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Casino self-excluding problem

Casino self-excluding problem
While creating the blacklist of unreliable online casinos, we have noticed that lots of players are facing the casino self-excluding problem. As a result, the casino does allow you to register a new account using the same information you provided in a previous one, which for some reason you blocked, but once you get a win, they find you and cancel the winning. Typically, the casino account verification is required at the attempt to withdraw your winnings, so we get a win-lose approach – the casino is okay if you continue losing. Still, once you get a win and request a withdrawal, your request is cancelled, your last deposit is refunded, and your account is blocked. Let me clarify this for you.

What is casino self-excluding?

According to the EU regulations, the players who have a gambling problem should be able to set limits on deposits and losses independently. Also, the players may exclude themselves from the site clients' database by clicking on the appropriate buttons from their profile or by sending a request to customer support. This is known as Self Excluding. Any of the licensed casinos (we recommend Fastpay) must accept exclusion request after a request is made. All these restrictions are part of Responsible Gaming and are aimed to pre-empting the problems of the players who cannot control themselves while gambling. It is indeed a useful feature which is useful to many players, but as you know, "honey is sweet, but the bee stings".

Why the account is blocking

Self excluding
The players set limits on deposits and losses and even close their accounts for some reasons. One of the gambling problem indicators that players face is the utter disappointment in themselves after a significant loss and a belief that they will no longer be gamblers. It is at such moments the players usually ask to close their accounts and delete them from the client's database. It means that the players will not be physically able to register a new account while using the same information (including IP and physical address) from the previously blocked accounts. The bank cards and the payment systems are also blocked. In other words, the players will not be able to make any deposits at the casino he requested the Self Excluding.

Cheating is the key to profits

Unfortunately, no system will work all the time as it is supposed to. Thus, you will find the online casinos that do not knowingly allow players to activate the Self Excluding by themselves. They ask players to email customer support. Even in those moments, the casinos are cheating. Quite often, the players may find themselves in situations they may re-register their account using the same information from the Self Excluded account, and that is a violation of the licensing rules. The casino owners have an answer: "There was no need to verify the account, so we had no idea whose account it is". After hitting a big win, the player will be verified for sure. And here comes the reason for not paying. For example:

Blocking time is quite significant

  • Suppose that a player requested the Self Excluding at 20:00 and then he/she continued playing. Imagine that he/she made a substantial deposit and started placing the max bets on the slots. He/she cannot control himself/herself, but he/she was lucky enough to win €100 000 at 20:48. In most cases, his/her account will be blocked, and the deposit (of 10000) refunded, an email will shortly reach the inbox, stating that the Self Excluding request has been approved and all the players' winnings got in those 48 minutes (from the moment the request was sent) are cancelled.
  • An opposite situation, no miracle happened, and the player lost those €10000. The next day the player has got a zero balance, a blocked account, and an email stating that the Self Excluding request was approved at the time the operator saw it. Quite often, this time is after the last bet was placed.


  • Suppose that a player requested Self Excluding in one of the online casinos. After that, he/she decided to continue playing at another operator without getting any big wins. The player makes deposits, lose them – the casino is okay with that. Imagine that one day the player was lucky enough to get a big win. The withdrawal has been requested. The next day the player has obtained a blocked account, a refund of the last deposit and an email stating that Self Excluding was requested in a casino that is part of a network. For that reason, the player will not be paid. The player must search for information about the casinos that are parts of systems. For example, Every Matrix is used by more than 30 online casinos, including NextCasino, CasinoLuck, BetAdonis, and Casino Cruise. By requesting Self Excluding in any of the casinos that use this platform, you risk not to get any winnings. Also, some networks even promote such policies.


Before requesting Self Excluding in any of the online casinos, think twice if it makes sense. This way, you allow the network casinos not to pay you if you hit a big win. Moreover, it is quite difficult to find objective information about the networks. A casino will not publish the list of network casinos it is part of they are bought and sold. That is why you are always at risk. Choose the most trusted casinos that will not cheat, do not block your account; set limits on loss instead (for example 100 Euro per month). You will be able to raise those limits but remember that they will be increased five days after the request. 

Where to play?

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