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Types of casino players

Types of casino players
In this section, we are going to talk about the people who lose their money at a casino and still return to play again and again. How the gambling world tempts and attracts them? In this section, we would like to focus your attention on different types of casino players. What are the kinds of casino players? How do they differ from each other and what to expect if you have next to you a player of these types? We are going to try to look at them from psychology, describing their thoughts and feelings while playing a casino. First and foremost, this article will be useful to players who plan to visit the real gambling houses soon.

Philosophical questions

Let us think over what the casino has that makes people come back? Why players even knowing that they got into the trap, still do not ask for help, but bet apartments, houses and working business, so pursuing the single goal - to resume the game? To avoid the repeating, please, click on the following link and read the article about gambling addictions and how to get rid of them:

The presentation format of the information on the study

And now, about our business. For a long time, I worked as a pit boss at one of the casinos in Moscow. For three years, I moved a lot to the gaming audience and dealt with entirely different players. Having a different social status, amount of money and monthly income, but all of them joined the passion for gambling. Surprisingly, almost all of them understood that they were losing and would lose their money. The golden mountains seem only to novices. Trying to minimise the losses with the potential revenues from "free" food and drinks, they behave quite differently.

Suggesting doing our research in the following format

  • Description of the type of player.
  • Characteristic features of the type.
  • Recommendations on behaviour with the type of casino players.

Types of casino gamblers

I brought several types of casino players, who were at different stages of gambling addiction. Some of them came to the casino as a job, others - only being under the influence of alcohol, and the third group — those who came from time to time. But they always returned to the casino. Let's try to classify the players who usually are in almost every casino. Let's go from the bottom up to be understood the dynamics of players levels, depending on the amount of play money.

Chief fans or players using the lowest bets

Lowest Gamblers
This is the type of players present at any casino. Already having lost everything, they are the loudest ones at the bets of other players, warmly congratulate the winner and ask a few chips to bring good luck. They usually play at the most extended games, generally, at Poker, placing small bets and consuming a vast number of free drinks and food. Typically, to avoid this type of casino players, big players go to the VIP room.

Highly recommend you stay away from such casino visitors because their psyche is not so stable and the alcohol acts as a powerful catalyst of envy and resentment. If you're lucky and hit a big win, it is a great chance to meet some of these players, who will wait for you on the street and will ask to share the gifts of God of Fortune. Usually, they are very offended if you do not give them a couple of chips.


Usually, these are the experienced players. In principle, entirely no matter how and when the player started. If he could not control his passion for gambling, he inevitably falls into this group. Losing all, or almost everything they had, these players feed their love for the game only with the chips that bring good luck or those of more successful players, whom they were the loudest for. These players are often rude to staff and dealers.

Experienced professional player

Perhaps you've already seen at Roulette players who call the bets very quickly and professionally, shouting the names of the series exposed by the dealer. He deftly handles the chips and plays at average bets. Professional players usually prefer to play one on one with the dealer. The reason for this is that they give him/her lots of tasks. Of course, they could place the chips themselves on the numbers, previously exchanging them, but so they won't be professionals.

This type of casino players knows the names of all the series, the order of numbers on the roulette wheel and when to/not take a card in Blackjack. They prefer playing short games, where they can show off their knowledge. These players rarely go to the VIP room (only if there are no free tables), because in the presence of the spectators they feel more professional. Typically, this type of casino players is the primary source of income for the players of the previous class. These players are usually polite to staff and behave with restraint, considering that their loss today is just an unfortunate coincidence.


This type of casino players is already experienced. He thoroughly studied the rules of games, the probability theory and is sure that he knows how to beat the roulette. He is 76% sure that at this dealer after five follows a number close to zero, and that girl always throws the ball near the number, from which comes the spin. He has terrible luck. The bad luck for a long time. This player blames the circumstances that the ball stopped in the wrong sector. "Bounced, flew, hit the board, thrown from another number...".

