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How To Play Three-card Poker

How To Play Three card Poker
Invented in 1994 by Derek Webb and Patented in 1997, the three-card poker game has become a renowned casino game. This game was first accepted and played in the Grand Casino Gulfport in Mississippi. This is after Webb had unsuccessful attempts with other casinos in the United States trying to lure them into accepting the game in their casinos.

Ever since it's inception, the three-card poker game has become quite a hit with lots of casinos and players all over the world, including live casinos and online casinos. Meaning that you can play three-card poker for free and online, and the following reasons are why you should play the game.

  • It is quite easy to play.
  • It has an average house edge that affords players the shot at winning.
  • There are two ways to playing the game, and you can either choose a wager with regular payoffs, a wager on which you can win up to 40x your bet, or make both bets.
  • You can enhance your results by using simple strategies that are sure to aid you in winning big wins.

This is why in this article, we will be looking at the rules of playing the three-card poker game, how to play the game, the best strategies to play the game, and pretty much everything about the game.

The three-card poker game has different rules that guide players for the game to run smoothly. They are;

  • All players must place a wager that is equal to the minimum bet before the game begins.
  • Just like the name of the game; three- card poker, three cards are dealt with all players, including the dealers.
  • Players can either decide to fold their hands or play their hands. Either way, they forfeit their ante bets or make a new bet.
  • As soon as all bets are placed, the dealer reveals his hand ( Note that, in other for the dealer's hands to qualify, his hand has to contain a Queen or higher. If this isn't the case, all players are refunded both their ante bets and play bets.
  • Not to forget, if the dealer's hands do not qualify, there'll be a comparison between his games and that of the players, and if he is higher, the players lose everything, and if his hands don't qualify, the players win back their bets.

Next, we will be looking at what entails betting and placing antes in a three-card poker game.

Betting And Placing Ante In Three-card Poker Game

When playing the three-card poker game, the first thing to do is placing your ante bet, which is compulsory as, without it, the game cannot commence. In 9 cases out of 10, putting an ante bet that is the same amount with your pair plus bet, leads to bigger payouts. I.e., if you place a minimum ante bet of $5, setting a pair plus bet of the same amount leads to more massive payouts and this only works if the dealer's cards do not qualify.

Three-card Poker Hand Rating

Before you resolve to start playing the 3-card poker game, you should not just have an idea of the rules of the game but also the hand rankings in the game. The possibility of knowing your hand and how it can be compared to that of others without an iota of knowledge on the right moves to make is quite low.

The 3 card poker game entails a player comparing his three-card hand to that of the dealer's to determine the winner of that round. Below is a list of hands from an ascending to a descending order to guide you:

  • Straight flush: Game of the same suit in order. Example, 10-9-8.
  • Three of a kind: This comprises of three cards of the same rank. Example, Q -Q- Q.
  • Straight: Three cards in a sequence. Example, 8-7-6
  • Flush: Three cards suited. Example, K-9-7 of the same suit
  • A pair: This is made up of two cards that are of the same kind. Example, K-K-9
  • High card: This is just a random set of cards that is termed the highest if none of the players, including the dealer, doesn't have any of the hands listed above. Hence the reason for its name, "High card".

Best Three-card Poker Game Strategy

In every game, some specific tactics or tricks are used for one to come out undefeated and three-card poker game is no exception. Here, we will be looking at the tips or strategies that are sure to make you win big payouts in the three-card poker game.

  • 1. Try not to make pair plus bets: This instruction might sound weird as making pair plus bets together with your ante is sure to earn you big payouts as it increases the house edge by 2.3% which invariably leads to your loss.
  • 2. Use one specific combo of cards as a strategy: Always remember to use a particular combination of cards to decide to fold or call on it. You should always call with a higher hand and gold everything else. With this strategy, you are sure to win big payouts.
  • 3. Always play with the amount of money you can afford to lose (This tip has worked for lots of players).

If you want to know more about other strategies follow the link above

What Is Ante Bonus?

Unlike other poker games, the three card poker game affords players what is called "ante bonus" irrespective of if your hand beats that of the dealer's or he doesn't qualify. In a three-card poker game, you're sure of winning payouts in the form of an ante bonus if you have a straight, straight flush, or three-of-a-kind hand ranking.


In this article, we have seen how easy it is to play the three-card poker game and make big winnings while at it as far as you follow the tips and strategies listed without being tempted to make unnecessary bets. Also, the three-card poker game is not only played in casinos but can also be played live online on different online gambling platforms for real money.

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