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Jurassic World slot

Jurasic world slot
The first original Jurassic Park slot machine from the Microgaming company appeared several years ago, and it was based on a masterpiece of Steven Spielberg in 1933. We welcome a new version which is called Jurassic World slot, which is based on the events of the 2015 film with Chris Pratt.

Thanks to 3 modes of free spins and an increase in winnings 1,000 times due to the bonus feature, as well as the opportunity to win an incredible prize of 5,100,000 coins, the game makes a terrific and impressive change in your life from a perspective.

You are being waiting for your favourite heroes - Owen Brady, Claire Doring, Simon Masrani and Vic Hoskins, as well as six evil dinosaurs. We cannot fail to note the fantastic graphic design and high quality of animation. The design of the game is worth special attention and just like all the fans of this film. On our site, you can always play free on this slot machine, as well as get familiar with its original characteristics. They will impress every connoisseur of extreme.

Personal testers opinion

After testing, I concluded that this slot is not suitable to fulfil the wagering requirements - 4,50 out of 10. After all, only 26% of the general fund of bets are reserved for the bonus. And in the main game, I managed to catch a maximum winning, the size of which did not exceed 468x. According to statistics, the bonus can be triggered in every 131st spin (0,76%). The probability of hitting any winning is 30,91% 

Hidden parameters and settings of Jurassic World slot (data from the testing team)

  • The frequency of triggering the bonus is statistically, every 131st spin (0,76%).
  • The probability of a hit (any winning) is 30,91%.
  • The distribution of the winnings is 74% in the main game and 26% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 468x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 32x.
  • Volatility - 6,55 out of 20 (average).
  • Cycle length - average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 4,50 out of 10.
  • The RTP of 97% allows you to get a positive mathematical expectation.

Description of this slot machine

Maybe you have already been a fan of Jurassic Park, like us! Then we do not doubt that this slot machine, which became its continuation, will have to your liking with its cool functions and the excellent graphics! The playing field consists of 5 reels, 3 rows of symbols and 243 ways of getting the pay combinations. The winnings are counted on the condition that you collect 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols going from left to right. You set the bet size at will for each spin. The minimum amount, which you have the right to risk, is $ 0.30, and the maximum amount is equal to $ 7.20.

In the base game, we have one main function bonus the Indominus Feature. It is activated randomly when you get a pay combination that is either x3 or x5 times your bet. When the function is launched, the massive Indominus Rex dinosaur will appear in front of the reels and increase your winnings. The increase can rise to a huge level of x1 000 total bets. Just imagine what profit you can make with this convenient option! In other cases, everything happens during the main round according to the usual rules. But for what it is worth to spin the reels, it is the free spins behind which the best payouts that you can imagine are hidden.

This is a slot with medium dispersion so that the winnings will fall out mostly with the average frequency and the same in size. We recommend paying attention to the good indicator of the return of the made bets, which reaches a decent 97% and allows you to expect a positive mathematical expectation of the winning. The maximum winning at the game are fantastic is 5 100 000 coins! However, remember that you can get exclusively through the free spins in the valley of the Gyrosphere and at the maximum multiplier x7. The progressive jackpot and doubling game is not provided.

Since Microgaming company has a licensing agreement with Universal Studious, it is not surprising that the game is officially based on the plot of the famous film and it looks fantastic. You can not only see the famous park in the background and all the familiar faces and types of dinosaurs as symbols but also enjoy watching the movie during the game. The slot comes alive when the Indominus Rex steps back and forth in front of the reels, but this fear is worth it since it can lead you to win in the amount of x1,000 total bets.


  • The number of reels is 5.
  • The playing lines are 243.
  • Diapason of bet sizes ranges is from 0.30 to 7.20 coins.
  • The maximum winning for a spin is 5 100 000 coins (in the main game).
  • The highest-paid symbol is 36 000 coins (five scatters when playing at the maximum bet).
  • Wild symbol - yes (a logo of the slot, stacked).
  • Scatter - yes (Mosquito in amber).
  • Free spins - yes (three or more scatters give one of three free spins modes).
  • The expected percentage of payments (RTP) at Jurassic World slot machine is 97%.

