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Golden Book pokie

Golden Book pokie This Golden Book pokie is very popular with Amatic fans, but in my opinion, it is one of the worst pokies when it comes to returning due to the bad realization of its potential.

  • Despite a large number of pay lines (576) and the huge potential for a big win, the pokie often plays in favour of the casino. The average win in the main game is just a few bets and rarely exceeds 15x bets. The pokie doesn’t often give winnings of 15x-30x bets and compensates for the loss of balance that occurred during long series of spins without a win. These long series is surprising because of the large number of pay lines. It is possible to get a winning of more than 100x bets in the main game, but I think it’s only in theory, on practice, the pokie issues such winnings combinations during free spins.
  • The pokie issues free spins in a very big wave and you may find yourself waiting for over several hundred or thousands spins. Often, the issuance occurs in series, that’s why it is recommended leaving the pokie right at the end of the bonus game, and try a few spins because the pokie will probably issue one more or several bonus games. It is very rare to get re-triggers.
  • The average win during the bonus game is 20x-40x bets. It was possible to get winnings of 200+, 300+ and 430x bets, only during some bonus games (from a large number) during testing, and such winnings are a rarity for this pokie. By the way, it is one of the few pokies on which it was possible to lose a betting margin of 450x total bets during testing.
  • There is a double game in this pokie, which you can find more about here.

I wouldn’t recommend this pokie for games with bonus money, because it is impossible to fulfil wagering requirements. For games with real money, I would only recommend short game sessions of maximum 50-80 spins, when trying to get a bonus game. When there is no bonus game, I would recommend ending the session because you may find yourself waiting for a long time for a bonus game. The winning in the bonus game is not guaranteed and does not compensate for the losses of balance that occur during the wait. Long game sessions on this pokie often lead to a total loss of balance.

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