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Skull Duggery video slot

Developers of Microgaming company have created Skull Duggery video slot. It is devoted to pirate themes. Let`s go to find treasure. You are waiting for chests with the gold coins somewhere on the lost island. The fascinating subject of the game together with advantageous bonuses makes the gameplay as interesting and exciting as possible. You can see this right now.

Moreover, I appreciate this game very much, not only for the great winnings but also I like the plot and the film that I can watch every day. It is “Pirates of the Caribbean” which is interesting and exciting, as, for me, that`s why we strongly recommend trying your luck here. The pirates are bandits who sail the seas to rob ships carrying valuable things. All pirates’ ships have got a flag called Jolly Roger. It is a black flag with a skull and two white bones. When the pirates see some other ship, they attack it, got on it, kill the sailors and take all valuable things. They sell them in ports and usually spend money on entertainment. But they do not spend all the money. Very often they hide the treasure in some faraway places so that they could use it later. It is tough to find their treasure, and many boxes are never found.

Personal testers opinion

Developers of the machine to recreate the almost ideal atmosphere of the uninhabited island. As for me, if you trigger all the lines with the small bets, and you can also pour yourself some rum to increase the chances of winning. Being a pirate is great! Some people say that the word “pirate” they associate with murders and seasickness, adventures, rum, sea, fighting, shooting, and a freeway of life. Playing the game, you should not keep within the law. You are free in your actions. You can go anywhere to find an adventure, to meet new people, to discover new places. You can take a ship and go to the open sea, where you can enjoy the sights, go fishing, or attack and rob merchant ships. The incredible thing about a pirate’s life is sea battles: fighting with sabres and swords, pistols and cannons. You can fight without any rules, in your style. The main thing in sea battles is boarding. It is just the time that may decide the outcome of the battle. If you have won, you can get great treasures.

All in all, the pirate’s life is full of adventures and events, which test your skills, which make you a real man. Pirates have a codex with specific rules and directions. You need to follow the regulations of the codex. The sea life can change you greatly. And I want my life to be changed for the better. The plot of Skull Duggery machine is very funny and exciting for men and women. As you see, there are many advantages of this video slot. Also, you can increase your payouts with the help of a high percentage. I am sure that you will appreciate this game. I believe that you will need to play this video slot and it will not leave you indifferent.

Hidden parameters and settings of Skull Duggery video slot (data from testing)

Description of Skull Duggery slot machine

Skull Duggery slot
The highlight of the slot is the music accompanying. Players are fascinated by the noise of the coastal wave, the restless cry of the seagulls and the creak of old wooden oars from the very beginning of the game. The thematic symbols are made in the original graphic design. They are by their expressiveness and colourfulness can fully serve as an illustration to the pirate novel. There is also a Mug of rum, and chest of the dead, and a life-worn map of buried treasures.


  • Number of reels - 5
  • Number of pay lines - 9
  • The cost of one coin is from $ 0.01 to $ 1
  • The number of coins per line is from 1 to 5
  • The range of bet sizes - from $ 0.01 to $ 45
  • The maximum win for the spin - x12,000 (five wild symbols)
  • Wild symbol - yes (logo of the video slot that multiplies the winnings by x3 additionally)
  • Scatters - yes (Skull)
  • Bonus game - yes (three or more symbols of Chest will trigger the bonus game for the choice of a pirate who will go overboard and bring additional prize coins)
  • The expected percentage of the payment in the slot is 95.8%.

Symbols and payments

The symbols have the following distribution in their significance:

  • Fruit images are the cheapest product on the island and are estimated from 2 to 200 coins;
  • Mug Roma, Sword pierced card and bearded Pirate with a parrot more weight - their cost is from 10 to 750 coins;
  • The wild symbol is the logo of Skull Duggery. It replaces only the fruit symbols and gives an additional factor x3 to the combinations with its participation. Also, Wild brings in 2 to 12,000 coins;
  • Skull deposits to your account for 2, 7, 20 or 200 coins;
  • Three Ghosts with a chest (Bonus symbol) launch the bonus game.


In the machine, you will receive the bonus game Booty Bonus. You need to leave one of five pirates overboard and keep your coins for yourself. How many coins will there be? It depends on the number of Bonus symbols that have fallen out. In total, you can get from 40 to 3000 coins.

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