Casino and gambling in Ukraine 2017

Casino and gambling in Ukraine 20179 December 2014 for gambling on the territory of Ukraine came a turning point. The government intends to strictly deal with casinos in Ukraine. The Interior Ministry said that it takes an extremely tough stance against the casino and lottery clubs on the territory of Kiev, and then throughout the country. Arsen Avakov said that all illegal and underground casinos will be closed. Quite categorically Arsen Avakov commented on his statement and on Facebook.

Arsen Avakov about gambling in Ukraine:

We briefly paraphrase the words of the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs and allow a few comments from the editors On assurance Avakov sweet time for the organizers of clandestine casino and lottery clubs, under the guise that casinos have worked the past few years, ended. The authorities intend to eradicate gambling clubs in Ukraine.

  • In the coming days will be undertaken to identify and curb the activities of illegal casinos and their owners and direct organizers will be held accountable for illegal actions. Minister mentioned about corruption. He asks mayors and city officials do not apply to him on the matter. Minister promises to give publicity to such requests. Blackmail on the part of the organizers, this time it will not work, - assured the minister. He announced his intention to investigate cases of corruption and "protection racket" underground casino officials at all levels.
  • Avakov urged the population of Ukraine to become his allies in the fight against clandestine casino. In the near future will open a hotline, which will be able to call any citizen of Ukraine and to report on the underground casino or lottery clubs. How to treat the Ukrainian population to such initiatives of the central government? - We learn it in the near future.
  • Intransigence of the position is explained not only by the desire to eliminate the illegal underground economy. Obviously the government is trying to increase the occupancy of the budget at the expense of licensing and tax revenues from gambling activities. In our view selected is not the best time to conduct such unpopular measures. Ordinary people to play and so there is nothing, but the powers that be will take the time to fly to Vegas or at worst in Minsk. Once again, really hurt only those who are just starting this business or work start by taking a loan from a bank.


  • Its difficult to say how effective are measures to combat casino in Ukraine, proposed by the Minister. From the outside it is much more similar to patching holes budget at any cost. The reorganization of business is a long process. Bribes instead of taxes in Ukraine were made to pay ten and fifteen years ago. Why the minister is decided that everything can change in a few weeks and will pour money into the budget - for us remains a mystery.
  • I think that in Ukraine there are far more important issues that need to be addressed right now. Of course, the government has no money, but to introduce such strict measures without warning and without revealing their plans is a strange decision. After all, this scheme worked for years and many have relied on them.
  • In our opinion, such radicalism is not appropriate. Why must it all start with the widespread prohibition and destruction of existing ties and stereotypes? What does not fit the scheme simplified the registration of the legalization of existing underground casino in legal and then (after the allotted time for registration) has the pressure of all the new underground casinos and those who did not want to come out of the shadow zone? After all legitimate algorithm for casinos in Ukraine today there is still no.
  • Already many lottery and poker clubs close to "repair" for fear of police raids on casinos in Ukraine.

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