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Oil Mania video slot

Oil is a black gold, the blood of the earth, the engine of modern industry - as soon as it is not called. The role of oil in the development of mankind is truly enormous. Probably, no one will give up personal oil wells to ensure their daily expenses. The more a country has oil, the richer it is. Developers of NYX Gaming company offer gamblers to participate in the development of oil wells in Texas playing at Oil Mania video slot and they would like to draw a picture of wealth life.

Of course, if you play for free in the demo of this slot machine without registering, it is difficult to get a black gold geyser in your possession. But break the jackpot in a gambling fight for real money a solid jackpot is quite possible. As you know, the beginning of the oil business had all the signs of healthy adventurism and largely relied more on luck than on exact calculation, which is also characteristic of the opposition of the gambler and the slot machine. However, do not worry it is not necessary - the developers promise to receive payments in the amount of 95.66%, it will be the great encoring.


Oil Mania slot machine is dedicated for those who have been dreaming about having their own oil wells and feeling the luxury lifestyle in reality. But you can come true your dreams and this game is a great chance to do it. Developers of Oil Mania video slot, like brilliant artists, with a minimum of visual means, with several precise strokes could create a wonderful picture, accurately conveying the atmosphere that was characteristic of the desert places of Texas, when the first drilling rigs broke into it. I highly recommend trying to play for free in the demo of this slot machine without registration - the dynamic plot of the video slot captures from the first minutes of the game, and the difficulty of the enterprise is completely compensated by the tasty sums of winning series. So do not waste your time just dreaming about being rich, change your life right now and you can be the oil tycoon.

How to win?

Description of Oil Mania slot machine

LinesIt is difficult to overestimate the role that played in the popularity of the slot machine its design. It can be compared with the scenery outside the window in the hotel room - for sure, the client will choose the view of the sea or the illuminated avenue, and not the opportunity to contemplate the peeling wall of the neighboring house. The design talents from NYX company allowed this slot machine to become one of the diamonds of online casinos. The thematic symbols are so deeply and colorfully drawn, they have so much peculiar humor and liveliness that they involuntarily resemble popular comics of the beginning of the last century.

Developers have creatively reacted to the animation effects of this miracle video slot: a beating from wells with a swift fountain of oil and a happy magnate with a Cuban cigar, like a cartoon from the ambiguous history of Texas. The sound background is notable for country music, and the screams of birds and the knocking of the hammer in the pauses of the game create the illusion of being near the well. Well, all this together, of course, is worth trying it to play for free in a demo video slot without registration!


  • BonusNumber of reels is 5
  • Number of pay lines is 25
  • The bet on the line is from $ 0.01 to $ 2
  • The range of bet sizes is from $ 0.01 to $ 50
  • Maximum winning for spin - x2500 (five symbols of Worker)
  • Wild symbol - yes (Oil Fountain activates a bonus symbol)
  • Scatter - yes (Oil Tycoon)
  • Bonus spin - yes (re-spins mode with a special bonus symbol from three wild symbols)
  • Risk game - yes
  • Bonus game - yes
  • The expected percentage of payments in the video slot is 95.66%

Symbols and payouts

PaytableThe thematic symbols of this video slot, as if reflecting the hierarchy of values, reigning in a world where banknotes flow like a river and everything has its monetary expression.

  • Card denominations in the form of numbers and letters bring the thinnest trickle of income from 5 to 200 coins.
  • Images of Worker, the golden Rolls-Royce, Suitcase with cash bills and the activity schedule of the oil well are ten times more profitable - from 3.00 to 2500. Please note - here are four symbols at once! Pay out winnings already from two elements on the line.
  • Wild symbol at Oil Mania video slot is an image of an oil fountain. This symbol does not bring any profit, but is able to replace any other. Its appearance on the playing field activates the symbol of the bonus, with it, three Wild symbols in the vertical always appear successively, and the player still has three more re-spines. If you get another Bonus symbol on the screen during free spins, you can get one additional spin.

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