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Tipping in casino

Tips at casino
The rules of etiquette and good manners are now undergoing significant changes. But the question is how to thank the staff for their work, many still baffled. And if the waiters and taxi drivers all have more or less sorted out, the rules of etiquette in gambling establishments for many remains a mystery. What do you think, to give or not to give a tip in a casino? Who to tip and how much? And you are playing American or European roulette. So that when the case is not to lose face, let's define in detail how to tip the casino.

To give or not to give a tip in a casino

In Russia, casino etiquette tip is still in its infancy, so some generally accepted rules of behaviour have not yet happened. Some players in the Russian exhibit purely Japanese approach to tipping: the work of staff - to ensure the comfort of the client and they get paid for it. Well, this view has a right to exist, but look around - we're not in Japan! Other visitors are having fun to spend their free time in casinos, and they are easily parted with their money. The third category consists of professional players who earn a living at the card table - such customers find every dollar and leave a small tip at the casino or leave them at all.

Before the ban on gambling in Russia visitors usually leave a tip at the casino, and it is unlikely that something has changed with the migration of casino gambling zones. Thanks, clients are essential and sometimes the bulk of the income of employees of the gambling industry. Work with them is not the easiest, but among customers, establishments found rude and intemperate people. On the background of your friendliness will be especially beneficial to stand out, creating a reputation as a nice person and a reliable customer and sincere smile waitress adds mood and courage. But Lady Luck, as we know, does not like frowning faces. In our opinion, the casino dealer tip, the waitress or cashier entirely appropriate if you are satisfied with the quality of service. Otherwise, it is not necessary to satisfy unsmiling staff or dealer, as well as go to the free extortion tip. However, with this attitude, you are unlikely to encounter on the territory of Russian gambling zones, but somewhere in North Africa is possible.

Tipping the dealer

To give or not to give tips
As usual, have two distribution patterns between staff casinos received a tip? The first option - "Every man for himself" - in this case, each dealer takes received advice. Practice shows that this algorithm has a negative impact on the work of the dealers, provoking conflicts in the team for the right to be at the table with big stakes, and workers become greedy. This policy is typical for low-grade or underground casinos that are not configured to work with a long-term customer base. In successful casino dealers as bees drag money into a standard hive, and then the total amount of the tip is split between the dealers and pit bosses equally or depending on the class of dealer. In this scheme, the dealer profits rely only on the professionalism and not by appearance, sex, lucky player or the rates at his table. In such institutions formed a close-knit team of professionals, which creates the most comfortable conditions for game clients.

The number of tips

The sum of the tip the casino is at the discretion of the player. We analysed a lot of thematic sites and forums, and summarising information from our experience, identified several general recommendations:

  • In any case, specify whether to tip the casino. As a rule, the administrations of almost all gambling establishments allow, but sometimes there are exceptions.
  • When playing roulette, you can make an additional bet for the dealer. If it plays - he will receive a prize in the form of a tip, if not - get casino revenue.
  • If you are satisfied with the work of the dealer, regardless of the outcome of your game, you can leave a tip $ 1-2, with the words of approval when he or you leave the table.
  • In a game of poker can thank the dealer for a large tip combination of up to $ 10.
  • Experienced players blackjack recommended before the start of the game to determine for them how much and what kind of hand you are ready to leave in gratitude dealer. It is not necessary thanks to the dealer for each hand played, primarily if you use basic strategy in blackjack; otherwise, you run the risk of losing its advantage over the institution.
  • Some considered good form, getting into the gaming table, to give a small tip to the dealer at the casino. This practice is not widespread in Russia, but in Las Vegas is a common thing.
  • If you came at the first time in a new casino, observe the behaviour of other visitors, and you will understand how much money is appropriate to tip the institution.
  • Tipping in casino chips left. Dealers try to give out a prize, so that there were small pieces, with a couple of lucky players who quickly gives up. Do not give a tip to the dealer's hand and leave them open on the table to the camera is fixed. This is not to boast, but suspected of fraud to you, and the dealer - the desire to pocket a tip by a common fund.

Tipping in the game room

Is it good to tip the dealer?
Comfort your stay at the casino provides some employees: bartenders, waiters, caretakers room machines, security, cashiers and others. Their income also depends on the generosity of the players, so we recommend to evenly distributing small tip between workers places.

  • Drinks and snacks for the players, usually free, but they also made thanks. $ 1-2 for tea bartender for a bottle or the same waiters ensures that you will not die of thirst during the game. Tipping can be given in cash and chips can be the main thing does it openly.
  • Operators of gambling machines hope that you will share with them a part of his winnings. As in other cases, the rules are not clearly defined: a few percents of the amount at the discretion of the player. If you need to absent him, and you are asking for you to hold the slot - thank for the service a few dollars for tea.
  • Most often cashiers receive tips from the $ 1-3 winner's players. There is no logic, because the cashier does not depend on the luck of the client, but it happened.
  • Tipping other employees. It is necessary to thank the doorman to call a taxi or for valet, keep an eye on your machine. You can leave a small tip cloakroom. Gather small bills to no difficulties.

Tipping in foreign casinos

The sum of winning
If you're going to play abroad - refer to the experience of other players, since in different countries had different rules of etiquette. But some general advice we can give you.

  • The breadth of the Russian soul is better to show the home. In European countries too, a generous tip is considered bad form and spoil your reputation. Leave a staff entirely without tipping also is unacceptable, such a gesture can be regarded as an expression of dissatisfaction with customer service quality.
  • Generally accepted the number of tips in the US than in Europe. Standard tip the dealer 2-10 dollars from big players they expect to receive no less than $ 25. Small tip at the entrance to the game is also quite common in gambling establishments in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Keep a small chip or bill - would pay all.
  • If you play in Tunisia or Egypt, it is all about a class institution. The casino at the major hotels is the norm, similar to European and low staff-based institutions will be engaged in petty extortion.

Tipping in online casinos

Gambling on the Internet has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, no one will bring you drinks and snacks, will not give a coat and will not open the taxi door. On the other hand, you do not need to spend money on a tip, which increases the profitability of the game. However, some domestic online casinos are trying to introduce the practice of encouraging players support service, but this is hardly a good idea. In NetEnt Casino, you can thank the dealer in the live block casino that will make your stay in the casino atmosphere of being in a real institution. No rules of etiquette, in this case, does not act, the size of the tip of other players remain out of your sight, so everything is just at your discretion.


Only the customer can decide how much he can give tips to the casino. Good manners are to encourage top staff casinos, so if you consider yourself an educated person - share part of his winnings with employees institution. This way you ensure yourself and them a good mood. Great tip in a casino as part of planned expenditures, and if you plan to play in the future in the selected casinos - the tip should be a little more generous. The attentive staff for their regular customers provides a high level of service. Reward their efforts - and they will not remain in debt.

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