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Victorious slot

Victorious slot
NetEnt never gets tired of surprising. This time the developer invites all those who are interested in the times of ancient Rome. Victorious slot brings you the sounds and images of the mighty army of the ancient Roman Empire.

The RTP (return to the player percentage) is 96.88%, and the maximum payout per spin can be up to 192 000 coins. This is a popular slot machine, which can give a lot of winnings during retriggers in the free spins feature. You can play Victorious slot for free in the demo at the top of this page.

Personal testers opinion

The best bets to use are those multiplied by 25 (0.25, 2.5, 25, 250 euro). This slot is a clone of the old Ghost Pirates slot machine, but with much greater popularity. A lot of players love it and create a massive prize pool for winnings. The Victorious slot is suitable for fulfilling the wager requirements (wagering rating is 5.56 from 10). The hit frequency is 42.62%. The maximum winning during testing was 401x. The probability of triggering the bonus free spins feature is 0.69% (statistically, every 145th spin). Medium winning during the bonus free spins feature is 50x.

The volatility is in the middle range - 6,71 out of 20. Note, that this slot gives the free spins feature and winnings with "waves". You can hit a lot of winnings and trigger many features in 200-500 spins and see a lot of negative spins during the next 2000. If you're already losing and the slot doesn't show any action - it is dangerous to increase stakes and to continue spinning. Leave it in the current session and return to it next time.

Review and recommendations from the testing team

This is one of the top NetEnt slots, and it is much more popular than Ghost Pirates slot, despite all their similarities.

  • With average graphics, it is one of the first slots with 243 active lines, and the favourite of the fans of NetEnt and players who are new in online slots and playing with small bets.
  • The slot gameplay was made quite bad as it was noticed that the slot very rarely puts lines of different warriors’ pictures, but at the same time, 5 “Victorious” symbols or 5 scatters are often triggered. Most of the spins in the slot triggers the lowest pay symbols (9, 10, J, Q, K, A). Unlike many other slots and despite a much larger number of lines, Victorious slot often triggers symbols and scatters on the lines (1, 2, 4 and 5 scatters; 2,3,4,5 scatters, and it's the same with the symbols "Victorious"), in that way, that is given to the player illusion that it will give a big winning, and like this to make him keep playing.
  • The slot has average volatility, but with a high frequency of winnings, that's why this slot should be looked after while playing with real money very closely and carefully.
  • The slot is keeping the balance well, if it triggers the free spins feature, without the feature it is close to impossible to keep it. Therefore, if any free spins were triggered during 100-150 spins, the game session should be ended. If the free spins give out small winnings, do not hurry to quit; generally, the following features should compensate for them.

Many people recommend this slot for playing with bonus money, but it’s better to be careful: if you decide to play it, be ready to lose about 100x bets on certain series. Meaning you should be willing to lose a part of the balance and, of course, leave another part for playing on more predictable slots. A reserve of bet balance of 250x - 300x bets is recommended.

Netent declares the following probabilities 

  • The total percentage of the return (RTP) in the slot is 96.88%. Of these: 66.5% in the usual and 30.4% in the bonus free spins feature.
  • The probability of falling out any winnings is 42.6% in the usual spins and 45.3% in the free spins feature.
  • The probability of falling out of the bonus free games (3 or more scatter symbols) is 0.68%. The probability of re-trigger is 1.43%.
  • The maximum winning in the usual spins with a bet of 1 coin per pay line is 7500 coins. 22,500 coins - during free spins. The total winning is 45 750 coins.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

  • The frequency of triggering of the bonus feature is statistically every 145th spin (0,69%). It can be a lot of retriggers during the "lucky" free spins feature. The multiplier during the feature is x3.
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 42,62%. Here players will get a lot of winnings, but their size will be little.
  • The distribution of the winnings is 67% in the usual spins and 33% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum winning during the tests was 401x. This is massive winning for a slot with 6,71 volatility. 
  • The average winning from the bonus was 50x. As you see, the free spins feature carries the maximum potential of winning.
  • Volatility is 6.71 out of 20 (from average to high). The maximum potential of winning can be released during the free spins feature with several retriggers (with 4-5 scatters) or when top symbols will hit the double line with the wild symbol on top or bottom of 5 symbols.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 5.56 out of 10. It is not the worst idea to complete bonus wagering requirements when the Victorious slot is hot or warm.
  • RTP of 96.88% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning at the casino.
  • Find out how to win in the Victorious slot.

Bonus free spins feature

However, in the arsenal of an experienced warrior there is a lot of weapons but be sure to have special tricks. Among your trump cards:

  • Golden Eagle - Wild symbol, which replaces all the elements and even Scatters symbol; Wild symbols can appear on reels 2 and 4, as in the regular game and during free spins.
  • Laurel Branch - Scatter symbol. 3+ scatter symbols in a row from left to right trigger the free spins feature. During the bonus free spins, all winning is multiplied by three. Three laurel wreaths in a row will give you 3 of their total bet and 15 free spins. If there will be 4 scatters in a row - you will receive 20 total bets and 20 free spins. For five wreaths - 50 total bets and 50 free games.

How to win at Victorious slot machine? (conclusion)

Each person in our team has the opinion that the best strategy before starting to play with real money is to test the slots in demo mode. Victorious is one of the most popular this provider, which means it will be "hot" most of the time. We think good bets here are 0.25 €, 2.5 €, 25 €, 250 € (multiples of 25). Keep in mind that combinations, as well as the bonus in this slot machine, are often given in "waves".

You can see bonuses and winnings often in a short period of time, or you may have to wait for them for a long time. We recommend that if you trigger 2 bonuses (free spins) for about 100 to 150 spins, not a bad choice will be to change the slot. But there is one more thing, if these bonuses did not bring good winnings, you can continue, it is very likely that the next free spins will bring you a pretty good win. The recommended balance is around 250-300 bets. For the bonus hunters recommendations are similar - the machine may be very good if it's "hot" (5.56 out of 10).

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