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Why it is more profitable to gamble at small stakes

Why it is more profitable to gamble at small stakes
The big software developers - NetEnt or Microgaming - have very complicated structures. A single server analyzes all financial transactions (who is low-rolling (high-rolling) and how much they won/lost) as well as all the additional data that can influence on psychological factors, as for how the player behaves after a big winning, how often he deposits / cash-outs money, how much money player has on his account right now and so on.

A considerable number of factors constitute a powerful formula that controls the "generosity" of the slots (not to be confused with the RTP of slots) in real-time. One player can make deposits for €10,000 a week and play per €100 for a spin, and the other - makes the same deposit, but puts €10 per single spin. Do you think that software wouldn't make any difference? The modern software sees and knows everything about each customer and even classify them via psychological type. The software takes you to one of the groups and behaves according to it.

Small bets and advantageous

Bonus game
According to testing statistics, it is more profitable to play via low stakes in online slots. In other words, there will be more chances of hitting a big win (relative to stake per spin). Professional players and bonus hunters in online casinos (at least many of them) will tell you the same thing. But here there are several nuances. First, you need to understand that there is a prize pool for winning in all slots. Let's take a look at the example.

The prize pool of winning in slots

  • Low stakes - up to €10 per spin. Many gamblers play on this "limit", so that denomination has a lot of money in its prize pool. Some part of this money is collected for big winning at huge bets, but the rest would be used for payments, there is still a considerable amount.
  • The more money is in the pool, the higher the potential of a huge win. Small stakes have maximum potential to "fire" with 1000x+ winning.

The account balance and stake per spin

Surely, you have noticed that: playing with huge bets with a small bankroll (for example, at €10 per spin with the balance of €100), big winnings are rare. Most often, the remaining money is simply lost. Why? Because the software perfectly sees everything: it knows that you are in principle ready to lose everything (and most likely did so in the past), and there is nothing to lose especially (account balance is low).

An exception can have the place if at a distance player has already lost a lot. The slot can give you huge winning, trying to be closer to declared RTP (return to player percentage).


You have €10,000 on the account and play €10 per spin. The ratio is 1000: 1, this is very much. Most often, 200 bets are enough. In this case, the software argues like this: yeah, he has a lot of money, but the stakes are low - I will give him some money, so he gets excited, raising stakes and he will lose everything. That's how it works, and this is psychology. When a player wins a lot at the time, he automatically begins to believe that the same thing will happen again during high-rolling. In such situations, it is worth listening to your intuition and prudence.

Type of player

Casino classify players
The software classifies players and divides them into groups. For example, there are beginners, regular players, gamblers, high-rollers, and so on. And they are divided according to various criteria: the playing time in this casino, the number of medium deposits, behaviour after winning / losing, the frequency of average deposits / cash-outs, and so on.

It is essential to understand several principles

  • If a player regularly makes large deposits (from €1,000), he is already in a particular group. Whether it is a VIP player or a high-roller, the essence does not change. The system remembers: this player is playing with max bets and he/she is important.
  • Imagine that player making large deposits but plays with low stakes. The software reasons like this: yeah, he can deposit more money, but now he/she plays at the low bets - he/she needs to hit a big win and to believe that same will be during high-rolling. If the player will increase stakes after several hits - his money is gone.
  • What we have as a result - playing is more profitable at low stakes.

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