Why NetEnt is not friendly with Bitcoin?

Netent and BitcoinIn summer 2015 appeared the first Bitcoin casino with a full package of NetEnt games.  And at the same time was one of the producers of gambling platform, which first started to support games from the Swedish manufacturer. It seems that the new era came. But in fact, the problems remained the same. In most casinos to make the Bitcoins bets is prohibited. Bitcoin is good and convenient. This opinion is shared by all advanced users who actively using this virtual currency. And, it would seem, what can be more obvious than the symbiosis of two of the coolest pieces on the Earth?

The reasons of the differences between Netent and Bitcoin

  • The transactions are anonymous.
  • The banks generally are unable to demand anything.
  • Transfers reach quickly, especially if you dont need a further confirmation.
  • The transaction worth virtually nothing, regardless of the amounts.
  • Dont need any card, requires only the number of the wallet.
  • It is impossible to hack someone else's wallet, it is impossible to bring down the system.
  • No taxes, etc.

Isnt it a Paradise for any online player? Yes and no at the same time. It is probably no. The process of buying bitcoins is not the most convenient activity, especially for Russian-speaking audience. The most convenient services are typically aimed at the Western audiences. And only a few people really understand what does it mean “bitcoin” and why do it need. However, several years ago began a new trend: bitcoin casino. There are some rather large and well-known Bitcoin-only casinos at the moment, for example, bitcasino.io. By the way, first NetEnt games appeared in it. Almost 15 games producers on the website, including Microgaming, Ezugi, Endorphina, Betsoft, etc. The modern casino is focused on Bitcoins is a little different from others like it – is that the methods of deposit/withdrawal. This string has only one word: Bitcoin. But the question isn’t about that. You cant make the bet on any games NetEnt and Microgaming, if they take any currency (EUR, USD and other currencies) with Bitcoins. We are primarily interested in Swedish products. Most often, the game servers NetEnt is in Euros and we have to convert the currency for the game.

Why you cant play bitcoin at the NetEnt slots?

What is the reason? The official information on this point is absent. Most likely, everything is banal and simple: NetEnt platform doesn’t support this currency. In other words, it is a purely technical problem that will be solved in the near future. But what if you make a deposit in Bitcoins? How to play? For example, Playamo casino solve this problem is quite simple with converting Bitcoins in Euros. In almost all such cases you will be asked to transfer the account in Euros. The methods may be different. In Playamo casino purpose a system of Cubits. First you need to create an account, and then select it in the deposit options. In Cubits you can buy Bitcoins using VISA, MasterCard, OKpay or Bank transfer. Then you can transfer the Bitcoins directly from the account Cubits or from any other purse on the Playamo account. But here is the problem – a very huge commission! To transfer Bitcoins into Euros is quite costly. Casino reinsured, because dealing with Bitcoins isnt the most convenient occupation. It is complaining about the players that like it and ready to make deposits in bitcoins, but I can't due to serious fees from the institutions themselves. It turns out, the casino accepts a virtual currency (and that's a plus in the reputation), but in practice it is not very profitable first and foremost for the players.

The famous platforms working with bitcoin

CoinGaming.io became the first company is providing a ready white label (ready casino with all the customized games, payment system, etc.) support games NetEnt. And it's a really important for the whole gambling industry. Unfortunately, at the moment there are only a few notable establishments on this platform. A leader in the operation of bitcoins has recently become the Softswiss Company. Playamo just works on this platform, like many other famous institutions accepting bitcoin along with other currencies. In other words, it is multi-currency and multi-brand websites, not specializing on anything specifically, but practicing a holistic approach.

What can you do with bitcoin?

CoinbaseIf you have free bitcoins and have a desire to play in a casino, but it is best to convert them into Euros, dollars or any other tradable currency (preferably in Euros). This can be done in various ways. At auto services convert the most unfavorable course. To buy a virtual currency you can use the following services: Circle, Cubits. Or you can use a specialized stock purchase/sale:

  • Coinbase;
  • Kraken;
  • Bitfinex;
  • OkCoin;
  • and so on.

We can also recommend a wonderful service named LocalBitcoins where you can buy bitcoins from other users. It is absolutely safe. The service acts as a mediator, but takes about 1% of each exchange. There is also the option of sharing directly in agreement, but suggest to use it only with users that have reputation perfect or close to that.

When you can play?

The NetEnt Company is no hurry to add Bitcoin on a par with Euro or dollars. Special benefits for developer is absent, because the demand among the players on the currency is not great. The main difficulty lies in the technical knowledge required to work smoothly with Bitcoins. Players usually don't want to bother about buying anything on the some services, when you can do the usual method. However, the trend started last year and may lead to a new boom of cryptocurrencies. In the coming years they will become much more accessible to a wider audience, and the working mechanisms with them is much simpler. And then a NetEnt slots with bets in Bitcoins.

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