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Dead or alive 2 slot

The developers from the NetEnt company have released a continuation of one of its slots. We offer you Dead or alive 2 video slot. You are being waited for the rewards of up to 100 000 stakes per spin and 3 profitable free spins features in it. The pay combinations are formed by 9 fixed lines on the playing field 5x3.

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This online slot has a small range of stakes. Next, you need to learn detailed information about the rules of the game. You can also leave your feedback or comment about Dead or alive 2 slot on this page and share your personal experience with the other players.

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Review and recommendations by the testing team

  • NetEnt developers decided to please their players and created the slot with the potential rewards of 100 000 stakes. We will find out how this information is real if we test this slot machine.
  • The first slot called Dead or alive (the slot, which we are testing, is the continuation of this slot machine) was loved by many players from different countries. Therefore, everyone was looking forward to releasing Dead or alive 2 slot. The company has retained the theme of the slot, but the novelty has a better design and sound accompaniment, as well as an enhanced version of the bonus game, which now offers 1 of 3 features. Moreover, 1 of the bonuses is identical to the first part, and the potential of this slot machine was increased up to 100 000 stakes (according to the provider). Its volatility (dispersion) remained high. As a result, this machine, like the first slot, does not keep the balance well and often gives minimal wins at the bonus game. Although Dead or alive 2 slot has great potential and it is able to give out payments of several thousand stakes.
  • This online slot has a bad balance in the usual spins. It gives out insignificant wins in the range from less than the nominal stake to several stakes. Moreover, the slot sometimes makes a long series of spins without the payments, since it has 9 pay lines. It periodically gives out the bigger wins in the range of 11-44 stakes and less often in 75-111 stakes. The maximum reward was 222 stakes per line. At the same time, this slot machine (as in the first part) is able to give out the win of 2 500 stakes in the usual spins due to the combination of 5 scatter symbols. By the way, the developer has already recorded similar rewards despite the fact that Dead or alive 2 slot has been recently released.
  • Free spins are sometimes triggered not often - on average, every 100 spins. The distance can be reduced by issuing the minimum wins in the bonus feature or increased, which is often compensated by the series of free spins. In the “Old Saloon” feature, you can get the insignificant wins of 5-30 stakes, and more “successful” games gave out the total reward of 60-120 stakes (with the periodic payments of 40 bets, and the maximum win was 200 stakes at the time of writing the feedback). The developers recorded the rewards in 758 and 2304 stakes, which correspond to the first slot. These free spins are not popular among the players, because they were not interested in them in the first slot, it is more interesting for them to play new ones.
  • The “High Noon Salon” feature has a higher potential for issuing the big win, unlike the “Old Saloon” function, because wild symbols can trigger the multiplier up to x3. Although most launched free spins bring insignificant wins in the range from 5 to 30 stakes (during testing, we observed the rewards of 0-3 stakes). More successful bonuses gave the average win of 35-80 bets (the maximum wins reached 160 and 370+ stakes). The top combinations gave the payments of 540-1 400 stakes, and the maximum recorded rewards are 2 020 and 2 522 bets. In my opinion, such wins are not the limit. This machine is able to give more + 1-2 000 stakes. However, this feature is not able to give 100 000 stakes.
  • Train Heist free spins allow you to get the top combination on the pay line with the high multiplier. During the tests, I was able to observe the multiplier of x44. Most free spins features bring from 5 to 20 stakes, with the periodic payments of 35-50 stakes. You will receive 120-220 bets for more successful free spins. As a result, my maximum wins were only 244 and 300 stakes.
  • I consider that this slot, like the first one, will be very popular among a lot of users. In my opinion, it will always have a high pool. As for the game for the bonus money, this online slot retained the indicators of the first part. If you complete the wagering requirements at the first machine, you can do it here. I will leave neutral recommendations on the game. When playing for real money, I do not recommend trying to “press” it. Since this slot machine has a high dispersion. Although if you play before the first bonus, you will not be able to obtain the desired result. I think that the average distance will be the best solution here.
  • Ps: so, according to testing, we can conclude:
  • - The potential of getting the win of 100 000 stakes is equal to 0 in the usual spins.
  • - Old Saloon free spins are not able to bring the wins, which the developer stated. This slot is able to pay out a maximum of several thousand stakes at this feature.
  • - High Noon Salon free spins have a higher potential. However, also the slot is not able to achieve the stated wins in this bonus. The maximum potential of this machine is the rewards of several thousand stakes. Let us assume that it gives a big number of wild symbols during the first spins. This slot should put a full screen wild in the first spin to get the maximum stated win. How realistic is this? In my opinion, this potential is equal to 0. Therefore, we place all our hopes on the 3rd bonus feature.
  •  - Train Heist free spins. This slot machine may issue the line of wild symbols, which costs 166 stakes in this bonus feature. We need the multiplier of 602 to get the win of 100 000 stakes. Even if it gives out 50% during spins, then you will need the multiplier x300 to get 50 000 stakes. In my opinion, this is not realistic.
  • As a result, I consider that the developers from NetEnt company gave the users inaccurate information. Although the number of free spins and the multiplier in the “Train Heist” bonus game is not limited, you could put the potential reward of 10 000 000 stakes.

Bonus features

  • When free spins are triggered, the player is offered 3 variants of the game with different functionality. By the way, the combination of 3-5 scatters triggers the bonus feature. In this case, you will get 12 free spins.
  • Old Saloon. During free spins, all wins are multiplied by 2 and wild symbols become sticky. If wilds appear on all 5 reels, then you will receive still 5 free spins.
  • High Noon Salon. Wild symbols can trigger the multiplier up to x3 when issuing several wild symbols on one reel. So 2 wilds launch the multiplier x2, 3 such symbols - x3, respectively.
  • Train Heist. The fixed spins are absent in this feature. When each wild symbol appears on the reels, + 1 is added to the initial 12 free spins and the multiplier increases by x1 (5 additional spins are added when x16 is reached).

Symbols and winning (the stake 1 coin per line)

  • All 5 Bandits are wild symbols. You will receive the wins of 25, 150 or 1 500 coins for 3-5 identical symbols.
  • 2 Revolvers will deposit your account by 2, 4, 25 or 2500 coins. This symbol is the scatter and it appears only in the usual spins.
  • Sheriff Star will give out 20, 125 or 1 000 coins.
  • Pistol symbol will bring you 20, 100 or 750 coins.
  • Hat symbol will offer the rewards of 15, 75 or 400 coins.
  • Boots will add to your account by 12, 60 or 300 coins.
  • Whiskey can pay out 10, 50 or 200 coins.
  • A card symbol will offer to pick up the rewards from 10 to100 coins.
  • К playing card will increase your account up to 75 coins.
  • Q symbol will give no more than 4-50 coins.
  • J and 10 card symbols will payout by 2-40 and 2-25 coins respectively.


  • Provider – NetEnt.
  • The pay lines are 9 (they are fixed).
  • Volatility is high.
  • The range of stakes is from 0.09 to 18 coins.
  • The playing field is 5x3.
  • The maximum reward is 100 000 coins (the top combination from the wild symbol).
  • Bonuses - 5 wild symbols and 3 free spins features to choose a player from 2 revolver symbols.
  • The theoretical RTP (return to player percentage) is 96,82%.
User rating5 / 5
Written by Vladislav Dibrov
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