Online casino for high rollers with the large betting limits

Best online casinos for high rollersThis article will be interesting for vales or some players who use a progressive betting system. We will try to highlight the best online casino for major games and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each casino for tens of thousands dollars. Please note that each casino has the right to set own maximum bet limits for any game. For example, at the Guts casino the maximum bet on the Gonzos Quest Slot is 50 €. The maximum bets limit on the same slot in the Royal Panda is 200 € per spin. If you are a high Roller and looking for a place major game with huge bets, you are at the right page of our website.

A list of the best online casinos for high rollers 2018

  • In order to get additional information about payment methods or the software move the mouse on the picture and look at pop-up. In order to sort the numbers in the table via bonus, wagering requirements (shown in (bonus money)*х), payouts (shown in hours), payout limits (shown in thousands € per month), trust (our opinion) or no deposit bonuses (shown in usd), click on the blue buttons links:
Limits €No deposit $Play for real
Casumo casino Casumo Software 10 €50
50 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
Royal Panda casino Royal Panda Software 9 €100
35 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
BitStarz casino BitStarz Software 9 €100
40 Payments 1 1000000 2 Play for real
Nextcasino NextCasino Software 9 €200
40 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
casinoluck small CasinoLuck Software 9 €150
40 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
Guts casino Guts Software 9 €100
35 Payments 24 1000000   Play for real
Quasar Quasar Software 8 €300
40 Payments  48 1000000   Play for real
Slot V Slot V Software 9 €200
30 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Frank Frank Software 9 €1000
60 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Casino X Casino X Software 9 €2000
50 Payments 24 100000   Play for real
Joy Joy Software 9 €50
40 Payments 24 100000   Play for real

Who are the high rollers?

The video slots by Net Entertainment are set up for playing the maximum bet and win a large sum in them is much easier than in Playtech, Microgaming or NYX. It is difficult to say what made such a setting, but the player who has tens of thousands € and puts 200 € per spin will disrupt the jackpot more frequently than a player who puts 2 € per spin. For the large bets, high Rollers and VIP players is the best choice to play for real money.

The great game with the big and huge bets

Videoslots casinoPlease note that all video slots that pay 97% or more of the players bets, allow him to have a positive expectation of winning in the game. Let's highlight just the key slots for the big game on tens of thousands dollars with excellent payout percentages (the list is sorted from more favorable to less):

  • Sim Salabim (97.5%) allows put 250 € on a single spin and behaves very adequately at the maximum rate. You can win 225 000 € for one game.
  • Video slot Zombies (97.2%) allows you to play 200 € per spin and the maximum win is 100,000 €.
  • Jack Hammer (97%) enables the player to put a maximum bet of 250 € per spin. You can win up to 250 000 € in one spin.
  • Thunderfist (96.7%) allows you to put 125 € per spin and the maximum payout is astronomical 1 215 000 €.
  • Wish Master (96.6%) has a max bet of 100 € and the maximum win is € 900,000. This slot is on the list for the high variance and the big wins during the rise (See the article “How to win in Wish Master”).
  • Tornado Farm Escape (96.5%) with a max bet of 200 € and a prize of 165 000 € per spin.
  • During the game with the live dealer your betting limits will be limited in unit live casino. 30,000 € on the roulette and 5000 in blackjack. Please note that the total interest payments will be lower than in many of the listed video slots.

You can run any video slots from the list above in a free mode and simulate the game for 5000 €. They are issued to you in the free block. Then you must click on the name of the slot machine in the list above. Such testing is required for selection of real money games for big and huge bets. Otherwise, your chances will be very small for a big win, before the money runs out. If you are a VIP player and have been experiencing problems with withdrawal, contact us using the opposite form of communication at the special bottom on the page and we will help you speed up payments of large sums (only for those who registered through our links).

The bonuses for a big game:

Casumo casinoThe bonus money for the big players is a very interesting topic. On the one hand, the bonus money allows you to get a positive expectation from the game on video slots and roulette. On the other hand, the player putting tens of thousands dollars in online casinos is focused on the big wins. You agree that you will feel much more confident, winning 100,000 €, knowing that you didn't take the bonus and are not bound by any restrictions on the maximum bet.

Please note, in many Netent with an active deposit bonus the maximum bet is limited (usually 5 to 10 €). So operators are trying to prevent a large bet (for 5-10 times) with the bonus money and re-registration of accounts to get bonuses once more. The exception is Videoslots casino, where bonuses are in fact a set of points. In this case, the player is not limited in the stakes, and the active bonus does not impose any restrictions on the withdrawal of funds.

Some examples of the game at huge rates:

Mr Green casinoLet's imagine that you are a high Roller or VIP player who likes to play for big. Below we provide step-by-step guide to our vision of maximizing chances to win big at Netent online casinos.

  • Select one of the best Netent casinos listed in the table and register the account.
  • Prepare documents for verification. If the game is large, any casino will ask us to verify your account. No matter what anyone said! If we raise tens of thousands dollars in online casino, then verification will be required. If not, leave this casino immediately. Any licensing authority will require verification of such a major player as you. We will need a passport, a certificate of REU (Bank or phone bill) not older than three months and photo credit card (if we use it). In the event that we Deposit funds with the payment system, rest assured that the identity of the holder of the electronic purse coincide with the registration data you provide during account registration. The operator may require a screenshot of your wallet.
  • You must write a letter to support asking to verify our account or upload documents yourself in you profile. Better to do it before making a Deposit. The procedure will be much faster, will save your nerves and protect against the temptation to cancel the payment and continue the game.
  • Going over the list of all slot machines Netent subject to a maximum return bets.
  • Look at the table of the slots cycles and dispersion (variance) of the slot machines. It is important to understand if we are playing at maximum bets, then long cycle we need to have money on more bets than short. But the gain will be solid.
  • Carefully read the article about choosing the slot machine which is ready to pay and begin testing video slots in free mode. It is advisable to select 2-3 games, because during the game you will not do this on real money and a great chance to open the slot “for good luck”.
  • Don't go back to the video slot, which has already given you a big win in the current session for real money. You should test it out the next day to obtain its current status.
  • You need to play at maximum rates. Win and withdraw the win for a payment system. Note and repeat the procedure again!


Combining all above, we deduce the following: If you are a VIP player or high Roller and want to play on big bets (tens of thousands dollars) at online casino, you should choose time-tested casinos that will not create difficulties in the withdrawal of large sums. Go to pivot table the best Netent casino for the large bets. You can do it by clicking on the link below:

Best Netent casinos list 2018