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Titans of the Sun Hyperion video slot

Characters of ancient Greek myths continue to live not only on pages of books and on the screen, but also on the reels of video slot. New Microgaming video slot is Titans of the Sun Hyperion video slot, another proof of the popularity of this subject. This time we will talk about titan Hyperion, the son of Uranus-sky and Gaia-land, the wife of beautiful Teil. Developers also dedicated a separate video slot to this subject and extraordinary topic, which indicates popularity of the topic of the Ancient Greece. Probably, very few people in our world could not at least superficially get acquainted with many myths and legends of the Ancient Greece. Some of them are known to us from school textbooks and history books, part of everyday life, because in virtually all European languages there are a certain number of idiomatic expressions associated with Greek mythology. And the very name of the continent also has mythological roots.

However, the myths of ancient Greece are a much broader area of application than we are used to believe. They are not only a unique phenomenon of ancient literature. They have a close connection with the history and art, but also show the process of human development. Having carefully studied the mythology, it is not difficult to trace evolution of human consciousness, improvement of its culture, philosophy and even applied the daily activities. In the myths of the Ancient Greece, the focus is on the relationship of gods and people. The content of Greek myths is known from the works of ancient Greek poets and playwrights. You will be pleased with the mighty titan and you will learn by playing demo of this video slot for free without registration. We will open some secrets right now, starting with the fact that if you succeed, you will burn up to 75,000 coins.


Each 162 spin will start free spins, in which my average winning was 25 bets. 33% of the pool is booked for rewards in bonus rounds. In the main game, I had the maximum winning in 211 bets. And the probability of falling out a hit in any spin is equal to 34.31%. I will give neutral recommendations. After all, the slot machine is not suitable for completing the bonus requirements.

The hidden parameters and settings of Titans of the Sun Hyperion video slot

  • The Titans of the Sun Hyperion video slotThe frequency of falling of the bonus is statistically every 162 spins.
  • Probability of activating bonus free games - 0,62%.
  • Probability of a hit (any winning) - 34,31%.
  • Distribution of the winnings - 67% in the main game and 33% in the bonus.
  • The maximum payout during the tests is 211 bets.
  • The average winnings from the bonus is 25x.
  • Volatility - 5,24 out of 20 (average).
  • Dispersion of winnings - average.
  • Cycle length - average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wager is 5,82 out of 10.
  • RTP of 96% does not allow getting a positive mathematical expectation at casino.
  • Learn more about how to win at Titans of the Sun Theia video slot.

Description of the slot machine

Max winAs you know, Ancient Greece is majestic in its power and beautiful even in the architectural lines of ancient temples. The developers created two automatic machines with identical design. Titans of the sun Hyperion video slot is identical with the apparatus of Titans of the Sun Theia. The effects and sound design of these games is very beautiful. The symbol mystery is very interesting. It appears on the reels in the form of a golden gate with a picture of the sun. It is so sparkling. After stopping the reels, the gates open, and you become the owner of several identical symbols. You will also like the sound of the accompaniment which emphasizes the culture of Ancient Greece.


  • Stacked symbolsNumber of reels is 5
  • Number of pay lines is 15 (always active)
  • Number of coins per line is from 1 to 10
  • Cost of one coin is from $ 0.01 to $ 0.10
  • Range of stake sizes is from $ 0.15 to $ 0.15
  • Maximum winning - x5000 (5 Logos of the video slot)
  • Wild symbol - yes (Emblem with the name of the video slot and Mystical wild symbol).
  • Scatter - yes (Hyperion and Theia)
  • Free spins - yes (3-5 Scatters give 15 free spins).
  • Maximum winning in the bonus - 75 000 coins
  • The expected payout percentage is 96%

Symbols and payouts:

  • Scatter symbolCard symbols, in denominations from Tens to Aces, replenish the game balance for 5 to 100 coins.
  • A Firebird in the blue sky, a Horse with flaming hooves and mane and titanium Hyperion will give you as incentives from 20 to 2000 coins. The symbol with the image of Hyperion can go along the reels with stripes.
  • The Logo of Titans of the Sun Hyperion video slot is the Wild symbol. He replaces all elements except for Scatters, and can also bring coin payments in his own combinations. The amount of payments can be 50, 500 and even 5000 coins.
  • Scatter symbols (silhouettes of Hyperion and his wife Teiji) does not depend on the location on the lines. The Scatters will pay 15, 75, 300 or 1500 total coins if it appears on the playing field at once in an amount of two to five elements. Three or more Scatters will launch 15 Free Spins, which can be extended.
  • Mystery symbol is the golden sun. It hides the game characters behind it and opens only when the reels stop. Behind the golden gate can be any of the game elements, including Wild.

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