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Casinos in the Crimea in 2015

Gambling area and casinos at Crimea
Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the President of Russia, it was decided to establish a more gaming zone on the Crimean Peninsula. According to the decision of President Vladimir Putin, starting from January 2015 will be the Crimea area, and casino gambling on its territory will be legalised. The authorities hope that this decision will help to quickly raise the standard of living in the Republic of Crimea, the creation of alternative sources of income because, at the moment, other industries can't provide such an option. It should be noted that the indigenous people of Crimea sun not too keen on the idea. They believe that with the legal casino in their comfortable home come many representatives of the illegal criminal world. To design and start planning it was decided to attract professionals in the Western world who have participated in the development of significant gambling zones as Macao and Los Angeles.

Location casinos in the Crimea and development plans

The press has new information according to which the casino will be built in the Crimea in Greater Yalta, as stated earlier, and between Evpatoria and Saki. It is this area planned to make the gaming area. At this time, the journalists refer to the Chairman of the State Council Vladimir Konstantinov, who explained the decision proximity to major airports, located in Simferopol. The answer to the question of which of the cities will be the Crimean Las Vegas will be announced very soon, but in the meantime, experts give their assessment of what is happening.

With high probability, the legalisation of gambling and entertainment complexes construction will lead to an increase in the duration of the tourist season and attract buyers. However, this is to be expected, at best, two or three years, as the economic and, more importantly, geopolitical status of the Crimean Republic is now a big question. According to the representative of the administration of the Crimea, the entrance for the natives in local casinos will be banned. Entertainment centres in the gaming zone will focus its activities exclusively on the party of the peninsula. How will be implemented this requirement is not explicit. We think that such a "knight's move" is aimed primarily at improving the public opinion of the project legalisation of casinos in the Crimea as a whole.

Is not economically justified

According to the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Crimea, Vladimir Lewandowski, gaming zone in the Crimea is not worth the investment of investors. According to him, the success of this enterprise is closely related to foreign-political events in Russia, as it aims primarily to foreigners. In today's situation, there is a reason to doubt the economic feasibility of a gaming zone seriously. "Investors will not be able to recoup their investments," - says Lewandowski. On 28 February 2015, the issue continues to be in "limbo."

Questions and answers

Answer my question - why the Crimea will become the gambling area? Why was it necessary to remove the official casino of Moscow, forcing most of them to become informal? Is not it more comfortable to ban gambling was only in Moscow? What will happen to the first legal casino Oracle, investors who believe the Russian authorities and the building is constructed, extended a communication established by trip message transport? What will happen to him? What will be the ability to open the casino in the Crimea? What will be the number of official fees and "shadow" payments to start their gambling establishment? Whether to allow games online in these institutions and online versions?

This decision raises a lot of questions to which no one can answer. I think that the leaders themselves have not yet decided what will be the scheme of this new direction. In my opinion, accumulate cash, which inevitably involves the legalisation of casinos in the Crimea, in the region, next to which are acts of war, at least strange. Although in fairness it should be noted that in this decision much more logic than in the creation of four existing gambling zones.

After analysis of the economic situation and the sanctions against Russia, the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Crimea considers the inappropriate opening of additional gambling zone. Judging by all gambling area and casinos in the Crimea will not be created.

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