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Bust The Bank slot

Bust the bank slot
In Bust the Bank slot, you will help two thieves named Bob and Larry to make money on a bank robbery. Before you will be the guard dogs, police and security guards, but nothing should prevent you from achieving your goal, especially since that for this you are expected not so bad a reward that is equal to 135,000 coins.

The careful preparation for robbery, bypassing surveillance cameras and the destruction of the complicated mechanisms, police whistles and breath-taking chase - this is what awaits you at this game that Microgaming company has created not only with humour but also with the beautifully decorated symbols in a cartoon style and entertainment background music.

Personal testers opinion

We do not recommend using Bust the Bank slot machine to complete the bonus requirements; wagering - 4.07 out of 10. And do not rely on the bonus. It triggers, according to a statistic in 1 of every 310th spins (0,32%), and only 28% of the pool is reserved for payouts in the bonus game. The probability of falling out a hit is equal to 26.14% in the usual spins, so you should keep a close eye on the balance. My most significant winning, playing for real money in the usual spins was 563x my bet, and 67x in the bonus feature.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Description of the slot machine

Bust the Bank slot consists of 5 reels, 3 rows of symbols and 243 ways to win. This time, the developer decided to go away from the traditional pay lines and slightly diversify the game process. Before you spin the reels of the slot machine, you need to identify the number of coins (from 1 to 10) that you want to put and their value (from 0.01 to 1). Thus, the minimum bet is only $ 0.30, and the maximum bet is $ 300. So, players with different budgets and financial opportunities will be able to try to rob the bank.

As for me, I liked the basic game. Also, to the scatter symbol and the free spins mode, as well as two different bonus games at this slot machine, there is the Wild symbol, which increases the possibility of winning several times. As for bonus pictures (safe and piggy bank), they are launched in the usual spins in a completely random way. Also, we strongly recommend that you follow Larry and Bob because they also give out coins from their bags.

The presence at the slot of 243 ways to get the pay combination gives many chances to catch the big winnings without waiting for the bonus features, which is very pleasing. Also, the prize sets will fall out quite often, and it is only necessary to collect three or more adjacent standing identical symbols going from left to right from the outer reel. The usual spins organically combined with the various bonuses provide us with a decently balanced game process, where the most visible facet is the ratio of the price of risk and quality. Please, should note that most often the bonus function which is called Green Safe will be launched. In a word, the dynamic plot, the abundance of all kinds of bonuses and other exciting solutions make this slot very attractive and impressive.

Bust the Bank slot does not have a progressive jackpot and a game for doubling. The maximum winning that you can get is 135,000 coins, and this is a useful function. The high dispersion suggests that the winnings will often fall out, but their value in most cases will be insignificant. The coolest winnings come during free spins. To complete a full cycle, it will take a long time and a good reserve of funds on the account, but as they say, the mission is feasible. As declared by the developer a percentage of the payout (RTP) at the slot is equal to 96.75%.


  • Number of reels - 5
  • Number of lines - 243
  • Cost of the same coin - from 0.01 to 1.0
  • Number of coins per spin - 1-10
  • The range of the size of bets - from 0.30 to 300
  • The maximum winning is 135,000 coins at the bonus game (five symbols Explosives).
  • Wild symbol - yes (Logo of the slot machine).
  • Scatter symbol- yes (Explosive).
  • Free spin - yes (8 free spins with two wild reels, launches scatter symbol).
  • Bonus game - yes (Pig symbol on the central reel presents a bonus in the form of prize-winning coins).
  • The expected percentage of payments at the slot is equal to 96.75%.


The game uses a wide range of cartoon characters instead of the standard playing card symbols, which certainly adds interest to this slot and the topic of a bank robbery as a whole. On the screen, there will appear a watch with explosives, a bank building, a police car, and a van carrying money, a guard dog, two robbers and the main symbols at the same time, an evil guard. The most generous payments you can receive if you collect the combination of five identical symbols.

  • Guard dog pays the winning even for two symbols from 20 to 500 coins.
  • Watch with explosives bring the winning from 50 to 750 coins.
  • Van with money pleases with the winning from 100 to 1000 coins.
  • The bank building is even more generous, and it will bring you from 150 to 1500 coins.

Four other symbols are highly paid, and they should be watched as carefully as for the special and bonus symbols:

  • A police officer in a car brings the winning in between 200 and 2500 coins.
  • The evil guard gives you between 250 and 5000 coins.
  • Larry and Bob were surprised with the winning from 500 to 15 000 coins.
  • Wild symbol. The wild symbol is the logo of Bust the Bank slot and replaces any picture, except the bonus symbols and scatter, to complete the most advantageous pay combination.
  • Scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol is a bomb. If three or more such images appear on the slot screen, they will cause free spins. Also, they can not only appear anywhere in the playing field but also bring the independent payments: 3 scatters - 600 coins, 4 scatters - 3000 coins, 5 scatters - 15,000 coins.
  • All payout sizes are based on the calculation of the game at the maximum bet.

Bonus games and functions

The entire bonus set of functions consists of free spins and two bonus games. This fact will be discussed below.

Free spins

To launch free spin, you will need to get at least 3 scatters (bomb) on the reels of the slot. By the way, their number will not affect the number of free spins. There will be eight of them at your disposal. During this round, the two extreme reels become entirely wild, and they will remain the same until the very end. It gives you the opportunity to get more meaningful pay combinations. The bonus modes during free spins will not be available. During the game, you will be added one bonus spin, for each scatters symbol that appears.

Piggy Bank Bonus

My advice to you, during the usual spins, is to watch closely the Piggy symbol, which appears anywhere on the 3rd reel. As soon as this happens, the Piggy Bank game triggers. You will be proposed to break up a large piggy bank, inside of which there is the prize. The diapason of a possible winning varies from several coins to a thousand coins.

Robber Bonus

Another bonus function that allows you to get the prize. Its size will be identified randomly, and the same robbers will give you money, which, along the way, will lose their looted coins, fleeing the evil dog. Well, then further is simple, what fell out, then everything will be yours.

Green Safe Bonus

To get to the big money that is stored in the safe, you need to find the corresponding symbol on reels 1 or 5. Its emergence will open you the prize, the size of which is identified by accident. These coins will be poured out from the safe down, showing how much, you managed to win.


If you appreciate the bright and funny slots of illegal content, with light humour and the opportunity to win a decent amount of money, then Bust the Bank slot machine will be yours quickly. Possessing a lot of bonus functions, including the direct bonus games, it will firmly secure your attention exclusively on the reels, because there is a lot of opportunities for getting the paradise pleasure.

If you are tired of everyday, life and want something new, then you should start to play this online slot. Moreover, I appreciate this game very much, not only for great winnings but also I like the plot which is so cute, interesting and exciting, for me, that`s why I strongly recommend trying your luck here. The slot has many fans. We can say with full confidence that the slot machine will give its players unforgettable impressions, a great amount of money, positive emotions and an excellent mood. Play the game more boldly, and you can quickly become rich and realise all your dreams!

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