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Lucky Mr Green Slot

Lucky Mr Green SlotDue to the great popularity of Jingle Bells, Lucky Halloween, Lucky Valentine and Lucky Easter series, Red Tiger developer decided to continue the tradition and created Lucky Mr Green slot with completely identical gameplay, but a better picture and even return to player percentage. The slot offers the following bonus features: Showgirl Wild, Luxury Reels, Pocket Watch Multiplier, Mega Wild. And you are waiting for free spins and bonus feature. The slot has 20 lines and a high frequency of winning combinations. In our review, you have the chance to get familiar with the review of our testing team.

Review and recommendation by our testing team

  • In the main game, this slot machine does not differ from the behaviour of slots-clones, except for more even gameplay. The most part of winning combinations are only 0.5x-5x total bets, with often long series of spins without winnings. More expensive combinations, costing 10x-40x total bets, as written above, are giving out more often than in clones. However, most of these wins occur during the bonus features.
  • The bonus game is triggered much less frequently than in clones and often happens in small series.
  • Showgirl Wild. In most of this additional bonus feature, the slot, like clones, gives out only 3 to 9 (on average, 5-6) wild symbols. The average win varies from a few to 40x total bets. Also, periodically, there are 10-12 wild symbols. I was able to get paid in more than 120x bets during the activation of this feature.
  • Luxury Reels feature. Basically, the slot forms the winning combinations unfairly. Because of this, the average win is 20x-40x bets, but due to a more even game, unlike clones, you can sometimes get combinations with a lot of top symbols. In addition and quite expensive combinations - from 50x to 100x total bets. This feature triggers more often.
  • Pocket Watch Multiplier feature. Often, during the issuance of the multiplier on the screen you can see only the symbols with low payments, worth several bets, and multiplier, the average value of which is x8-x10. Less often, the multiplier x3-5 falls out, as well as more than x10. The maximum multiplier is x20. The average winning in this feature is 10x-50x total bets. Slot triggers this additional bonus feature often.
  • Mega Wild. Given that the slot plays more smoothly than the clones, the potential to get the top combination is higher. But gives it less often. The average winnings range from 40x-120x bets. Although my maximum prize in the tests was 800x total bets.
  • Bonus game. The win is guaranteed, and the average is 30x-60x bets. Rewards of less than 30x total bets are extremely rare. The second level and prizes in more than 60x the slot does not give out often. Less often, but still available in the amount of 800x total bets are available. Although I managed to get such a winning in the tests.
  • Free Spins. Unlike clones, this slot rarely gives out a large number of free spins at the start. Often you should wait for repeated free spins. On average, you will get from 8 to 15 spins, less often - from 15 to 25. Free spins are practically not triggered in series. The average win during free spins is from 50x to 150x total bets.

Due to the rarer triggering of additional features, this slot keeps balance bad. But it has the great potential for issuing larger winnings during the bonus features, as well as their more frequent activation. This compensates for the loss of balance made during the main game. On this basis, the machine can be considered to play with bonus money, but having a significant reserve of bet balance (from 250), therefore, only neutral recommendations. When playing for real money, you can use both short gaming sessions in order to get a series of average wins (by activating bonus features) and try to “press” a slot for a longer distance to get the top winning combination with a mega wild symbol. After all, the potential of getting the top winning in the bonus game is not high.

Bonus features

  • Showgirl Wild will display a random number of wild symbols on the screen.
  • In Luxury Reels feature, only the most expensive symbols fall on the gaming reels.
  • Pocket Watch Multiplier activates the appearance of watches in which an additional multiplier for winning is shown and a guaranteed payment is issued.
  • Mega Wild will put a special wild symbol, 3x3 in size, on the screen. It can fill the first three reels, from the second to the fourth or from the third to the fifth.
  • When issuing three symbols Pipe, the bonus game starts. In it, you will receive a reward of up to 800x total bets. It is worth noting that winning in this bonus is guaranteed.
  • The free spins feature is triggered by three symbols of Mr Green in the hat. Three hats will appear on the screen. Choose one. The slot will decide how many free spins will be launched. In the bonus spins, the same rules apply as in the main game.


  • Developer - Red Tiger.
  • Payment lines - 20 (fixed).
  • Volatility is high.
  • The betting range is 0.2 - 100 coins.
  • The playing field is 5x3.
  • The maximum reward is 80,000 coins (Girl).
  • Bonuses - free spins from Mr Green symbol, a bonus round from the Trumpet symbol and four special features.
  • The percentage of return (RTP) is 96.04%.

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