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Secrets of roulette

Secrets of Netent`s roulette
Any self-respecting player whose main game at an online casino game is the roulette will not share his secrets with anybody. But there are exceptions. This is such a case because if you are confident in your skills, there is no need to be greedy. Roulette lovers use diverse tricks and techniques. Consider a few secrets that will make your life easier while playing the roulette. Not everyone and not every time people make use of these secrets, techniques and methods. It`s hard to find a player who always follows a certain system. But it’s impossible to find a person who has never used a particular method to win at the roulette.

The games technique – the main secret of the roulette

The first secret we want to focus on is the method that is used in the classic European roulette. Its essence is that you need to place the bet according to certain rules, either red or black. For example, we put the bet on red 1000. If we win, we switch to black. If we lose, we double our bet: 2000. Continue this until you reach the betting limit. This method is popular because of its simplicity, but it’s impossible to win a significant amount of money with it. It is suitable for players who do not like to lose at all and would not mind playing a long and exhausting game without having any losses. For these players, the roulette does not often share its secrets. Learn more about this on the following page:

Mirrored numbers

For those who like to read their numbers and like to calculate different options, there is a secret called “Mirror”. This is the place where you can truly show off your strength. It consists of the numbers that have a mirror of their own. These are 6-9, 12-21, 13-31, 23-32, and two “switching” numbers: 16-19 (my favourite) and 26-29. These are easy to remember and easy to use as needed. The rules of using the switched numbers are as follows: As soon as you see a result that has a mirror number, start on full complete on its mirrored number. For example, the last number is 23, our next bet should be on 32 full-complete (straight up, splits, corners, streets, and six lines) Many players begin to play only after the mirror numbers, but this is up to the player.

The systematic numbers

We’re searching for the systematic numbers. For example, the result is 14 and will be 24 after one hour. In the following hour, the drop will be 4, 14, 24 or 34 for sure. We have to place our bet. If the result is 1, 3 or 5 in any order but a row, immediately wait for 2, 4 or 6. Look for patterns and pay attention – the roulette does not share its secrets with anyone, but only with the stubborn.

Game of chance

Here we have to notice the increase in squares, colours or columns. As soon as you notice that they have started to increase, do not place your bet on the previous one in any case. For example, if the result is the third square, place your bet on No1 or No2 and sometimes on both of them at once. The same goes for columns. You have to approach the colours a little bit differently. If they have an alternative pattern (black, red, black, red), place your bet on the next colour in the line. If the result is the same for the last 2 or 3 spins, place your bet on the same number.

In conclusion

The roulette shares its secrets with everyone who is interested in them. It’s necessary to observe and notice every hint and clear instructions. For example: If you respect yourself as a player you should never place your bet on the TOP 5 statistics. These are the most serious and proven secrets of the roulette, and you have enough of them to use for a long time because to find the best method to get a stable, profitable result, you will need more than a week, even month. It’s important to trust your luck and not lose your head, and everything will be fine.

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