Meanwhile, when he guesses the sector, he refers to this as a proper thing. This type of casino players does not want to recognise the most important: despite his statistics of winnings/losses at a casino, it is still executed. This is the stage when a player already begins to realise that he loses at a distance but even could not accept the fact that he could not beat the roulette. Usually, after this stage, the player either stops or enlarges the number of players using the lowest rates.

Aggressive big player

Huge Players
It's the crankiest and most aggressive type of casino players. They already know that the casino will do all to treat their behaviour for the money they lose. Often the pit boss is forced to separate them from other players by sending them in the VIP room, as the other players should not see their rudeness and the actions taken by the casino personnel.

Here may be anything: flying ashtrays and chips against dealer or waitress, rough swearing made against personnel and casino in general, spilt drinks and even spitting in the face of dealers. They are incredibly aggressive. For the money they lose, they require elite beverages and delicacies. These requirements are caused by the desire to somehow prove their status and self-esteem through a casino and its employees.


Typically, this type of casino players is serious people in critical positions with access to money. They realise that the game becomes a real problem, but by the habit of eliminating and winning everything, they could not come to terms with their defeat. This phenomenon has been called "the desire for revenge".

"Leisure" — that is how they call their losses, although with the money spent they could have already bought a hotel or even a casino. As the injuries create an increasingly severe problem, they become more aggressive. It is extremely rare when the big players fall into the category of the two previous groups. Often, their relatives force them to take treatment of gambling addictions. After all, big money assumes more significant responsibility.

Advanced Novice

Advanced Beginner
It is the second or third time this type of casino players is in the gaming hall. He is extremely polite to staff and others. He often asks questions about the rules. He is lucky. Typically, these players play at roulette or blackjack. He has already been here and hit a big win. And it happened somehow randomly. He placed the bets on numbers, and the ball dropped on them. If he is lucky enough to win this time, he will be tight on the casino hook and, depending on his psychology and financial abilities; he will join the first, the second or the third group.


Last time it was an easy big win. He still wonders how it turned out that he had not played at the casino before. Today he came alone so that his friends do not distract him from the game. He already knows the basic rules and already felt the taste of fast and easy money. If he is lucky enough to win this time, it will do so every day and buy himself a new car. A Mercedes or even more! It's so quick and easy, and most important — it requires no effort.

Novice, who plays for the first time at a casino

Commons Between Gamblers
Here it is the virgin player. Usually, this type of casino players is accompanied by devilish luck. Any game he plays brings him winnings. Without reading or understanding the rules, placing illogical and silly bets, he continues to win. Every time was watching this phenomenon; I felt that primal horror inside me - there is something devilish in gambling. Those players are hunted by all casinos, because if the player wins, he may join any of the three groups. Such players are polite to staff and surrounding people. They may play any games, including the slot machines.


I am the best! I am the chosen one! All the other idiots lose, and I win a lot quickly and quietly. I will always win. It will be so because I'm unique and all around are telling me that I am fortunate.

What the groups have in common

If a player of any type chooses a table and starts playing, he seems to be disconnected from the rest of the world. There is only the dealer, cards, roulette table, ball and chips. If you try to persuade or force him to stop the game, you will learn a lot of new things either about you or him. Aggressive behaviour under the threat of finishing the game is the first sign of the nascent gaming addiction.

The borrowed money and the desire for revenge are common to all types of casino players, possibly excluding the big players at the very beginning of their acquaintance with gambling. If a person experiences the excitement of the upcoming game and the disappointment of its ending - this means that the addiction already exists. Moreover, the stronger the emotions experienced by the player, the more serious the problem.


The game is a very seductive thing. The human has always been tempted to risk, adventure and make money, tempted to recognition and affirmation of the individuality and singularity. The casino provides players with all of this. At the time when our exploits in daily life are limited to shopping and cinema, the casino gives us a massive surge of adrenaline and the most potent emotional meltdown. Very often, it is the first stone in the foundation of gambling addiction. Now that you know what types of casino players exist, you will find it easier to navigate in the gambling jungle.

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