symbol rather than giving a good win on another symbol.
  • This slot was a great gaming solution and played quite smoothly, just a year ago. Now it is playing too rudely and creates the feeling of games on a low-quality slot. NetEnt has made significant changes to the slot, as it simply leads you to 0 balance, no matter how much it was.

At the moment this slot cannot be recommended for games with bonus money, and playing the wager on it is a big problem. While playing for real money, watch for winning combinations and re-spins, analyze them, if you see that the slot issues combinations which are small and you see that for sure lose your balance, leave it. A minimum balance bet of at least 200 bets is recommended, but you shouldn’t use more than 50-70 stakes for checking the slot behaviour since it can be seen from the very first winning combinations.

Netent declares the following probabilities

  • The total percentage of the return to the slot is 96.75% (19.6% is returned to the usual spins, 38.3% - for re-spins with standard symbols and 38.9% for re-spins with common and expensive symbols.
  • The probability of getting any winnings in the usual spins is 16.4%.
  • The probability of getting the winning from re-spin on standard symbols is 86.1%.
  • The probability of getting the winning from re-spin on medium and expensive symbols is 100%.
  • The maximum possible winning is 400,000 coins.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Description of the slot machine

The introduction to the slot is best to trigger with its structure, which is different from the traditional one. So, at our disposal, you will find five reels and 40 lines. All symbols are arranged in four rows, that is simultaneously you will see 20 pictures. You can play from €0.40 to €200. In this case, before launching the spin of the reels, you should set the number of coins (from 1 to 10) and their denomination from (€0.01 to €0.5).


  • Number of reels - 5
  • Number of pay lines - 4
  • Number of game lines (; they active) - 40
  • The cost of one coin is from 0.01 to 0.50
  • Number of coins per line - from 1 to 10
  • The range of bet sizes ranges - from 0.40 to 200
  • The expected payout percentage in this slot is 96.75%
  • The maximum payout is 400,000 coins (In free spins)
  • Wild symbol - there (Luminous inscription)
  • Free spins (re-spin) - there is (one after the winning round).

Symbols and payouts

Most of the symbols in the game depict a variety of aliens and flowers. Also, there is a red crystal, which is the most valuable of all the pictures. But you will not find the values of the cards here. Of the individual symbols, only Wild is present. Five of the small alien creatures will be a frequent guest on the reels. They are considered low-paid symbols, and moreover, they will not bring big winning. You will need to try to collect pay combinations by consisting of giant aliens; they have a lot more potential here.

  • Small round creatures bring from 2 to 60 coins.
  • Big and main symbols - they can please with payments of 10 to 400 coins.
  • Red Crystal brings the winning in the amount of 30 to 1000 coins.
  • To rely on getting the winning and expect it, you need to collect a continuous chain on active pay lines, consisting of 3.4 or 5 identical symbols. It should start with the leftmost reel. Only the most valuable combination is paid on the pay line, if you lose the pay combinations on several lines at once, then all the coins will be summed up.
  • Both during the usual spins and when you spin again, you may see the stacked symbols, including the Wild symbol, which gives you even more chance for a serious victory.
  • Wild symbol. It is a large white inscription Wild on a black background. Wild symbols can appear anywhere only on 2 and 4 reels, replacing any images, and help you form the most advantageous pay combination.


Space Wars slot is decorated very beautifully, and a dynamic game process characterizes it. The graphics and sound effects are also at a high level; here it is difficult to find fault with something. Free spin after each pay combination and cloning are excellent functions. Everything looks not only spectacular but also simple, especially the specifications and rules. Specialists from NetEnt again presented us with a fantastic game that is worth your time and attention, that`s why do not waste your time finding something better for you.

How to win at Space Wars slot machine? (conclusion)

Every clever player would try the machines if they have a demo mode. That's exactly what we advise you - test them in demo mode before depositing money. One thing you need to keep in mind about this online game (however illogical it sounds to you), if you already lost a lot, try to lower the stake and wait for Mega-Big to win.

It is very important to define the "mood" of the slot. One trick you can use is to track what symbols are put on the 3rd reel in the re-spin feature. If it often puts not correct symbols, it's time to change the machine. The recommended balance for play is about 200 bets, but the slot machine will usually show the "mood" of the first 50-70 spins. It's not a good slot for completing the wagering requirements (3.54 out of 10).

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Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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