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Altai palace casino in the gambling zone Siberian Coin

Altai palace casino
"Siberian Coin" is a gambling zone in Russia which was established in 2009. For a long time, no one dared to invest money in such a risky business as the construction of the casino. But the project proposal to build Altai Palace Casino was introduced. This is the first legal casino in Russia in the gambling zone "Siberian Coin". The casino welcomes 500 visitors daily. Today, the group is renamed "Siberian Coin".

The latest news from the official group of the Altai Palace casino

  • The official website of Altai Palace is available.
  • There is a toll-free phone number you can call on if you have any questions: 8-800-444-1513 and +79236641666
  • There are entry fees at Altai Palace Casino. On weekdays (Monday-Thursday) the fee is 150 units, while on Friday and weekend it is 250 units. The entrance money can be exchanged for Lucky chips but cannot be exchanged for real cash.
  • There is still no hotel area. However, the casino has agreements with hotels nearby. According to a casino representative, the travel time to them is about 10-15 minutes.
  • As of November 2014, the following games are available at Altai Palace Casino: Blackjack, American Roulette (double zero) and a few Oasis poker variants. According to the manual, the remaining games will be added later.
  • ATMs and a currency exchange office are not available. They are expected to be added soon.

Opening on November 1, 2014

Finally! The opening of the long-awaited Altai Palace Casino occurred on November 1, 2014. On an opening day, there were about a hundred visitors and the first weekend brought the institution of two hundred visitors, mainly from the vast Siberian cities. This is perhaps a modest stream of visitors because the opening of the casino wasn’t publicly advertised because of the nationwide ban on gambling advertisement.

The owners and the enterprise

The top manager of Altai Palace Casino is Roman Spodyrev. He is the person who gives interviews to the media about the development of the gambling facility. According to Spodyrev, at the opening ceremony of Altai Palace Casino, there were 15 gaming tables and three rooms for VIP guests. Moreover, on an opening day, the casino will be focused primarily on small and medium-sized players. According to the manual, the minimum bet on slot machines and slots will start at 1 ruble, and the "ante" at the poker tables from 5 units.

The owners are planning to rapidly expand and increase the presence of the casino in the region. In the construction of the Altai Palace, he has already invested about 750 million rubles. The total cost of the project is estimated at 1 billion rubles. According to the operator’s predictions, the money will be repaid in 10 years. After the full launch of the casino, up to 500 visitors are expected to come on weekends. There will be 200 dealers for the games. The minimum bet in roulette is a thousand rubles in the VIP room and one ruble in the standard lounge. There will also be a restaurant with 70 seats and a hotel. The price of accommodation will range from 2 to 80 thousand rubles.

Free flights

Speaking about the budget and the general approach to the casino organisation, I want to note that the scope here is much more extensive than that of Oracle. For example, according to the latest information, Altai Palace Casino launches charter flights in five major cities in Siberia so that players can easily visit the casino tables. The French ATR-72 aircraft can at the same time carry 45 passengers and will make regular flights from the airports of Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk and Omsk.

There is also a free shuttle bus from Barnaul via Biysk and in future transportation of guests is planned from Belarus. Moreover, this service is a "free trial" for the player. When you purchase a vacation package, the player deposits into your casino account, which he receives in chips upon arrival in Altai Palace. It is the size of the deposit that will determine the number of free services and discounts a client can use. The following is a list of free services for VIP guests:

  • Providing transportation to the airport or covering the payment of guests
  • Flight
  • Guest transfer from the airport to the casino
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Food in the restaurant
  • Trip back

Both Altai Palace Casino and Oracle (in Azov-City) currently have the same problem - guests are placed in existing nearby hotels located 15-20 minutes from the casino facilities. According to the project, in the entertainment centre, there will be casino rooms, restaurant, gym, beauty salon, business centre and hotel. Even if the guest does not arrive alone, his companions will find what to do.

Recruitment and working at Altai Palace Casino

Perhaps, this is the most “slippery” issue about the operator. Many job seekers had applied for work in advance at Altai Palace Casino, but on social media, there were reports that the employment agency has been replaced and no jobs are offered. The applicants also reported that all the seats had already been occupied.

The ads of the gaming group

Altai Palace Casino was opening on November 1, 2014.
Anyone can send a resume (including a curriculum vitae and a close-up photo) 
e-mail: phone: +79236507666 weekdays from 10-00 to 19-00. "

The basic requirements and salaries

Jobs: dealers, CCTV operators, pit bosses, bartenders, waiters, operators on the machines (the most abstract), housemaids, administrators, cashiers, security guards, cooks and others.

The minimum wage for the dealer is 1,200 Russian rubles per day (until the person is trained). Inspector (dealer with experience) will receive 2,000 per shift. Tipping will be paid separately, and there will be a bonus to salary.

The casino employs only the citizens of Ukraine and Belarus. In this case, all the issues with obtaining a work permit by the migration service and a settlement is up to the applicants to decide. Of course, assistance will be provided, but the responsibility will lie on the workers.

Law and tax deductions

Roman Spodirev
As you know, there is a tax on all gaming tables and machines. This means that for each game casinos must pay a tax to the state. According to Spodyrev, the monthly tax contribution of Altai Palace Casino is at least 3 million rubles. Besides, the operator is planning to increase the number of slot machines. This also means that the state budget will receive more money and players will get more gaming options. Also, the number of budget allocations will increase to 5-6 million rubles.

According to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from July 1, 2009, casinos are prohibited throughout the territory of Russia, with the exception of specially designated gambling zones, "Azov-City" in Krasnodar Territory, "Primorje" in the Primorsky Territory, "Siberian Coin" in the Altai Territory and "The Amber" in the Kaliningrad region. The Altai Palace Casino is located on the territory of the Siberian coin. That is, its gaming activities and services are entirely legitimate.

Roman Spodyrev stepping down from his role as a top manager

According to numerous references in the media and the official group of the Altai Palace, as of January 19, 2015, Roman Spodyrev is no longer the casino’s CEO. The reason was the different views of owners and managers in the work of the enterprise. The conflict with the actual owner of the casino Vladimir Zhuravkov turned into a new phase. Currently, the duties of Spodyrev are assigned to Nikolaj Burmistrov.

Heres how Roman Spodyrev spoke about the situation: "There have been many differences in opinions between us. I don’t know what he wants to do with Altai Palace. To be precise, I think that what Mr Zhuravkov intends to create will lead to the collapse of the casino. I would compare it to a sinking ship." About what kind of collapse Spodyrev says we will find out soon. One thing is clear – The Altai Palace needs a broad advertising campaign, its official website and should be widely publicised among the major players. What course will follow the casino management, it remains a mystery.

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