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Treasure Island slot

Trasure island slot
If you dream about exciting adventures, this novelty will be suitable for you. Here you will easily immerse into the dangerous life of the sea robbers, who live with the help of the looted money. Quickspin company will come true to your wishes, and you will have an exciting journey. Our developers created a unique game – Treasure Island slot, which has a lot of bonuses.

It will be possible to play in several bonus games, such as “Pirate Ship”, “Treasure Hunt” and “Walking through the Islands”. Besides, you can wait for the triggering of free spins. By the way, the RTP (return to player percentage) is at a high level and is equal to 97.06%. As you see, you have a great chance to win a lot of coins.

Review and recommendations from the testing team

  • In my opinion, Treasure Island slot is way too “complicated”. Despite the great potential for giving a big winning during free spins, there are too many things that can go wrong. I think this happens because of the low popularity of the slot and, as a result, it is often cold.
  • In the usual spins, even despite the in-line triggering of wild symbols, because of the low payments of combinations, most of the time the slot gives out fewer paid combinations ranging from the bet size to only a few bets. The biggest wins within 10x-35x bets are given when the “Pirate Attack” feature is triggered, this happens when 2-3 Barrel Wild Symbols are shown on the playing field. The feature will then award 2-3 shots from Pirate ship to Barrels, and if the shots get into a barrel, it explodes and adds more wild symbols (most often 3) to the reels.
  • The slot is able to realize the potential for giving the biggest wins in the free spins feature, which is triggered when three Bonus Scatter symbols are shown. Then you pick one of the three Bonus Scatters to trigger either instant win, free spins or the “Treasure Hunt Bonus” feature. Most of the time the slot gives you only two Bonus Scatters. Three symbols are given at a completely standard distance of 60-80 spins, those to be shown from the start of your playing session is a rare case.
  • When you get the instant win from Bonus Scatter picking this will award only 2x bets, which is extremely small, given the fact that the triggering does not happen often.
  • The “Treasure Hunt Bonus” feature offers you to choose two out of five sectors with an instant prize in coins. Winnings in this bonus feature vary within 1x-15x bets, and the average total winnings are 6x-9x, less often reaching 15x total bet or bigger, which is also very small in my opinion, know that the triggering of the bonus feature does not happen very often.
  • Free spins have much greater potential and it is in this feature that you can get a win of several hundred bets, but this is happening extremely rare and requires a large number of things to happen. Before triggering free spins, the “Island Hop Bonus” feature is triggered in which the player is offered the choice of islands in which extra free spins, instant wins and extra features (Extra Wilds, Super Wilds and Locking Barrel Explosions) are awarded.
  • Extra free spins are not always given, but sometimes it is possible to get + 3-5 spins. Instant wins - bring only minimal awards (several bets).
  • Extra Wilds award makes one of the expensive symbols play as wild symbols. The feature itself is not able to bring big winnings and often only helps to form minimal ones. It was not possible to get this feature often (which is good).
  • Super Wilds triggers additional wild symbols on the reels, but they do not appear often during spins and the average win is 30x-40x bets, less often reaching 60x.
  • “Locking Barrel Explosions” – Wilds from explosions in the “Pirate Attack” feature are locked for the remaining free spins. This feature has the greatest potential, but it is rarely possible to get it in “Island Hop Bonus”. It is necessary that during free spins 2 Barrel Wild Symbols are given and that pirate’s shots get into them. During testing, there were free spins, during which 2 barrels were never shown and the total win of such a feature was only 4x bets or barrels were given, but the pirates did not shoot it and the total win was only 40x bets. The developer recorded a win of 457x total bets with a lock of 15 wild symbols from 20 playing field cells.
  • Free spins without bonus features (yes, the slot also triggers free spins without bonus features) usually bring small wins within 15x bets.

