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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Kamen Valev is our site key-account manager (for AUS, CAD). With professionalism, responsibility, and dedication he is organizing and supervising the entire structure, and content of our web presence. Sharp in monitoring, editing, and scrutinizing the entire site overview, he is ensuring actual and correct content along with user-friendly implementations of gaming data models with scripting tools.

With over 15 years’ experience in the casino industry, 4 of which particularly in the field of web-application development he is profoundly engaged in gambling tailor-made services and support. He is constantly involved in improvements of new functionalities of the site and adapting to any requests and queries. Acting as the eyes and ears of our BNC organization, in a professional, knowledgeable manner he is leading a team, striving to deliver an intelligible and appealing web page to the readers. He is also our 'slots-savvy dude', always ready to unmask secrets, display statistics, and suggest best practices on the topic of the slots.

Therefore in case, you have a suggestion or there is a concern you would like to share with the team and specifically with our key-account manager Mr Valev, do not hesitate and use the contact form on our site, or address him personally at

Kamen Valev