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Slot machines work as instant lotteries in Russia

Slot machines in Russia works as instant lottery
Today in Moscow I found a slot machine. And it was a classic slot machine with the crazy monkey and fruit cocktail. The only one thing that distinguishes it from those machines that I remember to play club volcano is its unusual appearance and the name "instant lottery". Do you know where he was? He was in the beer-shop where you can buy beer. I was curious, and I went to look closer. After all, as far as I know, slot machines and casinos in Russia are prohibited. And here he stands without any "appearances and passwords." With the only difference is a slot machine worked under the guise of an instant lottery. Come one you want and play. The appearance of the slot machine is "instant lottery".

The appearance of the gaming machine in the guise of "instant lottery."

Have you seen the machine to refill mobile phones in the automatic mode? Or make money on the QIWI wallet? This slot machine looked just as well. In addition to the standard selection of the graph have "instant lottery". Moreover, the unit switches the screen is at her during the "sleep mode", when the apparatus has been ignored. In the active screen, you can select the game you wish to play. Also, little was changed on the pay table. Titles now have a lottery shade: "Five consecutive cards paid $5, three cards redline launch super-game, and so on ..." The rest is no difference between the machine with an instant lottery and classic slot machines I have not seen. I was wondering, how is the game-play and I stuffed the bills in the receiver thousand rubles.

I played in the instant lottery Crazy Monkey

  • Thus, in our analysis, 1000 credits, we are in the lobby of the gaming machine or as called "lottery language" - choose what cards we buy for an instant lottery.
  • To begin, I have chosen Crazy monkey slot. Playing on three lines, the rate of 10 rubles per line. With a total rate of 30 rubles, I have enough money for 33 empty spins. In my opinion this Bole than enough. Skip the unpleasant details of my memory, and I must say that it was like "Massacre of the Innocents". After 10 minutes I stuffed in denominations receiver slot machine next thousand rubles. I have a sense of revenge. That is, I am very sorry for the lost money, and I want to win.
  • The second run was made Bole carefully. Three rubles on the active line, five of lines and the overall rate of 15 rubles. This time I was lucky to catch a bonus and I won almost 500 rubles. I decided to change the game.
  • Draw roll "at rest". I have already lost 1,000 rubles, on my account 1500 rubles (when funding for 1000) and I'm in the lobby of the gaming machine and choose another "instant lottery".
  • Next game was "devils." I have the most pleasant memories and impressions of this gaming machine "Vulcan" and "Crown". The more pleasant it was to play it again.
  • Selected 9 lines, bet in 2 rubles per line, the game started. Pretty quickly my balance dropped to 1,000 rubles, but then dropped the bonus round and I "climbed" up to 1300. It just was not my day.
  • The next game was the lottery game called fruit cocktail (or strawberries as we called him). Not to say that I'm a fan of this game, but I like that quite merely can determine the machine will pay or not. Issued by the sequence and frequency of winning is easy to see. Mainly because I filled his hand, testing slot machines from Netent in free mode.
  • In general, a bonus I did not. Decided that two thousand of the experiment, it is expensive and time off the game, my balance was precisely 1,000 rubles. So, imagine the result, of course.

Payment of money

  • Instant lottery video slot in Russia
    You know, the more I play in an online casino, the more convinced one logical and straightforward truth. Thousand rubles are always better than a thousand missing. It is not necessary to treat the lost money as his that you have won a slot machine and he must return them to you. This phenomenon is called the sense of stupid and is an indirect measure of gambling addiction (Gamblers).
  • At this point, I just realised that nothing I could win. The program led me on a "drop ledges." I decided to check how fast I pay back the money. What I have in the account is about 500 rubles; I clicked on the "pay" and began to twist his head, his whole appearance showing that I'm looking for someone this same machine. A few minutes later, I asked saleswoman for the department with squid and pistachios. "How many?" Busily she asked. Upon hearing that the payment is only five hundred rubles, she gave me the money and deftly clicking the key in "instant lottery", called "crazy monkey", zeroed my account.

The Law on Lotteries

The whole story once again convinced me that the laws do not work in Russia and that Russian active mind will always find him to circumvent them. At this slot machine, an instant lottery was all. And the registration number and even license numbers lottery club that owns them. That is, the owners are not afraid of responsibility and not hidden.

Let us turn to the laws of Russia and see whether you can adjust the slot machines at the instant lottery tickets. Why is this worth doing? I used to deal with everything thoroughly. I think it is not logical that if such a hole-in-law there, why these instant lotteries "still stand on every corner?

Thus, the law on lotteries of the Russian Federation says

Article 6. The authorisation for the lottery:

  • Permission to conduct lotteries issued to the applicant by the federal executive body authorised by the Government of the Russian Federation approved by the supervisory authorities of the Russian Federation or licensed by the local government for not more than five years by the application for this permit.
  • Consideration of the issuance of this permit to the applicant by the federal executive body authorised by the Government of the Russian Federation authorised by the executive authority of the Russian Federation or authorised by the local government within two months from the date of applying for this permit.
  • If the applicant fails to submit all contemplated at this moment documents, the federal executive body authorised by the Government of the Russian Federation. The authority of the executive authorities of the Russian Federation or the competent authority of local government within one month from the date of applying for granting the applicant permission to hold lotteries obliged to request missing documents to be presented to them not later than ten days from the date of receipt of such request.
  • Federal executive body authorized by the Government of the Russian Federation, the authority of the executive authorities of the Russian Federation or its authorized local authority not later than two months from the date of submission of the application for permission to conduct lotteries shall issue to the applicant a permit or a reasoned refusal to grant such permission. In this case, these authorities are required no later than three days from the date of adoption of the decision to send the applicant a notice for a permit to hold a lottery or to refuse to grant such permission.
  • The federal executive body authorised by the Government of the Russian Federation, the authority of the supervisory powers of the Russian Federation or its authorised local authority may decide to refuse to issue a permit for the lottery for one of the following grounds:
    2) non-compliance of the documents submitted by the applicant for a license to hold a lottery, the requirements hereof; submission of false information by the applicant;
    3) the applicant's debt to pay taxes and fees;
    4) excitation to the applicant by the arbitral tribunal proceedings (bankruptcy).

The text of the law is taken from the site "Consultant Plus". Despite the explicit prohibition in law, slot machines operate in Russia under the guise of instant lotteries.

Instead of a conclusion

It turns out that under certain conditions, a large number of games you can fit under the lottery law and set the unit are entirely legal. Why then do not?

I think that the problem of interference in software game-play lottery. If the owners of slot machines managed to "push through" electronic bingo, the term "lottery", today in the streets all have long motley brand-new gaming machines. Given the controversy interpret the law, bribe, who have to pay the owners of vehicles is too high and does not justify their installation. In addition to this, there is always the risk of being seen to whom do not come across that threatens not only the opening of a criminal case for the organisation of gambling but also the immediate confiscation of the gaming machine "to find out." Taken together, these difficulties do not justify a few thousand rubles a day, which theoretically will bring single slot machine with a clerk instead of the operator. It requires a scope.

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