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Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits slot

Sreolling Staxx slot
NetEnt company decided to release a continuation of Neon Staxx slot. So today our developer would like to present to your attention Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits slot. This new game will impress you with the help of such an exciting game process, a lot of winnings and rewards. These cubic fruits will be spinning on 5 reels and moreover, they will give their winnings by 10 lines. You will be surprised with such an original design and familiar topic, which are combined at this online slot. The machine looks so interesting.

Furthermore, other settings will please every player. The “Strolling Re-Spins” feature is available here, it gives re-spins. There are also some bonuses, such as Bonus Bet and Extra Chance. Thanks to the last feature, you can get a lot of coins during your game process. If you want to know more details about each bonus, you should read this article.

Review and recommendations by our testing team

NetEnt decided to continue the slots from the Staxx series, releasing the Strolling Staxx slot.

  • This slot is made in fruit theme, and it reminds me of Reel Rush slot, in terms of pictures and sound, but with completely different gameplay.
  • In this slot, the player is waiting to re-spin the feature with a moving of the symbols to left, colossal symbol and extra chance with an additional attempt to trigger a colossal symbol.
  • Payments on this slot are not significant and, on average, payment combinations with re-spin bring 10x – 30x bets, and with the top symbols (including the wild symbol) 70x – 130x. There is no potential to get bigger wins in this slot.
  • Personally, this novelty disappoints me and, in my opinion, the slot's functionality is already old and was used several years ago. Given the lack of interesting gameplay, bonus games and low maximum wins, this slot will not occupy high positions in the rating of NetEnt slots and interest from most players will quickly disappear. At the same time, I do not exclude that this slot will find its fans while playing with bonus money, since considering its functionality, it should keep the balance well and you can try to fulfil the wager requirements here.

Alternative tester’s opinion

Netent, as always, is trying to make something new for his fans. And still is the leader among players considering other providers. What can you say about this slot? Honestly, I get lost in doubts, on the one hand, it is an interesting idea, but on the other hand, there’s something missing, just didn’t catch me. And the matter is not at all in the number of winnings, there is something wrong with it. Most likely that the volatility is from medium to high, the return percentage (RTP) is 95.95% (somehow not enough). Looks like here we need to wait a long time for triggering big winning, but still, it can be not big enough to satisfy us.

Again, for a slot that has high volatility, or is close to high, the maximum payout of 1000x is somehow not serious, it seems to me. In the usual spins, the winnings are not often, there are only 10 lines in the slot, so all wins are basically only with bonus feature. In general, this slot is more on moods, but still, I am sure it will find its fans.

Alternative tester’s opinion 2

  • Strolling Staxx slot from NetEnt - quite an ambiguous gaming solution. On the one hand, nice graphics, on the other hand, boring fruit themes, on the one hand, simple and clear gameplay, on the other hand, the lack of familiar free spins or bonus games at all, on the one hand, quite good potential of a big win, on the other hand, a low maximum win. Anyway, consider this slot in more detail.
  • In the usual spins (excluding triggering the bonus feature), the slot makes long series of spins without payment combinations, rarely giving out wins, which are not significant at all, and vary within one or several bets, due to which significant losses of balance are met. Compensation for the loss of balance and its increase occurs mainly with the help of the bonus feature.
  • The bonus feature is the re-spin with moving symbols to left (as it’s in Jack and the Beanstalk slot). Full coverage with symbols of one type, on one or several reels (vertical closing the reel with three symbols), which symbols are covering one cell or they can be colossal symbol 2 * 3 or 3 * 3. When the bonus bet is on, there is a bigger chance of triggering this feature, which is able to “add” an additional colossal symbol to the reels, and then start re-spins. It is worth noting that the triggering of the bonus bet will increase the size of the bet by 50%. It is also worth noting that the bonus bet really increases the chance of getting the top combination, and I would personally recommend playing with the bonus bet.


  • You will see a table in the lower-left corner. This symbol will be changed in each spin. It will occupy a block of 3x3 cells in this spin. This symbol is called the colossal.
  • When this colossal symbol appears completely, the “Strolling Re-Spins” re-spins function is triggered. The block of the symbol will be moved from one position to the left with each re-spin in them, in which another such symbol will appear.
  • The “Extra Chance” function can be launched in any spin. After that, the symbol, which fell out on this table, will occupy several cells on your playing field to create a lot of pay combinations. Then, re-spins will begin.
  • Bonus Bet allows you to trigger a higher stake by 50% to increase the sizes of your winnings.

Cubic symbols and winnings

Each player can put from 0.15 to 200 coins per spin. If you want to get your payment, you will need to collect at least 3 identical symbols. We will tell you more information about these symbols and winnings after the slot`s release, which will be on January 3, 2019.


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Written by Yana Sliusar
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