Treasure Island is not recommended for playing bonus money. While playing for real money, long gaming sessions are not recommended, since the potential for losing balance is high. Treasure Island is only suitable for short playing sessions.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from the testing team)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus is statistically, every 99th spin (1,01%).
  • The distribution of the winnings is 60% in the usual spins and 40% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 310x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 27x.
  • Volatility - 5,61 out of 20 (average).
  • Cycle length - average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 5,49 out of 10.
  • RTP of 97,06% allows getting a positive mathematical expectation at the casino.

“Pirate Ship” bonus

  • The barrel symbol is a wild symbol.
  • 2 symbols will launch the bonus feature.
  • Pirate ships will shoot from 2 or 4 guns and give out additional wild symbols.
  • If the core hits the barrel symbol, it will explode and give out several wilds.
  • They will replace all the symbols, except for the bonus one.

Bonus from Compass

  • Compass is the bonus symbol that is responsible for the launching of the bonus game.
  • Collect 3 symbols, and you can trigger the free spins feature, the “Treasure Hunt” bonus game or win your money.
  • You need to choose 1 of 3 compasses and find out what kind of prize is waiting for you.
  • If you choose free spins, they will begin with the bonus game.
  • You will get to know how many free spins you will get in the “Walking through the Islands” bonus game.
  • Just click on the islands and take away your prizes.
  • These can be additional free spins, coins and special functions that will be available in a mode of the bonus games.
  • You can receive the additional features, for example, additional wild symbols, super replace and blocking explosions of barrels.
  • As soon as you get to the island with the “Start free spins” inscription, the bonus game will be ended.
  • Now we will discuss the additional functions.
  • For instance, the “Blocked replace of the barrel” feature is that wild symbols, which we got during this explosion, will remain in a place until the end of free spins.
  • Additional wild symbols will be represented by 1 or more symbols, such as Jimmy Hawkins, Long John Silver and Captain Flint. These symbols will be replaced by any others, but not barrel.
  • If you receive the “Super replace” function, then stripes of wilds will appear on the reels.
  • There can be only one feature in the bonus.
  • The “Treasure Hunt” bonus gives out your winnings by coins.
  • There will be a map with 5 signs of “X” and 2 spades on the screen.
  • You should find 5 treasures to go to the super game.
  • You need to choose 1 of 3 chests.
  • The bonus game ends after using 2 available spades.

Symbols and winnings

The game process has 40 fixed lines. You can put from 0.20 to 100 coins for 1 spin. At the same time, you will see the final rewards that operate at the chosen stake in the paytable. Pay attention that these payments differ from the rewards in the usual spins, which you can get in the bonus feature. We offer you to find out what kind of things will await you at the stake of 100 coins in the usual spins.

  • The chest will return to your account from 60 to 1000 coins. It is a wild symbol.
  • The barrel is the second wild symbol that does not give the payments but triggers the bonus.
  • Compass is a scatter and the bonus symbol. It launches the bonus game.
  • Jimmy Hawkins will return up to 300 coins.
  • Long John Silver and Captain Flint will deposit the account by 50 – 200 coins.
  • The old man and the pirate girl will offer the reward of 50 to 150 coins.
  • The symbols, on which playing cards are represented, will give from 6 to 120 coins.

Payments in free spins

  • Chest (wild symbol) will give up to 500 coins.
  • Main heroes will return from 20 to 200 coins.
  • You will receive no more than 150 coins for combinations of old man and pirate girl.
  • Card symbols cannot issue more than 80 coins.


  • Advice. The high RTP compensates for low multipliers for the pay lines. But you should not hope for the quick winnings. This online slot is not generous enough.
  • The RTP (return to player percentage) is equal to 97.06%.
  • Pay lines – 40.
  • The maximum winning is 100 000 coins.
  • Bonuses are the bonus games, such as “Pirate Ship”, “Treasure Hunt” and “Walking through the Islands”.
  • Free spins – yes.
  • Recommendations. We will not recommend you to play at the high stakes if your bankroll is small. You should limit yourself when you have empty spins.

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