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The Wild 3 slot

When we hear 2 words “wild” and “west”, we immediately imagine cowboys, Indians, horses, guns, bows and so on. The Wild West is an eternal confrontation between two cultures and unique traditions. So, you are being waited for the most dangerous adventures here. But among these cacti, everyone will be able to find a safe with a lot of money that Next Gaming company has hidden. We advise you to trigger The Wild 3 slot. There is just a huge selection of these bonus features.

You are being waited for re-spins, free spins, 2 bonus games and the “Super Bet” function. Your maximum usual bet is 100 coins. But you can always increase it and get even more coins. The main advantage of this slot is that there are 3 wild symbols at once. So, we are sure that you will be lucky to break a big jackpot. You need to pay your attention that the theoretical RTP (return to player percentage) depends on the “Super Bet” function`s activity. If your bet`s level is 0, then the RTP will be 95, 535%. The level of your stake`s activity 1 and 2 increases the RTP and it is respectively equal to 96.038% and 96.787%.

Bonus symbols

  • There are 3 wild symbols at this machine – Raccoon, Coyote and Bull. Bandits replace all these symbols in this game, except scatter symbol.
  • Poster with Bonus inscription will bring 20 total stakes if 2 such symbols fall out. This symbol also triggers free spins.

Usual symbols and payments

  • The Wild 3 slotYou can put up to 100 coins per spin. These pay combinations are formed by 10 pay lines from left to right.
  • Griffin will pay out 20, 50 or 250 coins.
  • Bank will bring to your account 15 – 150 coins.
  • Safe will return your reward of 10, 30 and 100 coins.
  • Gold bars, a bag of money and diamond will issue 8, 15 and 75 coins.
  • Different types of cacti will be able to give from 5 to 50 coins.

Bonus from Wild 3

  • When Raccoon appears on the 3rd reel, the special feature is triggered. Any random symbols that are located on other reels, where you can find Raccoon, will be turned into wild ones.
  • If Coyote appears on the 3rd reel, all Cacti will be turned into wild ones.
  • If Bull appears on the 3rd reel, one more function will be launched. All these pay combinations, in which wild symbol participates, will be additionally increased by 2, 3, 5 or 10 times. These multipliers are multiplied.
  • You can trigger any bonus in the usual spins and in free spins. If several special symbols fall out at once, the “Coyote” function will be launched first.

The “To battle!” bonus feature

  • When the bonus symbol appeared on the 2nd and the 4th reels and there is not any wild symbol on the 3rd one, the re-spins feature is triggered.
  • The 2nd and the 4th reels will have remained in their places in them and the 3rd one will make from 1 to 3 additional free spins.
  • The bonus ends when any wild symbol falls out on the 3rd reel.

Free Spins

  • This bonus is available when 2 bonus symbols and any wild symbol appear on the reels.
  • You will get 5 free spins.
  • Wild symbols will be retained on the 3rd reel until the end of the bonus.
  • One more free spin is given out for every wild symbol, which will be retained on the central reel.
  • Also, one free spin will be given out when the bonus symbol appears.


  • At the very beginning of your game process, there will be a set of 3 random tasks.
  • The slot machine offers a lot of different tasks. It depends on the bet`s size and the “Super Bet” function`s activity.
  • It can be getting off a certain winning, triggering of free spins or any other bonus.
  • If you complete all these tasks, the “Rob of the rich people!” game will be launched, in which you should choose 3 purses out of 15.
  • These coins are hidden in the purses.

Super bet

  • You can independently increase the additional bet`s size.
  • If you choose level 2, then the total bet will be increased by 20 coins and all these wild symbols will often fall out on the 3rd reel.
  • At the first level, only Raccoon and Coyote symbols will appear on the 3rd reel. And your stake will be increased by 15 coins.
  • The level of the bet 0 gives a chance to receive only Not symbol on the 3rd reel and the size of the additional bet is equal to 10 coins.

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