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Online Craps Guide

Online Craps Guide
Online casino games are now a huge deal in the gambling industry, and it is no doubt that a large number of players are trooping in to enjoy the benefits and unique features they offer. Over the years, there have been introductions of a good number of games from top providers. For those that are familiar with gambling activities or land-based casinos, you are sure to find several classic games including Craps at many online casinos (our top recommended is Fastpay casino). Since the craps game, in general, is a top choice among standard and online games together with the fact that it is quite easy even for a complete beginner to understand, a ton of people pick this game over other options instead. Nowadays, players can simply learn and understand how to play any preferred game without any stress and with craps, learning is also simple and straightforward.

In the modern world, you will find a ton of casinos offering players the option to play crap games for fun. And, for this reason, you can easily get started with playing and create/develop a perfect betting system that is sure to increase your chances of winning. Understanding Craps might seem like a huge task, but as long as you keep learning, you will discover that the game is not as complex as it was at the beginning. Although it is easy to master this game without any help completely, it is still recommended that you look to experts for guidelines and tips that will help better your odds of winning at craps. As a result, you can be able to get started as fast as possible, with no hassle. So we advise you to keep reading for more insights about this thrilling classic casino game.

History of Online Craps Game

It is believed by many that Craps evolved from one game known as Hazards that is traced to the period of Crusaders. However, other stories say otherwise. Some claim that the Romans invented the game, while others believed it to be created from the Arabic Dice game, commonly known as Al Dar. From the stories, it was said to be brought to Europe by some merchants in the early 12th century. Craps was also introduced to North America, where it gained massive popularity through an expert gambler known as Bernard Xavier. At first, Craps was played on the streets with dice. And even in World War II, the street dice game was so common that even soldiers would play among themselves.

Just like the modern Craps game, people played Craps by rolling dice against various backstops like walls, stairs, or sometimes blankets. With the original played with some kind of loaded dice, Craps was then refurbished to become this modern version we know and love today. However, before the 19th century, players were able to cheat the casinos as the dice used had a flaw that was easily exploited. The correction was made by John Winn, the famous dice maker making way to the modern craps. Nowadays, you can find a variety of this game like the virtual craps available at online casinos; the standard craps played at various land-based casinos, among others. Notably, the internet version is powered by a random number creator, which offers random and fair results.

Playing Craps Online

For complete beginners, the casino craps table might look very confusing and complex. Also, it looks nothing like other tables in the casino, some gamblers familiar with casino gaming might even get confused. However, once you familiarize yourself with the terms, the table becomes a lot simpler. It is even better when you play online as most times; you will have the table to yourself and the instructions laid out perfectly. Although you can’t find the best way to play craps, understanding the fundamentals can go a long way.

  • Before you are a craps wizard, you must learn some basic lingo.

The first term is “shooter”, and the shooter rolls the dice. Playing craps for fun or the online craps real money version, you will most likely be the game’s shooter. Other lingos to note are Pass Line, the Don’t Pass Line, the Come bet among others. These lines are where the players will place their bets at the craps table. In simpler terms, they are referred to as the “For” and “Against” bets. You can either win or lose based on the result of each roll.

Craps Guidelines

All casino games come with guidelines that are important to follow so that you can increase your winning chances, and this is no different in Craps. According to experts, you will find two major betting sequence phases in Craps. As soon as you understand these two phases, you can play craps for fun or real money. A major phase is the “Come Out” Roll phase that is the initial roll a shooter will make. Players bet mostly on this phase in particular. Winning in this phase is down to the outcome of the roll and where you place your bet.

In the Come Out phase, you win the Pass Line bet when the shooter rolls 11 or 7. You lose when the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12. However, in case, a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the round will proceed to the next phase, which is the Point Round. In this round, winning requires the shooter to roll a similar number rolled in the previous Come Out Roll phase before a 7 is rolled. For instance, a 10 was the result previously; the shooter must roll another 10 to win. But when a 7 is rolled before getting a 10, the bet is lost.

Craps Strategy and Game tips

When you play the online craps real money version, you can use some common strategies that have proven to increase winning odds. However, it is recommended that you test by playing the free online craps game before you proceed. One strategy is called “Betting the Odds”. You can only use this strategy when the Point Round starts. All you need to do is place an extra bet which will be a backup to the Pass Line bet. You will find the maximum bet allowed on the craps tabletop, most times; it is usually 3, 4, or 5x the pass line bet you placed in the previous phase.

Another strategy to use is known as the Come Bet, which works the same as the Come Out Roll phase bet. The contrast is that this particular bet can only be placed after establishing the point number. So, for instance, if 10 is the rolled point number, you can then only place the come bet on 10, and you win if when the number is rolled and lose if a before then, the shooter rolls 7. In a case whereby the shooter rolls other numbers apart from 7 and your bet point number, the bet remains active in the following Point Round with similar odds bet applied again. Different bonus craps strategies include the Betting the Dark Side strategy, Big 6 and eight bets among others.


Online craps are appealing in all ways to existing as well as new players as it offers a perfect platform to start your gaming journey. Also, free online craps present the option to test different strategies to build the ideal Craps system that fits you. To begin with, playing Craps, you may simply search “casinos with craps tables near me”, and a host of casinos will show up to ready accept you.

All in all, choosing to play craps anywhere, it is recommended that you wager with money you can stand to lose since the game is mainly a game of chance. This means that it is nearly impossible to predict what the result of the roll may be. But, learning the strategies will give you the opportunity to lessen the edge of the house. Although the saying in gambling is that “the house always wins”, do not let that discourage you as you can still increasingly beat the odds and win big on any casino game you choose.

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