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Causes of gambling addictions

Causes of gambling addictions
The results of the study done by a team of British scientists allow you to answer the question regarding the pathological players. It turns out the category of persons who get hooked on gambling, has some features in the structure of the brain that is not, in principle, a medical pathology, but cause many problems to their owners. So, what is the cause of game addiction? Is there a gene or pathological feature of the brain at the people with pronounced gambling addiction?

Study on the causes of gambling addictions

In the experiment, which involved thirty people (15 players and 15 people with no gambling) was conducted positron emission topographies aimed at studying the receptors responsible for the release of endorphins known as "happy hormones." In addition to that, the receptors have a significant influence on the mood; they also reduce the pain threshold, which in itself is also essential. It was found that there is a clear correlation between the number of endorphins and gambling (game) addiction.

Lack of endorphins

Previously, it was proven that such receptors are significantly more with drug and alcohol addiction. But in this case, the numbers of receptors of the two groups taking part in the experiment were virtually identical. However, the brain of gamblers, at its structural features, provided much less "happy hormones", compared to the mind of the healthy people.

Developing immunity

As you know, the human body is a self-regulating system. Place it in unfavourable conditions for long periods of time, and if it doesn't die, it will adapt to new situations. The protective reactions are also present in the case of gambling addiction. The more intense emotions get the brain of the gambler, the weaker it responds to weak stimuli. This is the main problem. Gambling is similar to drugs. See how it works:

  • Coming for the first time in a casino or launching a slot machine, the player feels the strongest emotions. This is the adrenaline during spins, the joy of getting a big bonus or the excitement of a big payment.
  • In everyday life, we seldom feel positive emotions. We just don't have the reasons for their occurrence. And if the adrenaline from a game can be gotten in everyday life by a fast car driving (driving rage), we can get the joy of winning only in gambling.
  • It turns out that the emotional perception of the world is significantly reduced, because of the much more powerful stimulus - gambling.
  • Players come to the casino, again and again, trying to get those emotions. The results of games become less important; they are addicted to the gameplay. Naturally, at such an approach, they will inevitably lose.
  • One of the main problems of gambling addiction is that entirely no matter how much money a person has in principle. The gambler has to get the emotions he/she needs only from amounts that are meaningful to him/her. So, the player, who has thousands, will bet hundreds, and the millionaire will bet thousands in a single game. The result will be the same — they will both lose everything.
  • As you know, passion in life can be only one. For gamers, with time, this passion for the game will become everything. The gambler will steal, cheat and borrow money. He will do anything to continue the game. The morality and family values go to the sidelines, and the player needs a steady increase in the rates.


It is understandable why people continue to play at casinos, despite the many setbacks — it is because their brain demands maximum emotion to experience the feeling of euphoria. Gambling addiction - is not recklessness; it is a disease that requires qualified medical treatment.


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