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Wildcat Canyon Slot

Developers from NextGen (NYX) Gaming company created a real masterpiece in the style of the west this Wildcat Canyon slot. The atmosphere of the rocky prairie reigns in the game. There, under the scorching rays of the sun in the shade of cacti live rattlesnakes, and in the sky hover nasty vultures. It is created extremely picturesquely and with a fair amount of humour. In this situation, it is easy to imagine yourself an arrogant cowboy who abandoned the shepherd's profession and went to a distant gorge in search of the treasures of the Apache or other redskins.

In the gorge inhabits a wild-looking wildcat of a tiger's colour, who adores galloping on a worn-out goat, using as a whip, a serpent that has become furious with such impudence. This strange animal of the family of the cats protects the ravine from the uninvited guests, but, being in a good mood, can pour some money for the applicant for donated gold. This is one of the reasons to start playing for free in the demo of this slot machine without registering. The second reason is a good return percentage of 95.5%.

Personal testers opinion

This cowboy is distinguished not only by his ability to drink whiskey, to shoot from Colt and to wash clothes once a year during the rainy season but also by extraordinary patience. It will help you play for free in Wildcat Canyon slot without registration and win by making real bets. It remains to wish a warm relationship with the cat and not become food for vultures. Wildcat Canyon machine is an excellent chance to relax after boring working days or routine, but not only just relaxing, and here you can also win a lot of money and improve your welfare.

Hidden parameters and settings of Wildcat Canyon slot (data from testing)

Description of the slot machine

Wildcat Canyon slotYou will be pleasantly surprised by the design of the games that Wildcat Canyon developed. Rarely, someone managed to achieve such a level of the animation effects, which have thematic symbols. One has only to look at the expression of a cat's muzzle, capable of bringing the most desperate cowboy to a quivering state. In general, the whole series of images of the slot has extraordinary expressiveness, from hovering in the background of the vultures and floating clouds to something surprised by a goat and carnivorous cat claws.

A special pleasure brings the sound background of the game diverse and unique. In addition to musical accompaniment in the country style, the atmosphere of wild prairies is accentuated by the shrill voices of the vultures and the warlike roar of the raucous coyote. It seems that for the sake of completeness, the only thing missing is a saloon where you can drink a glass of whiskey. However, looking at the behaviour of the main symbol, we can assume that alcohol is not a problem here.


  • Number of reels - 5
  • Number of pay lines - 25
  • Bet on the line - from 0.01 to 2
  • The range of the bet sizes - from 0.01 to 50
  • Maximum winning for a spin - x5000 (five symbols of Grief)
  • Wild symbol - yes (Mad Cat)
  • Scatter - yes (Trace of a cat's paw)
  • Free spins - yes (three modes of free spins to choose a player from three to five of scatter symbols)
  • The expected percentage of the game payment is 95.5%

Symbols and payments

  • All card symbols bring the most minimal prize which is from 5.00 to 250.00 coins.
  • Rattlesnake, Cactus, Goat on two legs and dishevelled Grief in case of loss are more profitable - they give from 5.00 to 5000. And Goat with Grief fork out even in case of appearance in only two copies.
  • The role of the Wild symbol is quite expectedly entrusted to the hero of the plot - an inadequate cat. He is deprived of the ability to independently bring the material benefits but can press any other symbol and create a path from the combination to the place where the coins are hidden. But here comes Wild symbol only on reels No. 2 and No. 4.
  • Foot of the cat's paw can enrich for 2, 5, 15 or 200 total coins, and serves as a scatter symbol, which brings free spins.

Bonus game

There is no separate thematic round in this slot machine. But you can choose the number of free spins and the multiplier that accompanies them. Developers offer three features.

  • 15 free spins with multiplier x3;
  • 10 free spins with a multiplier of x5;
  • 5 free spins with a multiplier of x10.
  • But it is not all the charms of the free spins when you appear in the combination of Wild symbol, and you are entitled to an additional re-spin.

NYX casino

  • In TTR casino you can withdraw up to €50 000 per month.

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