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In Russia blocked domains with online casino

Blocked domain information
According to the law on the regulation of gambling in the territory of the Russian Federation, the organisation of games on the Internet is prohibited. But what if the casino is not in Russia but, for example, in an offshore zone? How to regulate the relationship between the player, who is in Russia and casino located, for example, in Malta. Until recently, no one could answer this question. But a few months ago, the answer was found. The prosecutor's office stepped up pressure on providers, intending to convey in their area of responsibility of control of the game Russians gambling on the internet and providers started blocking sites online casinos. The logic is simple. If the organisation of games on the network is prohibited, and the provider does not prevent access, the provider of Internet services indirectly acts as an organiser of gambling, and it can be used for administrative and criminal responsibility.

The blocking sites gambling theme providers

In Russia blocked domains of online casino
We received a letter from Unibet ban on the game at the bookmaker and casino Russian citizens. This is the second operator in the last week, which, being in the offshore zone, blocking access to the Russians. What happens to the casinos in Russia in 2015? What is the cause of mass blocking of sites for casino players from the Russian Federation? Why, if the online casinos banned in Russia a few years ago, bookmakers and gaming clubs started to ban the game now?

The reason lies locks online casino sites at providers offering Internet access. In 2014, the intensified body called the "Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media." Since the beginning of 2014 was blocked more than 200 online gambling sites and torrent sites with movies and music. Even giants such as Pokerstars have been targets for preventing. Many casinos, primarily focused on the Russian market, to continue its operation discovered so-called mirror their sites. For example, if a site is blocked, it creates an exact copy of it to the sub-domain, and it can function without any problems until the block and it. It then creates a new mirror and so on.

To date, a useful tool to block casino sites found. If you have lost access to the site casino, try to string the search engine the name of the operator with the word mirror. Most likely, this site has additionally created a new domain for login players from Russia, bypassing the lock. We add, no one of the partnership gambling houses Net Entertainment is not blocked in Russia.  If the desired operator is not on the list of our partners, please go to the next page: How to go to a blocked site?

Russia shut off from the world of the Internet?

Russian President Vladimir Putin and representatives of the Security Council of the Russian Federation September 29, 2014, held a meeting, which discussed the prospects of Russia off from the world of the Internet. At the same time actively discussed the possibility of departing from the standard of IP addresses in the country. When will come the dark days of absolute will ever need? According to the representative of the Commission, measures to disable the Internet will be used only in extreme and emergencies: the threat of hacker attacks, entering a state of emergency, protests within the country and incitement to revolution. But as you know, nothing in Russia is done just so.

This is a logical continuation of the policy to block unwanted sites and domains. As is known in Russia is not authorised - that is forbidden. It is possible that soon for website owners who want the Russians to have access to their resources, may have to apply for and to prove that life is nothing illegal in itself does not carry. So, what happens next? I think that the Russian Internet will only casino that will replace the domain address as the current address block. If Russia were to introduce licensing of Internet operators to remain, members of the family Net Entertainment, a few representatives of bookmakers, Microgaming and Playtech as the decline of interest in online poker, casino again become dominant in the market segment of gambling on the Internet.

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