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Laser Fruit slot

Laser Fruit SlotLaser Fruit slot it is possible to call the safely break among, not only slots from Red Tiger but other developers. It was reached for account 60,466,176 of game lines during free spins and the potential of a prize to 1,000,000 coins. The main game, at the same time, begins with 243 game lines with a possibility of expansion at random delivery of the special arrows showing the direction of expansion of reels. The provider published also important settings. It is a theoretical return of rates (RTP) to 96.02%, very high volatility and a high probability of receiving the winning. 

Review and recommendations from the testing team

  • It is not possible to reach big expansion during the main game, but to increase the number of game lines to several thousand (is rarer than several tens of thousands) nevertheless it turns out. The average winning in the main game is not high, at the expense of a low estimate of advantageous combinations, and makes up to 5. Periodically larger payments at a rate of 10-20 bets and also rare awards of bets come across at 30-50 (I did not receive more than 50 bets). The potential of loss of a big prize is almost equal in usual spins to 0. All the potential is capable to realize the slot only during free spins.
  • Video slot gives out the free spins, despite the high dispersion, quite often. On average every 100-200 spins, but not every bonus game can bring the big winning. The number of free spins is defined randomly, from the minimum quantity in 9 spins to maximum in 50. 18-25 spins are on average activated, rarer 10-15 spin or more than 30 are given. At the same time, by the initial number of the spins it is not always possible to predict a prize (50 spins not always bring a big prize, and 9 not always minimum). Such a situation is observed due to giving of additional free spins. During testing, I received up to 6 retriggers, and the general total number of free spins - more than 190. At the same time, even at a large number of free spins, it is possible to receive only an average prize as the slot can allow long series of the spins without prizes.
  • The average award - 40-80 bets (at the number of the spins from 10 to 50). Rarer the minimum winnings within 13-25 bets (are given at the number of the spins 10-25). Also, during the test, it was possible to receive quite a good prize in 110 bets at only 19 spins without retrigger and also payment in 170-220 bets at deliveries of additional spins and their general total quantity 45-70. If to consider slot potential, then it was not succeeded to receive the prize in 10.000 bets (and even values, close to it). But at the same time, in a number of game sessions, nevertheless were started a game bonus with a large number of retrigger and the general total winnings of 450-800 bets (at 80-110 free spins). And also awards in 1300 bets at 120 spins.
  • The provider recorded a prize at 4198 bets. I could grab 3450 from one spin (from totally 115 spins). Nevertheless, as well as written above, a large number of the spins does not always promise big win. So I managed to observe one of the game sessions in which a large number of retrigger and more than 50 spins on the maximum number of lines was given. And the general prize at a rate of 900 bets because of a large number of "empty" spin and spin with the minimum awards.

Because of the high dispersion of the slot and also bad keeps of balance, it is not recommended for a game on bonus money. At a game on real money, I would not advise trying "to pressurize" it even at a large supply of rates (and also to use the strategy of increase in bets). As even when obtaining a large number of free spins, the potential of receiving a prize in several thousands of bets is not high (and here the potential of loss of stock in several thousands of bets is quite actual). Therefore only short distances in 300-500 spins for the purpose of receiving one or several a bonus of games and a possible big prize are recommended.


Free spins symbol is Scatter which triggers free spins. In this mode, the game field can increase and give payments for 60,466,176 ways. The machine in a random way chooses a number of free spins which will be launched. The re-spins activation of bonus spins is available during the action of free spins.


  • The size – 5х3;
  • Lines – 243;
  • Volatility - high;
  • RTP– 96.02%;
  • The maximum prize is 1,000,000.

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