Why it is more profitable to play at small stakes

Why it is more profitable to play at small betsThe software of the big developers - for example, NetEnt or Microgaming - has a very complicated structure. In particular, on a single NetEnt server, not only all financial transactions are analyzed (who how much place a bet and how much they won / lost), but also all the additional parameters, many of which reflect the psychological factors. How the player behaves after a big winning, often he deposits / receives money, how much player has on his account, he had the large skids in the past, and so on.

A huge number of factors constitute an impressive formula that controls the "generosity" of the slot machine (not to be confused with the percentage of payments of the video slot) in the real time. And the value of the medium bet in this system is one of the most important elements. One player can make deposits for $ 10,000 a week and play $ 100 for a spin, and the other - makes the same amount, but puts $ 10 for a spin. Do you think that software does not take this into account? The modern software sees and knows everything, gives and takes, when it considers it is necessary. Everything is done for the sake of one goal-it makes you feel dependent on the game and get all your money. In this case, the software takes you to one of the groups of players and behaves according to the information received.

Small bet and advantageous

Bonus gameIn addition, here we are approaching the very essence. Judging by the statistics, to play at the small bets at Netent casino is more profitable. In other words, there will be larger winnings (relative to bets). Professional players in the online casinos and bonus hunting (at least many of them) will tell you the same thing. But here there are a number of nuances. And the nuances are very important. First, you need to understand the classification of prize funds. Let's take a look at the example of NetEnt.

Prize funds in the video slots of NetEnt

  • The indirect features indicate a clear separation of all made bets into the several large groups in all online casinos of NetEnt.
  • The largest is the category with the lowest bets - up to $ 10. The vast majority of gamblers play on this "limit", so that in this prize fund has the most money. The some part of it is reserved for the big winnings at the higher bets, but the main of the fund is still a huge amount of money.
  • The fund this is the amount of money the participating in a raffle in all active slot machines in all casinos. That is, you will be accrue with a winning of $ 100 at a bet of $ 1 a very small part of the total pool of cash generated in the real time from all bets.
  • Further - the more money in circulation, the more likely you are to win. Since most of all bets is done at the low limits. That's all.
  • Of course, the large bets allow you to win much more, but highrollers are an order of magnitude smaller.

The ratio of the amount on the account and the bets

Jack Hammer video slotWe turn to another important parameter - the amount of money on the account. Surely, you have noticed more than once: playing at the high bets with a small bankroll (for example, at $ 10 with a bankroll of $ 100), the big winnings are rare. Most often, the remaining money is simply lost. Why? Because the software perfectly sees everything: it knows that you are in principle ready to lose everything (and most likely did so in the past), and there is nothing to lose especially (the remaining amount on the account is small). An exception can serve as a situation of a strong "skew" in the direction of a negative mathematical expectation for the player. If at a distance he has already loses a lot, then the video slot can give you a good amount of money even when you are playing not on a bankroll. Hence one more conclusion: the higher the ratio bankroll-bet, the higher the probability of getting a large winning.


You have $ 10,000 on the account, play $ 10 for the spin. The ratio is 1000: 1, this is very much. Most often, 200 medium bets are enough (but better than most). In this case, the software argues like this: yeah, he has a lot of money, but the bets are small - I will give him some money, so he gets excited, raised the bets and eventually lost everything. That's how it works. This is psychology. When a player wins a lot at a time, he automatically begins to believe that the same thing will happen again, and in the very near future. Therefore, in these situations it is worth listening to your intuition and prudence. If the amounts have doubled, this is quite enough and you can deduce them.

Type of player

Casino classify playersThe software of the big operators classify players, divides them into groups. For example, for sure there are beginners, regular players, gamblers, highrollers and so on. There are actually a lot of them. And they are divided according into various criteria: the playing time in this casino, the amount of medium deposits, behavior after winning / losing, the frequency of average deposits / deduce and so on.

It is important to understand the several principles:

  • If a player regularly deposits the large deposits (from $ 1,000), he is already in a special group. Whether it is a VIP player or a highroller, the essence does not change. The system remembers: this player is playing at high bets and then he is important.
  • Imagine that at one point the inflow of deposits from this person is exhausted, the bets of steel are several times less. The system reasons like this: yeah, he can contribute more money, but now he plays at the low bets - he needs to help win.
  • Approximately the same principle applies and to the large deposits, not only on the accounts of highrollers. In such cases, the player is immediately separated (at the software level) from the less significant groups.
  • What we have as a result. Playing is really profitable at the minimum or low bets. But to understand this statement is necessary in the context. The amount of the balance on the account must be very significant (at least 200 medium bets), the primordial deposit (and desirable the previous ones) - large (from $ 1,000), and the account itself should ideally belong to a highroller or a losing highroller.
  • The system wants to control everything, including the behavior of players. But we can influence its actions and even use for the benefit of. Use this.

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