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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Yana Sliusar is the Content Coordinator for our multi-language site. With her deep knowledge and understanding of our platform, Ms. Sliusar is leading the connection between the content writing teams, daily monitoring the operations, setting targets and measures for achievements, ensuring the research, planning, and total productivity of the authors. Based on her over 8 years’ experience in the gambling industry, 5 of which as head of our Content writing teams, Ms. Sliusar is in total grips with the site details and drive the innovation agenda of the organization, working closely with our truly integrated team members and partners. She demonstrates a wide understanding of creating SEO-friendly and unique content, allowing her to tightly coordinate the writers' efforts, as well as assisting them in the constant stream of high-quality gamble-related features, up-to-date with the latest game releases, casino trends, and more.

Initiating new project ideas, identifying different strategies, and content development solutions (imperative for readers), Ms. Sliusar handles flawlessly the communications and provides constant support to our different language-oriented teams. Your feedback is welcome. Please, use our general comment section of, or write directly to Ms. Sliusar at

Yana Sliusar