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Prime Zone slot

Prime Zone slotTry your luck at Prime Zone slot from Quickspin company developer. At first glance, it has standard features. There are five reels and 20 fixed pay lines, a small betting range (up to 100 coins per spin) and a maximum payout of 100,000 coins. But the highlight of this slot is the bonus feature. Unusual free spins are available, in which your choice can give you up to 400,000 coins for a spin. You will learn more about it from our review. We also suggest trying your luck in a demo of the slot before playing for real money.

Testing team review and recommendations

  • Another slot with the already well-known gameplay from this developer. Having the potential to give you higher multiplier and randomly placed wild symbols. This slot is giving you the chance to receive multiplier x1 for each wild symbol, which is a part of payment combination. respectively up to x5, with the possibility of gaining an additional up to x4 (that is up to x20 total) when you are in free spins.
  • In the usual spins, Prime Zone has a low potential for triggering big winnings, the slot is only giving combinations, paying for less than the nominal bet size to just several bets. Only sometimes dropping the bigger combinations worth 10x-20x bets, with several wild symbols involved. Prime Zone slot has also the chance to give you a huge payout in the usual spins, costing 200x-500x total bet, but the potential of this is to happen is extremely small, and almost all wins of that kind are triggered only in free spins.
  • Triggering free spins is usually happening at a standard distance for this developer, in 60-80 spins. Prime Zone slot is also making longer series without free spins, but there is also the chance those to be triggered from the start of the play session. Before launching free spins, one of four types of bonus feature is offered, in which there is a different multiplier from x1 to x4 and also “Prime Zone” for where wild symbols will be given.
  • In the free spins, if you choose first “Prime Zone” with multiplier x1, 3 additional wild symbols are awarded, which fall on a random position in 1-3 reels. In this feature type, payment combinations are more often formed, but most of the time they will give you low winnings. The average payout for this type of free spins is 30x bets and the potential for bigger awards is small. This type of bonus feature is not recommended for selection.
  • In the second one, multiplier x2 is always triggered, 3 random wild symbols are also given, which are located on the 2-4 central reels and they have random positions. This type of bonus feature can be called "average", as it has a slightly higher risk than the first type, but, at the same time, a higher potential for big wins. The average payout during the tests was 40x-80x bets. It was not possible to get a huge win during the tests.
  • In the third type of free spins, everything is similar, with the only difference being that random wild symbols are given in 3-5 reels, giving also the additional multiplier of x3 (already). In this type of free spins, there is the highest risk of getting the minimum payouts, because the combinations harder to realize (as your wild symbols are or 3-5 reels), but with the higher potential to win big. The maximum payout received during the tests was just over 100 bets thought.
  • The fourth variant of the free spins is "mixed", in which each spin randomly selects one of the three types of this feature (described above). This can be called the most optimal from the given choices since payment combinations are almost guaranteed to be formed in a number of spins. Prime Zone is also helping with chosen multiplier randomly (also if this type is picked, there is the multiplier x4). The average winnings are giving close to 60x bets, very often minimum payments for 5x-15x. The maximum payout during testing was 180+ bets. The developer gives the winning of 2160x bets.

Prime Zone is not recommended playing for bonus money. Progressive betting strategies are not recommended playing for real money. It is possible to consider both short distances with choosing 3 or 4 types of free spins, and longer series with a choice of less risky types, you can choose yourself. Personally, I would not recommend trying to wait a long time for this slot to trigger big payment combination.

Special symbols and features

  • Wild symbol falls out on all the reels. It will replace any symbol except scatter, and will still give the additional multiplier for the win. When one to five wild symbols are part of the payment combination that will increase the payment by x1-x5.
  • Bonus symbol plays like scatter. It can only be given on the second, third and fourth reels. For three scatter symbols you will trigger 7 free spins. Next, you will have to choose from four different features. Each free spin feature will be having Prime Zone, thanks to it several reels will get wild symbols. Extra multipliers are also coming with your choice. So, you can take the following:
  • multiplier x1 and wild reels 1, 2 and 3;
  • multiplier x2 and wild reels 2, 3 or 4;
  • multiplier x3 and wild reels 3, 4 or 5;
  • the random multiplier (x1-x4) and random wild reels.


  • Developer - Quickspin.
  • Pay lines are 10 (always active).
  • Volatility - average.
  • The betting range is 0.1 - 100 coins.
  • The playing field is 5x3.
  • The maximum payout is 100,000 coins (wild symbol).
  • Bonus features - free spins are triggered by Bonus (scatter) symbol.
  • Percentage of return (RTP) - 96.28%.

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