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Galacticos video slot

Galacticons slot by QuickfireSometimes, looking at the dark night sky, I could not help think of the existence of other worlds and civilizations, aliens and flying saucers. These thoughts occur in many, otherwise, would have emerged from many science fiction stories, movies and TV shows on the whole space. What are some "Star Wars", numbering several seasons and millions of fans. The producers of game software space theme also in special honor - like video slots at online casinos big set. With such an abundance of proposals to create something extraordinary - a great achievement and it has once again managed company Microgaming. Video slot Galacticons introduce you to the inhabitants of other planets. They are not evil and bloodthirsty, as so often happens in science fiction films, but rather funny and friendly. If you doubt that this is possible - play video slot Galacticons for free without sign up now.

Description of Galacticos slot

Mysterious space, the depth of which can not be measured, is already waiting for you on the reels of the gaming machine Galacticons. It mixes with the Milky Way nebulae and stars, scattered on a dark purple background, like a silver coin, so mysteriously flicker. All this you will observe from the starship, whose name Galacticons, but in some of the 243 galaxies fly to solve for you. Space aliens, of which there are several, insistently offering his invitation to accept it, for it guarantees the payment of the prize. The flight is "online casino - an unexplored planet," of course, will be accompanied by music. Not to say that the melody is chosen such a "space", but also very effective, with unusual accents and modulations.


Wild and Scatter So, you're aboard the starship and a good idea, before heading to the flight, to deal with its management:

  • Red button Spin / Stop - starts the spin and can stop the reels;
  • Bet - increases the betting amount on the next spin;
  • Coins Size - determine the denomination of the coin;
  • Coins - supply the required number of coins per spin;
  • AvtoPlay - will put the game in the auto mode, entrusting the management of the autopilot;
  • Win - shows winnings for the spin;
  • Demo Credits / Demo Coins - monitors the state of the fuel (game score);
  • View Pays - opens a table with the rules and operating the machine Galacticons pay table coefficients.


  • PaytableGalacticos slot was developed by the Microgaming company
  • Number of reels - 5
  • The number of active lines - 243
  • The cost of one coin - from $ 0.01 to $ 0.50
  • The number of coins per line - 1-10
  • The size range of rates - from $ 0.30 to $ 150
  • The maximum payout - x15000
  • Wild symbol - yes
  • Scatter - yes
  • Bonus free games - yes
  • Risk game - no
  • Bonus game - yes
  • The progressive jackpot - not played
  • The expected payout percentage (RPT) at the Galacticos video slot is 96%


  • Pay TableAs you can see, even in space there are Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine. Apparently the aliens long ago adopted earthlings love to gamble. But it does not matter, the important thing is that these elements can be put into your account from 10 to 500 and rates.
  • The spaceship will bring you a rate of 50-1000, and three alien: Purple, Blue, and Red from 75 to 2500 rates.
  • A flashing blue light mysterious Milky Way has become a Wild symbol. It can cope with every element except the Scatter and double all payments in forming combinations. Own Wild does not provide for payment.
  • Hot sun - a Scatter. The light of heaven will pay you 300, 3,000 or even 15,000 bets if appears on reels three to five times. But Scatter gives not only payments, dropped by 3-5 times, it starts the free spins, which can be 10, 15 or 20.


The bonus round at the Galacticons called the Big Bang, and the corresponding name, arrange your drum real blast payout. During the free spins on the field will be one additional Wild - an ominous black hole. Space Guests will walk on the drums and tighten a friendly stranger, for paying some good benefits. If such a hole will cater to the sun, you will be charged one free rotation, but if the black hole will tighten the Milky Way, the payments for the spin will be doubled.


Free spins with a wandering black hole and multipliers increase in steel brightest chip at the Galacticons video slot. In general, from the video slot only positive impressions. Good graphics, funny characters, good benefits. It is recommended to test and make your own opinion about space travel.

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