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Pollen Nation slot

Pollen nation slot
Everybody knows the popular statement: “No honey no money”. From this moment you can realise that this is in the direct sense here. Microgaming company has released a new Pollen Nation slot and provided an opportunity for honey lovers to penetrate the world where bees live and make sure that these cute insects are not alien to people as well as people.

But to pay for the winning they prefer not honey, but money. But to relax here is strictly not recommended - despite its funny, frivolous appearance, bees possess the excellent skills of the professional players, and clearing the hives from surplus money will not be so easy. We can watch forever how they work and collect honey, but from now on we will watch how they will bring us money. However, do not overestimate the bee mind - by playing for free in the demo of this slot machine without the registration, you will realise that buzzing of bees often part with money that they win. Maximum bees can put up to 32 250 coins in your pocket. So, taste your winnings!

Personal testers opinion

Pollen Nation is one of the sweetest and funniest slots. I love everything here, especially the graphics and the musical accompaniment impressed me so much, the music is like there are many hives, I like the melody “Flight of the Bumblebee”, and it was similar to it. Except for the pleasure, you can easily win a lot of money. You are being waited for the exciting symbols, a bonus game and the ability to clean the hive for 32 250 coins. All this is well compensated for the lack of free spins, which for some reason is not provided for. But do not worry, the developers created it perfectly, and many players have already tested it and were so satisfied with it. Moreover, the high percentage will improve your mood when you start immersing in the sweet world of the hardworking bees. So, I strongly recommend this game, and it is perfectly suitable for the summer season.

Hidden parameters and settings of Pollen Nation slot (data from testing)

Description of Pollen Nation slot machine

The creative approach to the thematic design of the machine allowed the developers of the Microgaming company to create an easy, exciting game story. There are no card symbols here, and on the playing field, like in a forest glade, there are only images of funny bees and everything that is connected with the apiary - honeycombs, honey jars, honey packaging. Everywhere there is honey and only honey. Even the soundtrack of the slot at times resembles the noise of a bee swarm as if hinting at a gambler who is the master here.

A variety of thematic sounds generally characterises this slot, giving it additional charm - this is the singing of the forest birds and the laughter of the bee queen and other sounds that arise at certain points in the game. The highlight of the program will be a dance in the style of hardcore, which is given as a bonus by the dancer's bee. Such a spectacle envies the most advanced discos and cabaret. All the bee images in the slot have the human function, so in one of the bees, someone guessed the guard from the neighbouring supermarket, the other will remind the voracious baby from the neighbour next, the third is very similar to the standard image of a doctor from a polyclinic.


  • Number of reels - 5
  • Pay lines - 25
  • The cost of one coin is from 0.01 to 0.50
  • Number of coins per line - from 1 to 10
  • The range of stake sizes - from 0.01 to 250
  • Maximum winning for a spin - 60 000 coins (five symbols of Queen-Bee while you are playing at the highest bet)
  • Wild symbol - yes (Queen-Bee)
  • Scatter - yes (Bee with sting)
  • Bonus game - yes (three or more symbols of Baby Bee trigger the bonus game, in which you must select items, and you can win up to 32 250 coins.)
  • The expected payout percentage in the slot is 96.62% which allows you to increase your amount of money and get a lot of pleasure.

Symbols and payments

  • Each symbol is equivalent to a certain sum and schematically has the following form:
  • Royal jelly, Honey in the combs, Pollen cup, and honeycomb symbol are from 2 to 200 coins;
  • Images of war bee, the health worker bee and regular worker bee give between 10 and 1000 coins;
  • The wild symbol in the game is the Queen of a beehive. Her Majesty may ask to leave any symbol and, having taken his place, create the pay combination. Wild does not move only the symbols of Scatter and Bonus. Also, Queen Bee gives herself a sum of 3 to 6000 coins;
  • Bee is assigned to scatter, which performs strictly. The appearance of three such symbols guarantees the additional profit from 5 to 80 total coins.
  • Baby Bee became the symbol of Bonus. Three or more of these symbols is a signal to the beginning of the bonus game.

Bonus game

The bonus game is called Babee Bonus opens on the additional screen, whereby by clicking on the cell, the gambler can collect the winning of up to 32 250 coins.

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