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What are the loyalty points (FPP) at an online casino?

What are the loyalty points (FPP) at an online casino
In any casino house on the Internet, which enjoys an excellent reputation and popularity among the numerous fans of gambling, there is necessarily a system of loyalty. The basis of the system is the promotion of regular players, depending on the number of made bets and their amount. However, many users doubt whether or not there is any sense in chasing after those same coveted loyalty points of the online casino. Let's try to figure it out.

Where to spend?

  • The player receives the loyalty points (one, sometimes few) at a particular bet. You can also earn the loyalty points when the total amount of your bets reaches the required level, wherein making the stakes smaller in size.
  • In the different games of the one virtual platform, the number of bets for getting the loyalty points may differ. The ideal option for the player is to find an operator with the same level of stakes, in which the receipt of points in the loyalty program does not depend on the game.
  • If you plan to collect as many loyalty points as possible, then it will be best to use the slot machines with a minimum bet size and the highest percentages of payouts. This will allow you to earn a certain number of bonus points, even with a limited deposit.
  • The level of bets, which is indicated for receiving the loyalty points, can vary significantly: from $ 1 to $ 100 in some casino houses. The first option is most preferable for novice players when keeping records of even the most minimal bets.
  • Also, you should not lose sight of the fact that the online casinos, attracting customers, quite often arrange the bonus promotions, giving out more quantity points of loyalty for the former in size bets. However, caution is needed here too. In our opinion, if the games participating in the action have a large percentage of payments, then it will be possible to take advantage of such an attractive proposition at first glance.

How to use?

If you understand with the accrual of loyalty points, then you can proceed to the question of their necessity. The primary goal of such positions is to identify the status of the player, the maximum of which is the transition to the VIP category.

What will the player receive together with the VIP status assigned to him? It is participation in tournaments that are closed for other users, the additional bonuses, the provision of a personal manager, and so on. However, there is another advantage – it is an opportunity to exchange the earned loyalty points on the money.

The course of exchange in each online casino is also different, so it is in your best interest to find the casino with the most favourable offers in advance.

Now let's talk about our partners. As a rule, those gambling sites of online casino who put up the increased wager requirements for their bonuses have a loyalty program which adds to the player 1-5% to the mathematical expectation. Let's stop on those casino houses that support the loyalty programs for their players.

Where to play?

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Draw conclusions

The program of loyalty points at the online casino is a system of rewards for the regular players. However, in the opinion of the experienced players, it is better to play with pleasure than trying to get to the VIP status. You can see a detailed analysis of all partner operators in comparison by reference:

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