Symbols and payments

The symbols of the lower value on the reels are six different types of dinosaurs: Pteranodon, Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and Indominus. The symbols of higher importance are the faces of famous actors who played four main characters in the film of 2015, including Chris Pratt, Owen Brady, Claire Drinding, Bryza Dallas Howard, Vic Hoskins, Vincent D'Onofrio and Simon Masrani as Irfan Khan. The payout table is as follows.

  • Ankylosaurus is the lowest-paid symbol that brings from 2.40 to 42.00 coins.
  • Pteranodon returns from 2.40 to 48.00 coins.
  • Stegosaurus and Velociraptor replenish the bankroll at 3.60 and 9.60 coins when three or four identical pictures fall out. But for five symbols you receive 54.00 and 60.00 coins respectively.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex brings the winnings in 7.20-66.00 coins.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex brings winnings at 7.20-66.00 coins.
  • Indominus Rex returns 7.20, 14.40 and 72.00 coins while falling out of three, four or five such pictures.
  • Vic Hoskins gives a payout at 18.00, 36.00 and 150.00 coins.
  • Simon Masrani presents the award at 18.00, 48.00 and 180.00 coins.
  • Claire Doring offers to receive from 24.00 to 210.00 coins, for three or five pictures.
  • Owen Bredi is the highest paid symbol that will replenish your balance at 30.00, 72.00 and 240.00 coins.
  • The mosquito in amber acts as a scatter. This symbol gives the multiplication of the final bet and returns from 36.00 to 3600.00 coins when three or five pictures appear. And, if two scatters appear on the screen, they will turn into wild ones. Also, three or more mosquitoes run free spins mode.
  • Wild symbol. The logo of the game with the image of a dinosaur plays the role of the wild symbol. It can appear on the reels with stripes, forming a chain of 10 pictures. The wild symbol replaces all images except for a scatter, and it brings the independent wins from 36.00 to 300.00 coins.
  • Scatter symbol. The mosquito in amber acts as a scatter. This symbol multiplies the final bet and returns you from 36.00 to 3600.00 coins when three or five pictures appear. Also, if two scatter symbols appear on the screen, they will turn into wild signs. Also, three, four or five such images launch free spins mode.

Bonus games and features

The slot machine offers several bonus functions. Free spins compensate for the absence of a thematic bonus game with three modes to choose from and the prize option Indominus, launched during the base game.

Free spins

Free spin at this slot is not only profitable and fun but also it is unique. At least three scatter symbols will trigger them, and you will be presented with three different free spins modes, each of which has its designated areas of Jurassic World for your study. The location will be randomly selected by the game mechanics, but only for the first 15 times when you launch free spins. After that, players will have the opportunity independently to choose their mode/location. By that time, you will find out your favourite location.

  • Lab creation mode gives you 10 free spins and the rolling rollers. All symbols involved in creating a pay combination are removed from the reels with replacement by the new images. Rolling Reels continue until the moment when the pay combination is no longer created. In addition to the Rolling Reels feature, this place also has Cryo Wilds, which is a frozen wild symbol. It freezes for 3 winnings, and then it melts abruptly.
  • Gyrosphere Valley mode gives you 10 free spins, and also it adds a so-called multiplier track. You start with a minimum multiplier of x2, and each single of the losing spin increases the multiplier by one to the maximum level of x7. If on your 10th free spin the multiplier level is higher than x2, the free spins will continue until you get at least one pay combination.
  • Raptor Den mode gives you 10 free spins, and scatter symbols that will become wild. If you unload three scatters simultaneously in this mode, you will get 5 additional free spins.

Indominus prize option

The dinosaur Indominus Rex can appear at any moment of the game on the screen, which will bring an additional prize. You will receive up to 1000 final bets. The winning is formed randomly, and it will be added to the received coins in this spin.


Although we were not the biggest fans of the real remake of the film, the game is worth trying, because it is not only a great looking, very entertaining and visually advanced slot. It also has fantastic features, such as free spins, multipliers, modifiers and winning bonuses, and beckons with a huge maximum amount of winnings.

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