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Lion Dance slot

Lion Dance slotLion Dance slot belongs to standard slots of Red Tiger provider, but at the same time has quite interesting functionality, high quality of realization and not the bad potential of giving a big prize. There is a wish to play and play this slot! The gameplay of the main game comes down to division into a series of spins with various functionality (the game process is divided into different "worlds" with various features). Here are presented: the main world, the world of mega tiles, the world of the filled reels, the world of the connected tiles, the world of symbols with a surprise. At a game in the main world, one of the above-mentioned features can be triggered randomly. Further, you will pass already into another world, before the following random activation and transition to another world, or, before activation of free rotations (after them a game returns to the main world). Consider that in a game of 40 fixed lines for bets. It is possible to put up to 80 coins on the spins and to hit a jackpot in 444,000 coins. In a game of 10 fixed lines. High volatility and a high probability of receiving a prize are received. And here RTP is equal to 95%.

Review and recommendations from the testing team

  • The activation of one of several functions and change of the world happens on average time in 100-200 spins (less often than activation happens in shorter or long intervals). Despite 40 ways of the payment (game lines), during the main game, the slot allows small series of spins without payment combinations. On average only every fifth spins can bring a reward. At the same time, the average amount of payment is 0.3-0.8 bet. Only each 3-5 advantageous combination is capable to give 2-5 bets (series of such prizes periodically are given) and less often larger awards – within 10-30 bets meet. The potential of receiving a prize more than 40 bets is rather low, and they, as a rule, are implemented only in other worlds.
  • The world of mega tiles has rather high potential. Of course, the activation of this world does not guarantee at all giving the big reward as mega symbols drop out on reels, not in each spin. Especially as they can be given on the last reels and not create an advantageous combination. But due to a large number of the spins, the potential of receiving the big prize (188-888 bets) nevertheless is high, and during testing, it was possible to receive the whole series of the spins with payments at 25-40 bets.
  • The world of the filled reels has a slightly less high potential for delivery of a big prize. But at the same time with a potential of more frequent delivery of "average" prizes. In the majority of activation, only combinations meet average value within 5-25 bets, or payments are not formed at all (the 1 and 3 reels of the same symbols with delivery in the second other symbols). Periodically the slot is capable to give more expensive combinations when to two active reels two more reels with the same symbols increase during the spinning of other reels that can bring already award in 30-150 bets.
  • The world of the connected tiles. The winning at the activation of this feature depends not only on a distance and quantity of the replaced symbols but also on symbol type. The average award during the test made 3-15 bets, empty spins met less often, or more expensive combinations were formed, but the potential of delivery of a big prize nevertheless is less than at the previous functions.
  • The world of symbols with a surprise. In the bulk spins a small part of coins is given, at the same time, often, in them, only symbols of the minimum payment are given (10, J, Q, K, A) that brings only winnings within 2-8 bets. Rarer, more expensive symbols or bigger quantity of coins meet symbols of the minimum payment that brings already average awards within 20-40 bets. The potential of receiving full screen from expensive symbols is low but is quite actual. At a long distance, the slot can be pressurized, and here the potential of receiving such combination from start is almost equal to 0.
  • Free games are the slot quite often, on average every 100-200 spins. The minimum quantity of free spins – 2, maximum – 18. Usually, the bonus consisted of 5-9 spins, at the same time was given and 3 spins and the maximum number of free games received by us was 12.
  • The gameplay of free spins comes down to random delivery of one of the bonus functions (often, are triggered practically in each spin, the start of several various features met at once). The winning in a bonus game almost guaranteed. At the same time, the potential of receiving a prize more than 888 bets same, as well as in the main game. The average prize in a bonus makes 60-120 bets, the general total awards of rates were less often paid at 20-40.

Through a game in various worlds and also quite frequent delivery of free spins, this slot quite not bad keeps balance. At the same time period allowed significant losses, often, are offset by deliveries of combinations of average or high value, therefore, the slot machine can be considered for a game on bonus means. At a game on real money, it is better to use short game sessions in the attempt of receiving combinations of high value (a series of averages). But also long game sessions, in principle, can bring quite good awards. It is worth " squeeze" the slot before receiving the top combination.

Worlds and bonuses

  • The world of mega tiles gives symbols from 2х2 to 4х4 in size. At the same time, in the form of a mega symbol, only expensive symbols and wild symbols appear.
  • The function of the filled reels provides random activation (not in each spin) with a filling of several reels with the same symbols (including wild symbols).
  • The world of the connected tiles triggers the random choice of two same symbols on game reels, and further symbols connect among themselves, changing on the way other symbols for similar. 
  • Rather ambiguous and difficult predicted function as sometimes, at nearby the located symbols the slot can create a long way, and, respectively, a large number of the replaced symbols, and at times distances are minimum.
  • The world of symbols with a surprise triggers already much the known function with accidental symbols. During the game in this world, coins (accidental symbols) are given by the slot. Up to 18 free spins will be given out at the emergence of Scatter. In this mode, one of the worlds is surely active.


  • The size – 5х3;
  • Lines – 40; 
  • Volatility – unknown;
  • RTP– 95%;
  • The maximum prize is 444,000.

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