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Untamed Bengal Tiger slot

Untamed bengal Tiger slot
Microgaming company has released an unusual Untamed Bengal Tiger slot, dedicated to the formidable predator - Bengal tiger. In Bangladesh, in past times Bengal, and also India, Bengal tiger is a national symbol, and it is under special protection. This formidable predator can reach large sizes and offers the same great winnings. A Bengal tiger is a great wild animal of tremendous beauty, grace and strength.

Tiger is one of the largest cats on the earth, but the number of these charming animals is decreasing due to human hunt and industrial activity. Tigers are unsurpassed hunters. But unlike pack animals, they hunt alone. They display remarkable intuition and marvellous observation.

Unfortunately, tigers are among extinct animals nowadays, so people must do their best to preserve them. That`s why our developers paid their attention to this exciting topic and created such a cool game. You can also test the game for free in the demo of this slot without the registration to determine the further strategy of the game. You can break the jackpot of 90,000 coins during the game. The expected payout percentage of the device is 96.2%.

Personal testers opinion

At Untamed Bengal Tiger slot machine, you can trigger the bonus feature in every 110th spin (Statistically, 0,91%). 43% of the pool is booked for payment in free spins. I also want to note that, any winnings are given with a probability of 30.54%. In the usual spins, my biggest winning was 189x my bet, and the average winning in the bonus feature was 34x. Neutral recommendation about bonus requirements; wagering 5,90 out of 10.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from the testing team)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus is statistically, every 110th spin (0,91%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 30,54%.
  • The distribution of the winnings is 57% in the usual spins and 43% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 189x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 34x.
  • Volatility - 5,56 out of 20 (average).
  • Cycle length - average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 5,90 out of 10.
  • RTP of 96.2% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation at the casino.

Description of the slot machine

The reels of Untamed Bengal Tiger slot machine will open up to you a so realistic picture that you seem to be already in a green forest, and not in an online casino. Slowly tree branches sway, grass, like carpet, covers the ground, fog rises from the valley, and even the midges fly over their heads.

Watching the appearance of the symbols on the reels is also a pleasure: there are magnificent animals, natural landscapes, and, of course, all revered special symbols. During the usual spins, an unobtrusive melody will play, but when the night comes on the field of the machine, and free spins begin, you will hear pleasant Indian motives.


  • Number of reels - 5
  • Number of payouts - 243
  • Cost of one coin - 0.01, 0.02 and 0.05
  • Number of coins per spin - from 1 to15
  • The range of bet sizes ranges - from 0.30 to 22.50
  • Maximum winning - x2250 (5 symbols of Scatter)
  • Wild symbol - yes (Logo of the slot in a fire)
  • Scatter - yes (Eye of the Tiger)
  • Free spins - yes (3 and more symbols of Scatter present 20 free spins with the Trailing Reels feature).
  • The expected payout percentage is 96.2%

Symbols and payments

The golden-brown card symbols: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten, folding combinations, will deposit your balance by 1.50 - 75 coins.

  • The natural landscape will bring you a win in 7.50, 37.50 or 93.75 coins, and the picture depicting young deer from 9 to 112.50 coins.
  • Playing young tigers, falling on line 2-5 times, you can increase your balance by 1.50 - 131.25 coins, and terrible Tiger, at 1.50 - 150 coins.
  • The Fire-burning game logo is a wild symbol. According to the rules, it can substitute any symbol, except for Scatter, and also form its combinations, paying gamblers from 3.75 to 375 coins.
  • Tiger`s Eye is a Scatters symbol that does not require alignment of the combinations. Three, four or five Scatters will pay you the bonus of 122.50, 337.50 or 2250 total coins and will trigger 20 free spins with the Trailing Reels feature.

Bonus game

There is no thematic bonus game on this machine. But here we will take a closer look at all features:

  • Trailing Reels which is launched during free spins. A wild symbol that fell during free spins on any of the reels will gradually expand down the spin behind your back until it fills all three cells. Of course, the player is more profitable when Wild appears in the top position of the reel.
  • Collect Wild. You can collect Wild symbols while playing. The wild account is kept in the cells below the reels. As soon as you collect the 4th symbol, the inscription of Wild will light up on the reel, and it will turn into a Wild inscription for 4 subsequent spins.
  • Lucky Nudge. If only two Scatters symbols appeared on the game board, and the third symbol`s edge is only visible on the reel, you will move it by using the Lucky Nudge feature and trigger free spins.

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